As the Hoax Turns….

I currently, like most, have a lot of free time on my plate right now. How to use each day has become a bit of a game. Usually at some point each evening I make a “list” of things that I “think” I will do the next day. Now, what I should do when I […]

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Utopian Reality…

Day to day, this is how we now live – around the world. Each day we wake take care of the first thing business, get ourselves a coffee and visibly flinch as we reach to turn on the news. Never before has life been this unpredictable for some many at once. The virus was a […]

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The Isolation Diaries

Day 5…Fridaay, March 20, 2020…still in Coronavirus19 isolation. Yeah, I’m one of the millions who are taking the virus seriously because I am immune compromised and very prone to pneumonia. I don’t want to be exposed, or to expose anyone else! I am just hoping that I haven’t been exposed thus far. Wow, CBP is […]

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Lock Down…Day 4

So, it’s Thursday, March 19, 2020….day four of our voluntary lock down here in southern Maine and coastal NH. It’s eerie. Just weird. I got up because I couldn’t sleep. The anxiety plus all the lifting I did yesterday has my body pretty sore. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I also have […]

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March Arrives

“Ten years from now make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t just settle for it.” I’ve been struggling like a bitch with the quitting smoking thing, I made it 4 days and caved in. I got more of the 21mg patches and am going to start again tomorrow morning, putting […]

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