44 Days

A black drape covers the chair and bench of SC Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg inside of the Supreme Court house in Washington DC, while outside has become a sea of flowers and personal tributes to the greatest legal mind and Supreme Court Justice ever to serve this country. An icon to women world wide. She stood for gender equality and reproductive freedom,. She fought to give women in America their deserved rights and recognition. Women across the world embrace one another, comfort one another and remember that this fight – led by RBG – is NOT over and we must support one another as we move forward to finish the work of protecting and supporting justice and equality in America.

Covid19 has now taken it’s 200,000th victim in America. The president STILL won’t recommend to people that wearing a mask can save their lives. 200,000…that is a city’s population, like say Montgomery Alabama. The powers that be are struggling to open schools and get kids back into structured learning in some form, despite the constantly changing rules, information and opinions.

It’s election season in the USA. Our country is in turmoil with a very contested race, a government moving toward autocracy in the midst of a racial revolution. Our country has a small population that leans toward autocracy and embraces power hungry white men. The Democrats are rallying around Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as we desperately fight against this authoritarian push and battle to keep our Republic, consistent with our Constitution. It often feels like Trump has the hard-right, his base, so riled up that violence is in the air. He stokes their racist thinking, pushes to delegitimize the election process.

Now we have a leader who wants to promote “the real history” not the “fake history” inside of our schools by pushing his “Patriotic Education”. He has no understanding of racism and how the systemic racism is ingrained in our country. For some reason he is trying to call “1619” which is the story of how slavery arrived on American shores, fake. He refuses to acknowledge that some of our historical figures were slave owners and did dastardly, inhuman and unthinkable things to human beings young and old. They stole them from their homelands and brought them to America to serve as slaves. It’s a horrible scar on our history and not one we are proud of today. Trump’s attempt to swing education to some sort of rigid “patriotic” playbook is just against all we stand for in the USA. We are tired of pretending we are perfect, we’re not. We’ve made mistakes as a people and we are remorseful for this fact, but we also want to do what’s right and bring justice and peace to America.

Our lives are impacted every day by covid and the economic crisis on top of it. Pain seems to be our most common feeling. We’re lonely, confused and anxious. Millions are unemployed, facing eviction, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and other economic stresses. We’ve been waiting and waiting on our government to step in once more with some economic relief and stimulus. None of us are really okay. We all must help each other, support and love one another thru this very uncomfortable time in our lives. Be safe. Wear your mask. Remind others. Stay home if you can. Offer an ear and reach out to each other daily.

We have 44 days until our election. Make sure your voter registration is up to date!!!

Peace & Strength!


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