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44 Days

A black drape covers the chair and bench of SC Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg inside of the Supreme Court house in Washington DC, while outside has become a sea of flowers and personal tributes to the greatest legal mind and Supreme Court Justice ever to serve this country. An icon to women world wide. She stood for gender equality and reproductive freedom,. She fought to give women in America their deserved rights and recognition. Women across the world embrace one another, comfort one another and remember that this fight – led by RBG – is NOT over and we must support one another as we move forward to finish the work of protecting and supporting justice and equality in America.

Covid19 has now taken it’s 200,000th victim in America. The president STILL won’t recommend to people that wearing a mask can save their lives. 200,000…that is a city’s population, like say Montgomery Alabama. The powers that be are struggling to open schools and get kids back into structured learning in some form, despite the constantly changing rules, information and opinions.

It’s election season in the USA. Our country is in turmoil with a very contested race, a government moving toward autocracy in the midst of a racial revolution. Our country has a small population that leans toward autocracy and embraces power hungry white men. The Democrats are rallying around Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as we desperately fight against this authoritarian push and battle to keep our Republic, consistent with our Constitution. It often feels like Trump has the hard-right, his base, so riled up that violence is in the air. He stokes their racist thinking, pushes to delegitimize the election process.

Now we have a leader who wants to promote “the real history” not the “fake history” inside of our schools by pushing his “Patriotic Education”. He has no understanding of racism and how the systemic racism is ingrained in our country. For some reason he is trying to call “1619” which is the story of how slavery arrived on American shores, fake. He refuses to acknowledge that some of our historical figures were slave owners and did dastardly, inhuman and unthinkable things to human beings young and old. They stole them from their homelands and brought them to America to serve as slaves. It’s a horrible scar on our history and not one we are proud of today. Trump’s attempt to swing education to some sort of rigid “patriotic” playbook is just against all we stand for in the USA. We are tired of pretending we are perfect, we’re not. We’ve made mistakes as a people and we are remorseful for this fact, but we also want to do what’s right and bring justice and peace to America.

Our lives are impacted every day by covid and the economic crisis on top of it. Pain seems to be our most common feeling. We’re lonely, confused and anxious. Millions are unemployed, facing eviction, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and other economic stresses. We’ve been waiting and waiting on our government to step in once more with some economic relief and stimulus. None of us are really okay. We all must help each other, support and love one another thru this very uncomfortable time in our lives. Be safe. Wear your mask. Remind others. Stay home if you can. Offer an ear and reach out to each other daily.

We have 44 days until our election. Make sure your voter registration is up to date!!!

Peace & Strength!


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My whole life I have been witness and victim to rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States. I’ve watched arguments over who governs MY body, MY love life, MY sexual preference, MY gender, and MY freedom to live peaceably. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg has been front and center of all of those battles, decisions and celebrations of advancements.

If you have never waited nervously, chewing your fingers and feeling sick in your stomach, as the Supreme Court was deliberating on handing down a court decision that could change your entire life in 1 complete second then you don’t understand what I am saying here. When you’re part of a minority community these things become important as it seems that the majority likes to rule your life for some reason.

It’s because of RBG and other women such as Maya Angelou and Ghandi that women’s rights have been moved this far forward. If we let up they will swallow us up again. I am not ready to go backwards in time and I don’t want to give up rights we’ve fought so hard to get. We must change administrations on November 3, 2020.

There’s an organization that monitors governments around the world. They just announced that America is on the edge of autocracy and only 1 in 5 democracies that go down the road we are on can recover their democratic ways, most fall to autocracy and become ruled by tyrants. The first things that happen is that people start to doubt government, institutions, and the norms. Our current president is exacerbating these doubts daily. Everything he has done, his cronies have done and his sicophants have done is leading us down a treacherous road to autocracy and a dictatorship. They are criminalizing opposition, politicizing bodies like our CDC, and militarizing our police forces.

We cannot be complacent right now. This is the crucial time for civic involvement and civic recruitment. It’s going to be very hard on all of us. We’re going to have to do things that we may not want to be doing. It’s going to get loud, chaotic and very uncomfortable for everyone. We must remain steadfast in our convictions to coming together, protecting each other and fighting to keep our republic. We’ll be presented with many challenges, with lies and mistruths that we must not believe and must fight against. We cannot allow this hostile take over of our country. Fight for the American way, fight for freedom.

How you ask…LISTEN…now is the time to keenly listen. Watch for the organizers, follow them, get involved with them, help each other, stick together. If you can BE an organizer and network with others of like-minded ways. WATCH what those in DC are DOING and be VOCAL in your disapproval. Like Mr. Rogers said “Look for the Do-ers”…and join with them. Reach out to others around you to check in, to make sure they understand what is happening, how important this election is and what they need to do. Sway their vote toward blue, explain how things are affecting you and them. VOTE…make sure you’re registered properly, make sure others are too and then on November 3rd VOTE!!! Or make a plan to vote by mail or early!!!

“Protecting our Democracy means using every arrow in our quiver.” N. Pelosi, House Speaker

Peace and Strength to All. May the memory of RBG be blessed.


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Rest in Power RBG

Ruth Bader-Ginsberg moved America and civil rights forward for decades. Moving women’s rights, same-sex marriage and equality ahead and making everyone’s lives better. Losing her at this critical moment in time is devastating. She made a huge difference in justice and equality for so many. Things feel so lost right now for all.

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Chaos Supreme

Wow…WTF world? I did a news report stand-down for almost 2 days and holy shit, even MORE INTENSE and BLATANT CORRUPTION and LIES, LIES, LIES. I can SEE Putin laughing at Amercan television news -he has ALL of the main news channels right there broadcast in front of him on like a 12 way feed, it was recently shown in an intervier with him in one of his offices. Yes, he’s pissing his pants laughing out loud at Trump’s incredicble gulliblity, stupidity and our country’s incredibly SILENT response to it.

I decided to flick on Trump’s Reno NV rally, omg…he “claims” there’s “thousands’ outside the arena…BULLSHIT! No one with any brains wants to GO to any of his LIE FESTS! He’s going on and on about how everyone is trying to stop him – everyone is a “political hack” . The man is just a fucking moron – can’t even stay on topic. He’s more worried about what other people are doing, explaining how the can “rig the election” instead of talking about or telling us HOW he’s going to “make America great again, again”.

This last week alone it’s been uncovered that Trump is compromised by Putin and Russia. Trump lied to the American people about when and how much he knew in advance of Coronavirus-19. The judge reviewing the DOJ (Barr’s) attempt to drop charges on Flynn “just because” came back and said you’ve got to be joking. He laid it out how Barr has become a political puppet for Trump and obviously Putin. He spanked Barr hard, but I don’t believe it will have one iota of an affect on Barr because he’s JUST AS CORRUPT as Trump and is most likely also compromised by Trump AND Putin. (remember, Epsteins black book?..haha)

Trump really IS trying to convince his base – which does contain some very worrisome people from the far right, even some home-grown full-on terrorists – that the Democrats are rigging the election. He says NOTHING about policy or America or the situations we are currently faced with, i.e. Coronavirus, economic disaster, firs on the west coast, but he has tons to say about people all ganging up on him – or that’s how he’s now portraying it. It’s like he’s the villian in a soap opera, but the one with the deniable plausibility. I’m astonished that the rest of the GOP isn’t FREAKING the FUCK OUT right now. WHERE ARE THEY ALL? Hell, where are all the DEMOCRATS as well??? Somebody say something you bunch of political idiots!!!

There are sooo many things going on simutaneously here in the USA that no one is quite sure WHAT to deal with WHEN or HOW anymore. We have a tyrant in the White House that the rest of the government is afraid of and only does things to please and coddle him and his wishes. Somehow he got appointed King by the Repblican party and now the Democratic party is so stunned by the sheer willful, blatant DEAFENING SILENCE caoming from the GOP that they are frozen as well. It’s like a fucking stale-mate. And no one seems to know whose move it is next.

So many weird things are starting to “fit” together, it’s almost hard NOT to start to wonder weird shit like conspiracy shit about all that is coincidentally happening at once. Russia said 4 yrs ago they could have done MORE to interfer with our elections but they would save it for when Trump was challenged because they had him in there in the meantime. Now we are suddlenly faced with an up coming election, a perfectly timed pandemic, domestic disaster on magnitudes never seen in the form of out of control wildfires – all on the WEST coast – that they are now telling us to brace ourselves for a mass-casualty event. I am thinking that they are speaking of mass casualties from the fires, but with this government – WHO KNOWS! They are strange with words, they’re talking fires, then inject oh yeah, watch for a mass casualty event and then back to fire talk. IN the meantime, I learned today that our Department of Homeland Security – the LARGEST defense department in our history has been given internatl instrucitons to STAND DOWN in the event of a Russian attack on our election. WHY???? WHY would the organization that is tasked with protecting the homeland be told to STAND DOWN in the unfortunate event of of a real attack on the homeland??!!!! That shit scares me more than anything else.

Why is our DOJ issuing orders like this?? Is he clearing the way for Putin to land Sputnik on the runway at LaGuardia?

Sept. 18, 2020

The country is kareening towards the precipice, things are super scary. I knew we would get here, just a matter of time. Trump & Barr are putting things into place quickly now, with Kushner working diligenty with Pompeo in the background. I think Mike Pense may be imprisoned in his office, his homeland security right hand, Olivia Troy, resigned 2 days ago, and she was on the virus task force too and has come out with an ad telling on the Trump Crew and their twisting of our institutions to bend to their whims.

Barr is seeking to use an old sedition law to imprison protesters and squelch uprisings and movements used to push change in government. Barr has anointed himself the King of Justice, his word is the only word. Calling his FBI prosecutors pre-schoolers and railing on them resigning in protest when he moves in and changes things like Roger Stone’s sentence.

Then yesterday Trump did this, this speech (Pense 1st, then his speech) was given from the White House at a historical society meeting. He’s calling the left terrorists who are guilty of sedition against the United States and he’s going to sign an executive order forcing schools to teach “Patriotism” and to avoid the 1619 Project’s information on our coutnry’s history. He’s stoking the fires of racism and bigotry. Saying teachers are indoctrinating our children. This is just an insane man who is trying to seize complete power over the people of the United States. And his Republican party is standing firm behind all of his craziness. He must really have something deep on them, really deep.

The release of Woodward’s book “Rage” was quite something. Hearing the tapes of Trump saying he “down played” the virus because it wouldn’t look good for his re-election. The man literally killed thousands of Americans by withholding early information which we could have used. Kushner helped him greatly with the non-response to the virus. Kushner is a bastard.

The cast of villians is immense. From Trump to Barr to Kushner, Miller, Pompeo and Fox News. They’re all complicit in what’s basically a hostile take over of our government – talk about sedition! And they are pulling together a band of militarized police and civilians. There’s rumor that they’ve been stockpiling armor piercing bullets in the WH along with other weapons and ammunitions. They’re using the pandemic to keep chaos afloat. They commandeered the CDC’s website and are now posting their OWN testing recommendations, nothing from the CDC scientists – who are pissed! Trump and Redfield are fighting about masks. Yes, some idiots STILL don’t believe the virus is real or that masks will make a difference if we ALL would just wear them!

Trump is saying he’s going to have a vaccine all distributed by election day. And he’s attacking our election and the election processes being used due to the pandemic and people trying to be safe. He’s attacking our postal system – which has been court ordered to put all the removed equipment back into use as soon as possible. The fuck head they got running it is skimming bad and routing business to his own trucking companies.

Trump is also trying to order all US school students back into the classrooms – in person. There’s a huge fight between the administration and schools, school teachers and education administrators. Now that we know he withheld all the pandemic information, assistance to states, PPE and more we no longer have ANY trust in this administration or any member of it.

It’s all just crazy, then throw some fire and water on top and what a fucking mess we have! The poor families in Oregon and California who have lost everything to fires, and the lower income areas especially. It’s going to throw a whole new group into the homeless pool sadly. Hurricanes have battered the Gulf region with major flooding and damage – that’s quite a mess too and just more hurricanes comming.

8PM 9-18-2020 Supreme Ct. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died….my heart stopped I swear. I can’t breathe…this is so unbelievable….

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When is covid over Dad???
Taken from Fort Foster…early morning sea smoke on the water.

What an insane way to start the week…insane conspiracy theories, four of them in 1 day….wow

Check out this video, you will be astonished. The flat out lies are just insane!

Then there was the Fox interview of Trump with Laura whats-her-name…I almost exploded watching him do THIS…!!! The video is about 1/2 way down the page, I think you’ll – if you haven’t SEEN this shit yet – be quite astonished to hear ANY world leader speak of his own people like Trump does here – oh, he has only “one people” his right-wingnuts – then there are the 70% of the residents of the USA that are evidently “thugs” and “antifa” and “dark people lurking”….we are the “enemy”…so buckle up a bit tighter, things are about to go full postal…if you get my gist.

My mind wanders so much more lately, fucking covid overload has made me spacey as fuck it seems – at least some days it does. The air is so thick with sanitizer that I rarely even get dirty thoughts these days…hahaha

My pot plants are doing really good now. We’ve not had enough rain this year, along with the lack of good snow cover last winter – which we depend onto fill the underground aquifers yearly – has resulted in very arid summer. My yard is DUST. The grass all died, turned brown and then the top level of dirt , when you walked on it, would create dust clouds it was so dry. Anyway, I’ve been watering the gardens – both flowers and the weed – every day at least once a day, even fertilized everything a couple of times.

It’s been a tough grow season this year…figures, with everything ELSE going wrong this just adds a little twang of being pissed off at the dry environment…even though it’s OUR faults because of global climate change. My pot plants are the Black Sugar Rose hybrids. I bought female clones but they came in late, so I’m behind on the grow. They’ve been in solid ground since the end of July, previously in pots. Won’t be as big as the last grow, but should be quite impressive, especially in quality and potency. The BSR is GOOD high THC content with a good back up of CBD as well. I love the buzz personally.

I am smoking shatter, live resin or sauce 85% of the time these days, the other 15% I use edibles, which I LOVE! I am glad that they are now making cartridges that fit the multi-voltage batteries (need higher heat) containing the live resin and sauces. They’re just awesome and FAR less labor or mess intensive. No rig, no dip stick, no mess. Screw it on and puff away. Perfection in stoneage, the ultra potency of this type of THC consumption is out of this world. Never in the 1970’s when I started smoking weed from Mexico – the old Columbian Gold days – never did we even imagine that our grandkids would perfect the methods of intense consumption. haha….little fuckers, gotta love ’em tho.

I’ve been perusing the depths of podcasting and off-beat sites, videos and delving into the caldron of like minded individuals from across the country. Vetting news sources right now is critical and absolutely necessary. The forces working to disseminate mis-information to you through Facebook, Twitter and even direct emails. Be aware of TV or internet commercials, the subliminal seduction factor flipped to subliminal fear factor is incredulous. Journalism is a frightening dabble at the moment. Lives are threatened and taken daily, mostly from the truth pool. Voices are quieted, headlines are twisted and YOU are the target; your vote counts so much that Russia wants it to be cast in THEIR desired direction, i.e. Trump the Puppet of Prickhead Putin.

The only interaction I have personally had with any Trump related thing is that I gambled in his casino in Atlantic City in the late 1980s. It was quite opulant, just about to the gawdy point in places. Dripping in gold, and later I found out in blood as well. Many contractors were gilted out of money when he had them build the casino and refused to pay many of them, forcing those who COULD AFFORD IT to try to sue him. You know how Trump lawsuits go, they get dropped. Contractors lost money, lost their businesses in some cases and their families suffered greatly as well.

Anyways, I didn’t stay there, I stayed next door at the Playboy, a very, very favorite memory in my data banks. I was a wet-behind-the-ears baby Butch just learning my walk through the universe as my more authentic self – I was still nervous and yet resolved to be out and proud in my skin and in the world around me. I can vividly recall so many individual “moments” of that 4 days; forever etched into the dark matter in my skull as some of the finest, most sensual and most memorable moments of my young Butch dive into the world of women, money and sex. I would dabble in this world on and off for a couple of decades, which direclty coincide with my good ole drinking days, Jack and Coke with a twist of lime, or Tequila…my go-to alcohol loves. Finally I got to that point in life where you desire deeper, more secure, loyal, loving connections and less frivalty. I have memories from other trips, but none compared to that first time in AC.

I digress….back to the blog and out of the inside of my head….but it’s such a pretty place, the colors, the music…the voices…BWHAHA…kidding….but it IS funny AF. The hazard of writing while stoned. I tend to amuse myself and end up sitting here cracking up as I type.

I just opened a new group on Facebook with some friends assisting in content and collaborating upon which direction we move with the page. I’m fully open to that morphing and twisting through time, all things change, grow and die. I’m psyched about the page in general. I’ve got a tight little team of cohorts and I’m sure I’ll find more fun, creative talent as time chugs on and we all get one day closer to November 3rd.

For anyone interested in joining the group it’s called The Butchuation Room and is a Facebook GROUP not a page, it can be publically located, but it’s a private membership group, just to try to keep things safe for members. I really think it’s going to be an interesting and engaging group. We’re trying out lots of different topics and ways to engage as a community including the use of Zoom meetings and Facebook Rooms. This is NOT a dating site….but I did add a dating topic page just to keep people from posting in the main body of the page with those kinds of searching for others posts.

Here’s my irrational thought of the evening….I think I have the hots for the journalist, Anna, who works on The Young Turks with John. She’s freaking HOT AF…and a blonde, which is interesting for me to find myself attracted to a blonde, not usually my preference. I thinks it’s her incredible vocal control and high intelligence and political awareness coupled with a very hot make up routine. There is no woman more attractive to me than a very smart, intellectual, well versed and knowledgeable smoking hot femme being.

Ok I need to button this blog up, get it posted and get my sleepy ass into lala land, where i can dream of honey on the lips and deep kisses…but before I can go there I need to show you all this particular article on Covid-19 discoveries that are VERY important. Our government doesn’t follow along close enough, good thing some of us DO!

check this out: Super Computer analyzes Covid-19 I think you will all learn some really wild stuff about how Covid-19 affects the human body, why and what you can do to help your own body be more prepared if you were to become infected. Please read and I think you’ll be astounded at this super computer analysis, I know I am!!

Take care. Be SAFE and Wear your MASKS! Especially covering the NOSE at all times, that’s your #1 main way of giving or getting the virus!!!

Peace ~ MB