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Sunday Musings

I watched quite a bit of the Global Pride 2020 and saw the ads for World Pride 2021 in Copenhagen Denmark…wow, wouldn’t it be so cool to go! I attended World Pride and the Gay Games years ago when it was held in NYC and it was an incredible experience. That was when the United Nations was headquartered in the Twin Towers in NYC and we marched for world equality on the UN.

I also caught a lot of the Global Goal broadcast, where many artists and most world leaders all spoke or performed to raise awareness and money for Covid-19 vaccine. I found it the MOST informative piece about what exactly IS being done around the world to find a vaccine by Johnson & Johnson and with all the major counties of the world. The counties NOT represented…USA, Russia, China. Wouldn’t you know it. Our government hasn’t told us shit about this giant collaboration because Trump has this idea that if he can find a scientist to develop a vaccine HE can sell it and grub all the money for himself. The vaccine being developed by J&J will be provided to the world in a non-profit way. It was a really good show and I recommend everyone watch or listen to the show, you’ll not only gain a lot of knowledge of what IS being done, but the music is also awesome! Global Goal video link.

So, yeah, you can see that I had an exciting Saturday night at home with my dogs. I got stoned and did some personal writing, research and other stuff to get ready for the coming short week. This morning I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle some house tasks today. I’ve been repotting house plants and changing furniture around in different rooms. I am going to get rid of a few small tables and some other things. I try to purge a few things every time that I clean. It’s just amazing the shit that one accumulates! I have an extensive pocket knife collection that I want to sell to an interested collector, save for a few select pieces that I enjoy edge-play with on occasion. And I have an incredible collection of miniature things, I don’t think I will part with those just yet, but I have lots of other things to get rid of around here! Either I sell it, donate it, or throw it away!

The coronavirus-19 pandemic has laid bare all of the short-coming of the United States. Poor healthcare programs and insufficient insurance coverage, deficient – even derelict -care of our elderly and those living in group settings, no cohesion or healthcare management for existing programs, a very poorly prepared federal government and barely operational institutional systems, a failing public education system, deficient stock-pile of emergency supplies, broken social systems, and abusive police practices – including murder by police. That’s just a partial list I am sure. Not that ANY country is ever “perfect” for every citizen, but we used to be much better before we got complacent and the GOP got control of things. Somehow I believe we can work together once #45 is out of the way and rebuild things better than ever, updated for 2020 and beyond.

The world is changing right before our eyes and none of us are promised tomorrow, so we push for each other today. I am very proud of my two eldest nieces who are activists like me. Seeing all of this generation in the protesting and making their voices heard in the streets, all together, is so awesome. Some of us work behind the scenes doing research on various people, watching hard, pushing candidates, working the phones, door knocking and manning the polls, and the youngsters are doing night after night in the streets! THIS is Democracy. WE ARE MAKING CHANGES!!! Us Dems held on for 3.5 years and went thru hell, but in the end I really believe that the good and honorable will prevail! Love always wins.

Now I’m about to relax for the evening on my couch listening to music or watching something interesting…viking related no doubt. 🙂

Peace ~ MB


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