My whole life I have been witness and victim to rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States. I’ve watched arguments over who governs MY body, MY love life, MY sexual preference, MY gender, and MY freedom to live peaceably. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg has been front and center of all of those battles, decisions and celebrations of advancements.

If you have never waited nervously, chewing your fingers and feeling sick in your stomach, as the Supreme Court was deliberating on handing down a court decision that could change your entire life in 1 complete second then you don’t understand what I am saying here. When you’re part of a minority community these things become important as it seems that the majority likes to rule your life for some reason.

It’s because of RBG and other women such as Maya Angelou and Ghandi that women’s rights have been moved this far forward. If we let up they will swallow us up again. I am not ready to go backwards in time and I don’t want to give up rights we’ve fought so hard to get. We must change administrations on November 3, 2020.

There’s an organization that monitors governments around the world. They just announced that America is on the edge of autocracy and only 1 in 5 democracies that go down the road we are on can recover their democratic ways, most fall to autocracy and become ruled by tyrants. The first things that happen is that people start to doubt government, institutions, and the norms. Our current president is exacerbating these doubts daily. Everything he has done, his cronies have done and his sicophants have done is leading us down a treacherous road to autocracy and a dictatorship. They are criminalizing opposition, politicizing bodies like our CDC, and militarizing our police forces.

We cannot be complacent right now. This is the crucial time for civic involvement and civic recruitment. It’s going to be very hard on all of us. We’re going to have to do things that we may not want to be doing. It’s going to get loud, chaotic and very uncomfortable for everyone. We must remain steadfast in our convictions to coming together, protecting each other and fighting to keep our republic. We’ll be presented with many challenges, with lies and mistruths that we must not believe and must fight against. We cannot allow this hostile take over of our country. Fight for the American way, fight for freedom.

How you ask…LISTEN…now is the time to keenly listen. Watch for the organizers, follow them, get involved with them, help each other, stick together. If you can BE an organizer and network with others of like-minded ways. WATCH what those in DC are DOING and be VOCAL in your disapproval. Like Mr. Rogers said “Look for the Do-ers”…and join with them. Reach out to others around you to check in, to make sure they understand what is happening, how important this election is and what they need to do. Sway their vote toward blue, explain how things are affecting you and them. VOTE…make sure you’re registered properly, make sure others are too and then on November 3rd VOTE!!! Or make a plan to vote by mail or early!!!

“Protecting our Democracy means using every arrow in our quiver.” N. Pelosi, House Speaker

Peace and Strength to All. May the memory of RBG be blessed.


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