Angst and Agony Across America

What a week…we hit the 100,000 dead milestone, Minneapolis cops killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck…symbolic?…you have to wonder. Then some crazy white chick in NYC was filmed almost choking her dog to death and accusing a black bird watcher of threatening her all for him asking her to put the dog on a leash. Then Wednesday Larry Kramer died. Larry started ACT UP back in 1984, he led the movement of the last pandemic – the fight against HIV/AIDS. I knew Larry, and he was a great guy, a hero and he leaves a true legacy.

…it’s just insane, people are angry as fuck and wound tight, you can feel it in the atmosphere.

Maine’s covid numbers are rising suddenly. It’s the influx of out-of-staters as well as the government trying to open up too soon. I’m personally sticking to my routine of staying away from places so I don’t have to risk going through the virus and probably dying from it. Now even the Maine Response team has gotten exposed and many on it are infected. It’s so difficult to know what to do. I don’t want the infection to spread, but I want people to be able to work and make ends meet. Therein lies the dilemma.

Minneapolis is burning. Atlanta is burning. Lousiville is burning. LA is burning, and more major cities are on fire this morning… country is bleeding from the gaping wound of endemic racism. The riots have started. Remember, this country was STARTED by a riot and by looting and burning…the colonists rose up against oppression in 1774 and the first man to die in that war was a black man. Four hundred years of brutal oppression of blacks in America, brought here by force.

We have a leadership vacuum in Washington DC. A President tweeting about shooting looters in Minneapolis and now 1700 military personnel have been brought in with more standing ready in the wings. I fear we will witness civillian bodies lying dead on the city streets before tomorrow morning. The majority of the protesters are peaceful and fighting for justice but there is a faction of antifa, anarchists and white supremists mixed into these protests. They don’t leave when then rest do, rather they stay and cause chaos.

It’s far past time for equal justice in America. We are at a turning point…what side of history will we be on? I stand solidly with the protests across this country.

No Justice. No Peace.

Peace. ~ MB

3 thoughts on “Angst and Agony Across America

  1. “… the colonists rose up against oppression in 1774…” Now, don’t get me started on history. The period of the colonial rebellion was at best nuanced and at worst muddy. The disaffected colonists had friends in Parliament in Westminster, and the monarchy had friends among the colonists, and that’s just scratching the surface…

    More relevant in the current climate is the American Civil War, and its total failure to liberate anyone. Oh sure the slaves were emancipated, but emancipation isn’t liberation. If it were, there would have been no need for the Civil Rights movement a hundred years later, and no need for Black Lives Matter one hundred and fifty years later. Because everyone – black, white, whatever – would have been liberated from the mindsets that poisoned and continued to poison their minds. America would have become a country of liberated black and white folk, race would have been a thing of the past.

    Oh, by the way, I’m not standing aloof as a Brit. My mother was born in Liverpool and I was born in Bristol, two cities that owe a great proportion of their ancient wealth to being at the apex of the Triangular Trade. I have known about slavery ever since, as a child, I asked why West Indians and African Americans had English names, and was told it was because their ancestors had been owned by someone of that name.*

    We have present problems. A remorselessly honest appraisal of history is necessary, but as necessary or probably even more necessary is the realisation that history can’t be ‘fixed’ – you can only fix the present. For all lives to matter, truly, black lives have to be seen to matter a damn sight more than they do.
    *Actually a large number of West Indians have Scottish names, and the history of how that came about is different again.

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  2. Watching the video of rioting in Oregon I see that the majority of rioters are young white men. No National Guard there. I lived through Chicago in 1968 and when it was black rioters the Guard came rolling in shooting. Sorry to see that your governor was overruled this morning about quarantining out of state camper and park users. Just as here when people fled New York for Connecticut, I fear you may be inundated.

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  3. such a beautiful, thoughtful reply. The Civil War must have felt something like this, the sense that we are on a collision course that won’t be stopped. This time, i hope we can at least separate from Trump and Trump Supporters and keep them all in the south, together. New Yorkers are being forced to quarantine for two weeks if they go outside the city, with police checks. It is eerily quiet in the Bronx today. ❤

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