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The Isolation Diaries

Day 5…Fridaay, March 20, 2020…still in Coronavirus19 isolation. Yeah, I’m one of the millions who are taking the virus seriously because I am immune compromised and very prone to pneumonia. I don’t want to be exposed, or to expose anyone else! I am just hoping that I haven’t been exposed thus far.

Wow, CBP is about to mass export people who have come thru the borders, north and south, at midnight tonight they are going to fly them all out of the country and return them to their countries of origin. This is just the opportunity that Trump and Co. have been waiting for to throw these people out of our country and back into chaos in the countries they fled in fear of their lives. This is a certain death sentence for most of them, from either violence or this virus now. Another very sad result of this time in our history.

In ten years, when you think back to this time in your life and in our country’s history timeline, what will you say about it? What will you tell those who either weren’t here yet, or who are too young to remember – so far – ? What are you doing to remember this series of life events we are ALL experiencing at the SAME time pretty much? How do you see this changing you? How are you coping with the anxiety and stress of worrying about those you cannot reach out and touch right now?

Being stuck at home like this is kind of weird. I keep reaching for my wallet and keys only to then remember I’m grounded like the rest of you all. I’ve become very good at washing my hands extra, both in time and number. I find myself talking more to the dogs – like they understand, which I have my own theory that they DO, at least the researched 250 words and the ability to count to 5. Even tonight I told Lulu I was giving her 4 little treats (equals 1 mini biscuit) and I watched as she watched each one being put down and then looked up the the next. When we got to #4 she stopped looking and commenced eating. I practice this with both dogs – even tho Nola cannot hear me very much anymore and her sight is failing as well. At night she’s totally dependent on me and Lu for guidance to get outside and maneuver the dog yard. She’s physically very healthy and happy as a clam in the sand.

She turns 12 on June 10th 2020, and yes, she’ll make her annual special trip to McD’s for her birthday burger. The dog lives ALL YEAR for that one day, it’s funny as fuck. Whenever I say “McDonald’s” or “happy meal” or “birthday” she gets super excited, jumping around, barking and insisting I put on her collar! This gets out of hand when Lulu realizes what Nola is saying and joins in the affray as well. She cannot be left out – dog god forbid! I thank the Warrior Goddess for giving me these 2 crazy little fur friends for companionship and to love and care for to the end. They really keep me entertained and laughing. They also keep me irritated and yelling at them when they start the “stupid time” barking at every leave that flys by the window just a little too fast…BARK, BARK, BARK….you get the gist…gotta love the little shits anyway!

Delivery drivers are making a mint right now – as they SHOULD be! So do NOT forget they are putting themselves at RISK to bring you that sushi or pizza, so tip them appropriately – like fucking BIG. Then don’t you DARE bitch or complain about the cost of delivery, not one bit. We owe our survival right now to all of those out there in the wild dealing with millions of us who are all currently held voluntarily hostage. Delivery people should be richly rewarded, as should ALL who HAVE to still work and risk exposure to keep the rest of us alive and well.

I am following Gov. Andrew Cuomo from New York, and his updates. He honestly sounds like the only person giving us the REAL truth and explaining how seriously dire this situation is to our country and each of us individually. It’s becoming more serious each passing day as we all try like hell to understand what is happening and how to handle it ourselves.


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