Chaos Supreme

Wow…WTF world? I did a news report stand-down for almost 2 days and holy shit, even MORE INTENSE and BLATANT CORRUPTION and LIES, LIES, LIES. I can SEE Putin laughing at Amercan television news -he has ALL of the main news channels right there broadcast in front of him on like a 12 way feed, it was recently shown in an intervier with him in one of his offices. Yes, he’s pissing his pants laughing out loud at Trump’s incredicble gulliblity, stupidity and our country’s incredibly SILENT response to it.

I decided to flick on Trump’s Reno NV rally, omg…he “claims” there’s “thousands’ outside the arena…BULLSHIT! No one with any brains wants to GO to any of his LIE FESTS! He’s going on and on about how everyone is trying to stop him – everyone is a “political hack” . The man is just a fucking moron – can’t even stay on topic. He’s more worried about what other people are doing, explaining how the can “rig the election” instead of talking about or telling us HOW he’s going to “make America great again, again”.

This last week alone it’s been uncovered that Trump is compromised by Putin and Russia. Trump lied to the American people about when and how much he knew in advance of Coronavirus-19. The judge reviewing the DOJ (Barr’s) attempt to drop charges on Flynn “just because” came back and said you’ve got to be joking. He laid it out how Barr has become a political puppet for Trump and obviously Putin. He spanked Barr hard, but I don’t believe it will have one iota of an affect on Barr because he’s JUST AS CORRUPT as Trump and is most likely also compromised by Trump AND Putin. (remember, Epsteins black book?..haha)

Trump really IS trying to convince his base – which does contain some very worrisome people from the far right, even some home-grown full-on terrorists – that the Democrats are rigging the election. He says NOTHING about policy or America or the situations we are currently faced with, i.e. Coronavirus, economic disaster, firs on the west coast, but he has tons to say about people all ganging up on him – or that’s how he’s now portraying it. It’s like he’s the villian in a soap opera, but the one with the deniable plausibility. I’m astonished that the rest of the GOP isn’t FREAKING the FUCK OUT right now. WHERE ARE THEY ALL? Hell, where are all the DEMOCRATS as well??? Somebody say something you bunch of political idiots!!!

There are sooo many things going on simutaneously here in the USA that no one is quite sure WHAT to deal with WHEN or HOW anymore. We have a tyrant in the White House that the rest of the government is afraid of and only does things to please and coddle him and his wishes. Somehow he got appointed King by the Repblican party and now the Democratic party is so stunned by the sheer willful, blatant DEAFENING SILENCE caoming from the GOP that they are frozen as well. It’s like a fucking stale-mate. And no one seems to know whose move it is next.

So many weird things are starting to “fit” together, it’s almost hard NOT to start to wonder weird shit like conspiracy shit about all that is coincidentally happening at once. Russia said 4 yrs ago they could have done MORE to interfer with our elections but they would save it for when Trump was challenged because they had him in there in the meantime. Now we are suddlenly faced with an up coming election, a perfectly timed pandemic, domestic disaster on magnitudes never seen in the form of out of control wildfires – all on the WEST coast – that they are now telling us to brace ourselves for a mass-casualty event. I am thinking that they are speaking of mass casualties from the fires, but with this government – WHO KNOWS! They are strange with words, they’re talking fires, then inject oh yeah, watch for a mass casualty event and then back to fire talk. IN the meantime, I learned today that our Department of Homeland Security – the LARGEST defense department in our history has been given internatl instrucitons to STAND DOWN in the event of a Russian attack on our election. WHY???? WHY would the organization that is tasked with protecting the homeland be told to STAND DOWN in the unfortunate event of of a real attack on the homeland??!!!! That shit scares me more than anything else.

Why is our DOJ issuing orders like this?? Is he clearing the way for Putin to land Sputnik on the runway at LaGuardia?

Sept. 18, 2020

The country is kareening towards the precipice, things are super scary. I knew we would get here, just a matter of time. Trump & Barr are putting things into place quickly now, with Kushner working diligenty with Pompeo in the background. I think Mike Pense may be imprisoned in his office, his homeland security right hand, Olivia Troy, resigned 2 days ago, and she was on the virus task force too and has come out with an ad telling on the Trump Crew and their twisting of our institutions to bend to their whims.

Barr is seeking to use an old sedition law to imprison protesters and squelch uprisings and movements used to push change in government. Barr has anointed himself the King of Justice, his word is the only word. Calling his FBI prosecutors pre-schoolers and railing on them resigning in protest when he moves in and changes things like Roger Stone’s sentence.

Then yesterday Trump did this, this speech (Pense 1st, then his speech) was given from the White House at a historical society meeting. He’s calling the left terrorists who are guilty of sedition against the United States and he’s going to sign an executive order forcing schools to teach “Patriotism” and to avoid the 1619 Project’s information on our coutnry’s history. He’s stoking the fires of racism and bigotry. Saying teachers are indoctrinating our children. This is just an insane man who is trying to seize complete power over the people of the United States. And his Republican party is standing firm behind all of his craziness. He must really have something deep on them, really deep.

The release of Woodward’s book “Rage” was quite something. Hearing the tapes of Trump saying he “down played” the virus because it wouldn’t look good for his re-election. The man literally killed thousands of Americans by withholding early information which we could have used. Kushner helped him greatly with the non-response to the virus. Kushner is a bastard.

The cast of villians is immense. From Trump to Barr to Kushner, Miller, Pompeo and Fox News. They’re all complicit in what’s basically a hostile take over of our government – talk about sedition! And they are pulling together a band of militarized police and civilians. There’s rumor that they’ve been stockpiling armor piercing bullets in the WH along with other weapons and ammunitions. They’re using the pandemic to keep chaos afloat. They commandeered the CDC’s website and are now posting their OWN testing recommendations, nothing from the CDC scientists – who are pissed! Trump and Redfield are fighting about masks. Yes, some idiots STILL don’t believe the virus is real or that masks will make a difference if we ALL would just wear them!

Trump is saying he’s going to have a vaccine all distributed by election day. And he’s attacking our election and the election processes being used due to the pandemic and people trying to be safe. He’s attacking our postal system – which has been court ordered to put all the removed equipment back into use as soon as possible. The fuck head they got running it is skimming bad and routing business to his own trucking companies.

Trump is also trying to order all US school students back into the classrooms – in person. There’s a huge fight between the administration and schools, school teachers and education administrators. Now that we know he withheld all the pandemic information, assistance to states, PPE and more we no longer have ANY trust in this administration or any member of it.

It’s all just crazy, then throw some fire and water on top and what a fucking mess we have! The poor families in Oregon and California who have lost everything to fires, and the lower income areas especially. It’s going to throw a whole new group into the homeless pool sadly. Hurricanes have battered the Gulf region with major flooding and damage – that’s quite a mess too and just more hurricanes comming.

8PM 9-18-2020 Supreme Ct. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died….my heart stopped I swear. I can’t breathe…this is so unbelievable….

One thought on “Chaos Supreme

  1. I’m reminded of a wonderful speech by Bruno Gianelli in ‘The West Wing’, in which he said:

    We all need some therapy, because somebody came along and said, “‘Liberal’ means soft on crime, soft on drugs, soft on Communism, soft on defense, and we’re gonna tax you back to the Stone Age because people shouldn’t have to go to work if they don’t want to!” And instead of saying, “Well, excuse me, you right-wing, reactionary, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun, Leave It To Beaver trip back to the Fifties…!”, we cowered in the corner, and said, “Please. Don’t. Hurt. Me.”

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