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Who would have ever thought that we would be in this kind of situation here in America….a corrupt, racist, misogynistic, hate-spewing president and a spineless, boot-licking Republican party standing behind him in silent support. Here we find ourselves deeply mired in a pandemic with Coronavirus-19, begging our government for assistance in dealing with it, yet they convene the Senate on a WEEKEND – not to help us – to force a SCOTUS appointment through before the election – that they KNOW they are losing BADLY all the way down the ticket.

From voter suppression efforts to lack of any care at all about the virus and the 226,000 people DEAD across America – that’s over 225,000 families devastated by their loss of a loved one – sometimes MORE than one family member succumbs to the virus! The GOP, led by Mitch “Turtlehead” McConnell and Lindsay whiner Graham, are a disgrace to their states, to the country and to the dignity and integrity of the high offices they managed to slither and bully their ways into. Both are being challenged in this election, and I pray to every force listening that they BOTH are sent home – along with all the rest of the running GOP candidates – to be scorned in their own states for doing NOTHING for the last 4 years to help the working American. Other than a $2 Trillion tax cut that benefited the richest 3% of this country and many foreign interests as well, they did NOTHING.

Early voting data, while confounding, is very promising for the Biden/Harris ticket. Thus far 62 million Americans have voted early – I am one of them. So many of us feel burned from the Trump take over of our country and so we want it BACK into sensible, compassionate, logical and strategic hands. That’s Joe and Kamala. We want to NOT have to cringe as we turn on the morning news and hear another insane or totally wrong thing Plump and his cronies have managed to pull off on us. Day after day we have suffered their wrath, the anxiety provoked by their actions with OUR country’s reputation and standing in the world.

Eight days remain…then its election day. Plump has already started lawsuits disputing the vote count, or how the election was handled, or how the votes were counted in over 17 states. Like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is that all about? Hopefully the night of Nov. 3, 2020 we will have an obvious BLUE Tsunami happening and it won’t be ABLE to be disregarded or disputed.

This is the most consequential election of any of our life times. Never has the country been assaulted by its own leader in such disparaging ways. Once upon a time the GOP pretended they were the party of “family” in America. No longer, they don’t even bother to fake it anymore, its blatant hatred for the people they are supposed to speak FOR and represent. They are more concerned with placing severe restrictions on vote counting – because historically more Democrats vote than Republicans, thus they don’t want us to vote!

The plan the GOP is setting up is chilling. They have set the SCOTUS up in Plump’s favor and he is going to try to force the election results to the court for final decision.

What is our ONLY recourse right now??? VOTE NOW!! VOTE TODAY!!! VOTE EARLY and IN PERSON or DROP OFF your ballot to the official ballot box!!! Do not mail your ballot! It’s too late for mail.

Then we all must stick together and do whatever it takes to take our country BACK from these barbaric assholes that have weaseled their ways into the public service sector. They are NOT public servants, they are servants of Plump and only Plump. Its now no longer the GOP but it’s the Trumpist Party…I hope they’re happy at home. And I hope Trump is deported to Russia where he BELONGS. Putin can have the idiot. He’s not an American, not in actions at least, and we don’t want him here in America. Putin probably doesn’t want him either…but he’ll take care of him, one way or another.

**Justice Amy Coney Barrett is the WORST SCOTUS pick of all time. She’s Anti-woman, anti-abortion, anti-LGBT and an originalist – which is just ridiculous theory.

I am hoping they DO NOT televise the confirmation, it’s not legal, it’s immoral and shouldn’t be promoted. Period.

“We are going to crush Donald Trump and the sickness he represents. There are more of us than there are of them. We are right. They are wrong. This is our moment. This is our destiny. Walk with confidence. Do not falter. Victory will be ours.”

Peace and Resistance! ~ MB

PS My new FB group, The Butchuation Room is doing well! I’m having fun with it.