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As the Hoax Turns….

I currently, like most, have a lot of free time on my plate right now. How to use each day has become a bit of a game. Usually at some point each evening I make a “list” of things that I “think” I will do the next day. Now, what I should do when I finish said list is to ball it up and send it into file 13 via a 3-point jump shot from a sitting position on my couch half-way across the room. Can’t you just picture it? The grace of a couch potato during a pandemic? Yeah, I know it’s a dumbass picture, but I’m attempting to entertain you here and squeak a smile out of that frown; trying to make some sort of morbid lightness out of a dark situation.

You get my drift, the list is useless. By morning my mind has wandered half way around he world and decided to do completely different things than were on that suggestion list. Yeah, that’s what it was a “suggestion” list. Ha. Sure, those things on the list should be, or perhaps even need to be, done at some point but I can think of nothing that needs to go on the list that is anywhere’s near critical to complele, thus the list will hit the trash can and I’ll do another one tonight for which the same fate will apply. Now, why do I do this weird thing? Because I have every good intention, but my follow-through sucks. By the time morning rolls around five thousand other ideas have meandered through the forest of my mind.

Each day this grows more and more sobering. Each day new fears arise. Each day something new about this virus is exposed making even more frighening. Each day the stories of the brave, the helpers, the frontline people trying to save lives are told to us in news outlets attempts to bring some “feel-good” stuff to us before diving into the worst things they can tell us about various viral “hot spots” in different countries. Each day new governmental guidelines are issued; not direct orders or mandates here in the USA, but “guidelines” and “suggestions”. Each day I wonder when the fuck thisfis going to end and who I will hear has been infected or is waiting for test results. Yes, each day it’s something new, different, updated or changed about the world’s war with Coronavirus19.

This morning’s “biggest news” thus far is that Italy sadly reported the death of the 10,000th person from CV19. News centers have continued to report that the United States is 10 days behind Italy in what we will experience eventually. Scary as fuck when you can literally SEE what is in store for us in just a few short days. t

It doesn’t matter how many are tested, how many ventilators there are or what our leaders’ say, the death toll continues to rise, doubling overnight in some places. The time for testing, procuring enough medical supplies and equipment, having emergency hospital spaces lined up and ready for full use as well as other preparations in readiness, that time was TWO MONTHS ago. Unfortunately, that window of opportunity was shut long before US citizens were aware it was even open.

This aforementioned “advanced notice” that Trump and his administration thugs actually got from Chines leadre Xi and China’s top scientists/doctors was NOT something our lovely leader wanted to have mentioned to us, his constituents, yes US Citizens – those whose interests he is supposed to be working for until his contract expires. Yes, come November, he will more than likely be replaced with a newer, up-to-date, faster, sleekler, more efficient and effective model. Time to retire the old stuff; it’s time has come. Everything wears out eventually as it grows old and tired. Then old, tired things must be replaced because of age, or being broken or out of date – which ours is all THREE now. He’s just out of date and cannot perform in today’s fast paced, techno-savvy world – or in any world containing human beings. No, this particular specimen is best suited for installing basic ATM machines for Deutchebank until his final expiration date rolls around and the big man calls him up on the carpet.

I’ve come to my own conclusion that it’s useless to argue politics during this in-progress pandemic of our lifetime. This is THE EVENT that each of us WILL remember where we were and what we were doing when Coronavirus19 came into light of day, brought to us not by our “fearless leader” (from which it should have come in a special talk to the nation, no it was simply reported to us like any old news of the day on most news and media platforms.

Trump was informed of this Coronavirus19 back in January 2020 and made a conscious choice to keep the warnings of the virus and how dangerous and contagious it is to himself. He did not immediately do or say ANYTHING. He went on about his personal business, which is what he does daily in the White House, and he ignored scientific evidence and medical advice to prepare the United State for the arrival of coronavirus19, which he was TOLD was inevitable and could be devastating. It was at that time thatTrump made the decision NOT to use the Pandemic Playbook which was compiled by experts in diseases and their control. This playbook contained step-by-step guidelines for dealing with all of the logistics of an epidemic / pandemic; all of the direcitions, protocols, and results of tabletop exercises that helped deal with pandemics. Donald J. Trump’s complete bumble-fuck of this national security crisis and world pandemic has been nothing – NOTHING – short of abysmal.

The United States of America, richest nation on earth, had NO PLAN in place to deal with any disease breakout, epidemic, pandemic or bio-weaponry – which we KNEW at least one of them WOULD eventually happen. The Pandemic Preparedness team from the National Security Counsel was disbanded by Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump, right after they fired the team leader, Tom Bossert in April 2018. Why disband this vital part of our homeland security? Because Pres. Obama formed it and Trump didn’t believe we needed it because “that will never happen here”. No, we needed a wall to stop illegal immigration way before anything that would directly protect ALL Americans. SMH. Go figure. NOW which is needed more???

This complete lack of preparedness at the federal government level and the utter failure to disseminate Coronavirus19 information to state governors and state CDC leaders and those who really needed to KNOW so they could prepare in advance, has directly resulted in this consistently botched response to handling it by our government.

First they failed by prolonging ANY response whatsoever. Then they failed in testing by having NO testing kits. The WHO offered Trump 250 million tests way back at the begininng, but he said no. He wanted US companies (probably $$ in it for him or someone in his “circle”) to develop one to use. So, NO testing for the first THREE weeks after we KNEW we needed to start testing IMMEDIATELY. Testing is CRUCIAL to slowing any epidemic – let alone a PANDEMIC. S. Korea tested 66,000 people in ONE WEEK, and it took us 3 weeks to get anywhere near that.

Trump continued to sabotage efforts by our scientists and doctors to sound the alarm about this deadly virus by taking to national television and calling the pandemic a “hoax” that Democrats cooked up to hurt his re-election chances, he claimed it was no worse than the common flu – NO it’s TEN TIMES more contagious and more potent than the flu and may have a kill rate even higher (that number will be unknown until the first round of this novel virus Coronavirus19 is finished. We should have a better idea as we enter the bounce back round, which is inevitable. He told us that he has a “hunch” it’s not really “that bad” and it will “miraculously” disappear, “….one morning we will wake up and it will be a miracle.”

Trump has very limited understanding of science, we all KNOW that from all of the previews into his brain that he let’s out occasionally, like him making fun of the disabled reporter, or his claiming h can and will do “whatever he wants because Article 2 gives him ultimate authority, or the claim that our Revolutionary forces took Britain’s airports over during our war for independence. It’s right up there close to his unbelievable knowledge of US or World History….good ‘ole rocket-scientist he is! Ha! His complete ignorance, refusal to acknowledge the truth and FACTS, his convincing ways of deceiving the public with baseless, made up statements and “alternate” facts….yeah, he’s still using those! Trump REMOVED our chances here when HE FIRED Tom Bossert and the Pandemic Response Team and yet he say he has “No responsibility” for any of this or for any lack of response. He claims it’s the “China” virus’s fault. Ignorant useful idiot.

So, it’s useless to talk politics. so I’m not comparing our current president to anyone else, but I am just stating the obvious in my above words. I think it’s fantastically ironic how this all is playing out and how absolutely STUNNED the rest of the civilized world must BE at watching the greatest country on Earth’s response – or actually LACK OF RESPONSE – to a crisis right on our own soil, with our own systems, products, people, corporations, and American Dollars backing us, our federal government, with all it’s boldness of thought, action and speech has responded LIKE THIS? What a joke…which is NOT funny because as the USA is still playing catch up our death toll rises, doubling every 3 days now.

It is not Trump’s fault really, the blame for this big ass mess of non-response belongs to his entire administration. It belongs to all of those GOP Senators who have fiercely defended him, even when it’s come to paying off prostitutes or buying services from foreign governments to interfer with our elections. It belongs to Sessions and whoever else let Trump think that disabling our Pandemic Response Team was in any way a good idea – they SHOULD have fought him to the ground on this one. UYet they have continually allowed Trump and his family to jeopardise the security of the United States and I don’t believe that ANYONE really understands what it IS about Trump that has the old Republicans so scared of him and so willing to defend even his most illegal and immoral actions. Something is fishy in Denmark.

I am so sad for the world. Sad for my country and for those who are fighting battles with this virus, either themselves in their personal health or as a front-line healthcare worker or essential services person putting their lives at risk so the rest of us can maintain the “social distancing” and try to avoid becoming infected with this dangerous virus. Because this is entirely new to us and our medical and scientific people we don’t know enough about it to understand how long we are going to have to endure this, but we WILL do it. We are resilient people and with each other’s support and love we will make it through yet another crisis, somehow.

Once this is all over and behind us – which cannot be TOO SOON – then we can have a look back and see what happened, when, why and how. Then we can decide who needs to buck up and take some responsibility and for which part. Until then we need to remain strong, unite as Americans and get through this together.

I hope your Monday is a good day, take it easy and be good to yourself and be kind to others. And for hell’s sake, take care of each other!

Peace and good health! ~ MB

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Utopian Reality…

Day to day, this is how we now live – around the world. Each day we wake take care of the first thing business, get ourselves a coffee and visibly flinch as we reach to turn on the news. Never before has life been this unpredictable for some many at once.

The virus was a naturally occurring disaster, the response to it by our gov’t was a totally disaster of willful ignorance and stubborn egotistical shortsightedness. Trump didn’t want it to affect his presidential campaign or chance for reelection – which he obviously values far more than he does any human life that could be saved if he were to do the right things – so he did what he always does with these annoying things, he pretended the virus was not true, it was “a hoax by the Democrats ” to stymie his reelection bid. With this type of blatant inaction he has not jeopardized approximately 3.3M individual lives of Americans by making us ALL more at risk for infection, severe sickness and possibly the ultimate cost of our lives.

Incapable of putting the needs of others before his own desires, ahead of his feelings and ego. It’s having a direct, very negative affect on how we have been able to respond to this pandemic racing through America and around the whole world. As much as I truly dislike #45 I REALLY wish he could – just for this once – make the right decisions for the country, putting his own need for praise and applause on hold for just a little while to get this under some resemblance of control.

Now, due to our complete lack of guidance and leadership, our healthcare workers are being forced to work in dangerous, unacceptable conditions putting many of them directly in the line of fire for catching the CV19 virus. They don’t all have the proper PPE, or enough of it, and are reusing the one-time-use products. This would be criminal at any other time. The gov’t claim they have “strategic stockpiles” and are shipping products to the states…what everyone is asking is WHERE are these “stockpiles” and WHERE is the product promised? It’s not arriving at the designated places, no matter how many times it’s “ordered” by each state governor. Of course, all gov’t officials – including #45 himself, keep repeating “it’s on the way” “it’s been shipped” “so-and-so is receiving those items tomorrow”…etc…just stalling and avoiding the questions asked about these items and their true availability.

Here in America the desperate calls for PPE, hospital beds, ventilators, etc. is being answered, somewhat, by private companies and our citizens. American ingenuity, some people making masks one by one by hand with whatever materials they can procure on their local markets. We are crowdsourcing efforts to get things moving and into the hands of the frontline workers who need them. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have both pledged $10M to help with these private and personal efforts people are endeavoring. If nothing, this pandemic has brought out so much good from people and companies. We are watching and reading about individual heroic efforts to pitch in and help where it’s needed. We have several state governors who have really stepped up to the plate and taken the lead in hleping guide other states who have less. We’ve also sadly seen the opposite, those who align with #45’s temper tantrum methodology of shame, blame and willful ignorance.

With all of this madness going on all around the world it’s difficult to imagine what life will be like when this finally comes to an end – who knows when that will be. The UK is seeing infecion rates double every 3 days. The USA now has the most cases in the world, and although we have over 100,000 known infections doctors and scientists claim that in reality there is most likely 3 times that number. Some countries, like Iran, are suffering devastating loss and have little to no medical help for their people, citing a lack of hospitals, supplies, doctors and nurses and other support services. Yes, it’s a very scary worldwide mess. Everyone has every reason to be frightened, for themselves, for their families and for their friends and co-workers. All we can each do is work together and keep trying to make it through this horrific time in history. That’s all we can do.

Personally, it’s been hard to write lately because the pace of things is so furiously fast. Things seem to be just exploding here in the USA. With the daily death rate continuing to rise and the pressure of seeing people so distraught when they cannot be with dying loved ones, I feel emotionally overwhelmed and at a loss for words much of the time. Meaning well, I plan different blogs out but then when I sit to write different things come from the tips of my fingers and brain than I had originally intentioned.

I have been working like crazy around my property to keep my mind off of things. I’ve been taking the dogs for walks over on the old town farm property, exploring, taking photos, watching birds and trying to think about better times. I’ve written letters to old friends, made calls to people I haven’t talked to in ages, and checked on my family and friends daily as well. My Facebook friends lists are fairly extensive because of my blogging and vlogging over the years and sadly now I am being notified daily about people dying from the virus. Yesterday alone it was 4 people from my friends list that passed away. Sad. Scary. I am ready for this to STOP.

Be well my friends. Practice social distancing and take care of yourself and your loved ones. We will get through this, just keep caring and doing what YOU can do.

Love to all. ~MB

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The Isolation Diaries

Day 5…Fridaay, March 20, 2020…still in Coronavirus19 isolation. Yeah, I’m one of the millions who are taking the virus seriously because I am immune compromised and very prone to pneumonia. I don’t want to be exposed, or to expose anyone else! I am just hoping that I haven’t been exposed thus far.

Wow, CBP is about to mass export people who have come thru the borders, north and south, at midnight tonight they are going to fly them all out of the country and return them to their countries of origin. This is just the opportunity that Trump and Co. have been waiting for to throw these people out of our country and back into chaos in the countries they fled in fear of their lives. This is a certain death sentence for most of them, from either violence or this virus now. Another very sad result of this time in our history.

In ten years, when you think back to this time in your life and in our country’s history timeline, what will you say about it? What will you tell those who either weren’t here yet, or who are too young to remember – so far – ? What are you doing to remember this series of life events we are ALL experiencing at the SAME time pretty much? How do you see this changing you? How are you coping with the anxiety and stress of worrying about those you cannot reach out and touch right now?

Being stuck at home like this is kind of weird. I keep reaching for my wallet and keys only to then remember I’m grounded like the rest of you all. I’ve become very good at washing my hands extra, both in time and number. I find myself talking more to the dogs – like they understand, which I have my own theory that they DO, at least the researched 250 words and the ability to count to 5. Even tonight I told Lulu I was giving her 4 little treats (equals 1 mini biscuit) and I watched as she watched each one being put down and then looked up the the next. When we got to #4 she stopped looking and commenced eating. I practice this with both dogs – even tho Nola cannot hear me very much anymore and her sight is failing as well. At night she’s totally dependent on me and Lu for guidance to get outside and maneuver the dog yard. She’s physically very healthy and happy as a clam in the sand.

She turns 12 on June 10th 2020, and yes, she’ll make her annual special trip to McD’s for her birthday burger. The dog lives ALL YEAR for that one day, it’s funny as fuck. Whenever I say “McDonald’s” or “happy meal” or “birthday” she gets super excited, jumping around, barking and insisting I put on her collar! This gets out of hand when Lulu realizes what Nola is saying and joins in the affray as well. She cannot be left out – dog god forbid! I thank the Warrior Goddess for giving me these 2 crazy little fur friends for companionship and to love and care for to the end. They really keep me entertained and laughing. They also keep me irritated and yelling at them when they start the “stupid time” barking at every leave that flys by the window just a little too fast…BARK, BARK, BARK….you get the gist…gotta love the little shits anyway!

Delivery drivers are making a mint right now – as they SHOULD be! So do NOT forget they are putting themselves at RISK to bring you that sushi or pizza, so tip them appropriately – like fucking BIG. Then don’t you DARE bitch or complain about the cost of delivery, not one bit. We owe our survival right now to all of those out there in the wild dealing with millions of us who are all currently held voluntarily hostage. Delivery people should be richly rewarded, as should ALL who HAVE to still work and risk exposure to keep the rest of us alive and well.

I am following Gov. Andrew Cuomo from New York, and his updates. He honestly sounds like the only person giving us the REAL truth and explaining how seriously dire this situation is to our country and each of us individually. It’s becoming more serious each passing day as we all try like hell to understand what is happening and how to handle it ourselves.

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Lock Down…Day 4

So, it’s Thursday, March 19, 2020….day four of our voluntary lock down here in southern Maine and coastal NH. It’s eerie. Just weird.

I got up because I couldn’t sleep. The anxiety plus all the lifting I did yesterday has my body pretty sore. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I also have sniffles and am sneezing this morning. Dammit. If I get this virus shit it will NOT be funny. I easily get bronchitis and pnuemonia. I just downloaded the app, it’s for keeping track of temperature, and it creates a data base that’s more accurately predicting pockets of this virus than the CDC.

I watched a couple of videos from Italians warning us here in America of what’s coming for us in just 10 days, and advising us to cooperate with the stay in place and remain calm, yet stay informed as much as possible. This is a very serious time, not one to take lightly. I can’t believe that 13 states still haven’t done much at all. In 9 days we will have a total of over 80,000 cases here in the USA and who knows how many dead by then. Frightening I know, I wish it wasn’t true. I know everyone wishes that, let’s just all take this seriously so we can keep it down to a minimum.

I did a little preparing last week before this all got super serious. I bought a back stock of paper goods and food, plus cat and dog food – yes the damned cat is STILL here! I also laid in a good stock of gummies and flower so I won’t be calling for delivery. Plus I have more tincture made up to make another batch of gummies should I feel up to it. I may just take this time to do that! Got some back up batteries and made sure I knew where stuff was located.

Our healthcare providers are really at risk right now. They’re short of personal protective equipment like masks, gloves, and gowns. This virus is so contagious that you have to change after every patient completely. The national stockpile is pretty measly – I don’t care what the orange idiot is flapping his lips about, our government dropped the fucking ball BAD this time. We don’t have nearly enough equipment to take care of all of those who will get sick simultaneously, that’s why it’s VITALLY IMPORTANT that we stay away from each other, stay home and break the cycle of this germ.

And the big problem is that we no longer make our own stuff here in the USA. All of that stuff is made in CHINA and they need it too, as does the EU and Italy especially. They can’t make it fast enough or make enough of it to fill the need.

I hope that we learn some super valuable lessons. The biggest we need to learn is NOT to elect an imbecile as president. Trump totally ignored this for over 2 months. Then called it a democratic hoax. He fired the pandemic preparation team and the scientists and doctors back in 2018. Thus leaving us very vulnerable to something we KNEW would happen, just not when. Thus, our federal response has been non-existant, even though they spout off about how much they’re “doing” when on TV as they slather praise on the Orange Idiot for his “early action”, yeah right! The US military hasn’t been properly activated for domestic assistance yet. And although the 2 navy ships, the Mercy and the Comfort are headed to each shore, they aren’t yet manned and ready to jump into action. They’ll be used for those WITHOUT the virus who require hospitalization, traumas, heart patients, etc.

All of us alive today don’t recall the early 1900’s and the Spanish Flu pandemic that lasted 3 years and killed millions globally. We weren’t ready then and aren’t now. We are all in for a helluva Spring and Summer I believe. Don’t make any plans, nothing is going to be moving or open. Best thing we can all do is hunker down, use social media and snail mail, and just ride this out – paying attention to the REAL FACTS and not relying on our government to always be forthright with them.

Here’s a video I made this morning…describing some of what I’ve been doing and have lined up to do.

Hang in there my readers! Stay in touch with each other and try to remain calm and sane. We can do this. #stayhome

Stay Home!!! ~ MB

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Trump’s Biggest Failure to Date…Corvid19 epidemic

Trump’s unprecedented and very unfortunate mishandling and misinformation campaign about the corona19 viral pandemic we are now in the midst of – the BEGINNING of according to the scientists and WHO, CDC and Dr.Anthony Fauci, our very top doctor and scientist who is TRYING to warn the government as well as us living here in America – CANNOT be allowed continue.

The GOP, Republicans or the Trumpacrats, whatever they are calling themselves these days, MUST take control of this man – their so-called “gift from God” and empirical leader – before he does any MORE damage, causes MORE deaths by continueing to speak his misinformation, lies, made up “alternate facts” and BAD advice he seems to HAVE to go live on TV to spread to the American people – SOME of whom actually BELIEVE what he is telling them.

In this specific case, the health, welfare and the REAL LIVES of Americans are being put in very serious jeopardy due to Trump’s visible, well-known inability to understand science, by him calling it all a “hoax” if it doesn’t line up with whatever he concocts in his head on any specific day and his continued denial to the people that this is as SERIOUS and can be DEADLY to so very many people here and around the world.

Let’s put Trump’s idiocracy aside and look at the Republican party that stands silently, firmly and stupidly in full support of Trump for SOME WEIRD UNKNOWN reasons – we all have our theories of the reasons that these politicians back him like he is God, My theory is that he and Bill Barr obtained Jeffrey Epstein’s “ledger of clientele”, with specific notes of names, dates, likes/dislikes in sexual desires before he was conveniently found dead in his cell. This dynamic duo, Trump & Barr, are holding this book over the heads of the entire male Republican Senators and Representative as a threat to “out” them all publically if they do not FULLY cooperate with EVERYTHING that our “president” and his personal attorney, AG Bill Barr, tell them to do or make them say, write, do or defend for Trump – even if it is illegal, immorral, unethical or just plain WRONG.

No matter WHAT Trump does, says or demands they quickly bow down to his wishes like little boys worshipping a superhero. I find it revolting to watch these men continually belittle themselves so radically and publically for a man who would throw them to the wolves given the opportunity. Yes, I truly believe (as do many others) that Trump and Barr are holding SOMETHING HUGBE over the Republicans, one day it will be brought out into the light and we will all understand, but NOT forgive them. The TRUTH always comes out in the end. Always. Perhaps it’s karma or maybe it’s just plain justice.

I have no proof of this “ledger” theory, the only way to prove it would be to demand to SEE that ledger and the other evidence gathered from Epstein’s properties, banks and other devious connections around the world. Doesn’t anyone else wonder where all of this stuff went? Where IS it NOW? Who has it and who has access to it? I would LOVE to KNOW the answers to these questions as well as others about Trump and Mr. Epstein’s relationship and connections – both personal, sexual, and financially. ALL aspects of their days of running together and abusing their privilege as very rich, famous highly protected men of power SHOULD be investigated and factually reported.

We KNOW they were close friends for decades and that they have BOTH been jointly charged with some very serious sexual crimes, such as rape and assault on children as young as 12 yrs. old more than once or twice! Yes, minor girls ARE still considered to be CHILDREN. It’s high time to shed some sunlight on this dark partnership, especially since it concerns us because this man, Trump, is our PRESIDENT. As his constituents, we all have a right to KNOW who Donald J. Trump REALLY is and WHAT he has done – good and bad – with his power throughout his life. He loves to dig up dirt on others but is highly secretive about himself, somehow believing that the rules don’t apply to him for some reason I don’t understand – does anyone?

This pandemic is a disaster. The biggest part of this disaster is our governments complete and utter failure in response and handling of information dissemination about the virus. Our federal government’s response has been very slow, disjointed, disappointing, confused and is turning more deadly with every passing day that the president and our federal government remain in this disjointed, confused and unorganized state. They are very unsure of WHAT to do, WHEN to do it and HOW to handle this properly, et. We do not have testing. We did not and still DO NOT have ANY PLAN for how our country will handle or deal with a health crisis of this magnitude. Our president blames his predecessor as he always does when he can’t find anything else to tell us. Trump FIRED the branch of our Homeland Security team that was specifically focused on infectious diseases, outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics should they, or when they, occur in America – and in the world. So, of course our government, who are supposed to be working for the good of all people in America, is nowhere near prepared or ready to protect us, prevent more infections, advise people properly and quickly, provide accurate tests, provide the right number of tests, handle the coming medical care crisis looming in our future due to Coronavirus19. Let’s HOPE that we are not going to be stuck in this predicament until many more die and someone in another country find a cure and saves the world. It’s certainly NOT going to be America. We lost that opportunity when Trump fired the scientists and doctors who were preparing for scenarios like this one we are now contending with now in our lives.

We need very aggressive testing, we need the feds to get out of the way and let the highly skilled, knowledgable, researchers, laboratories, scientists and doctors and all of those with the abilities help us through this mess. Individual states and state leaderships are working overtime to do the job that the federal government and our president FAILED to do or be ready for as they should have been. The federal government must give them the money and resources to do their job and find a vaccine that will work in the most timely manner possible. And we KNOW that this will take 12-18 months minimum, maybe longer.

In the meantime, we the people must unify and try to deal with these infections with whatever we can to minimize the virus’s effects and prevent as many deaths as we can until there is a vaccine. Trump and our federal government representation FAILED us as Americans. We are now basically going to have to figure out what is “true” and what is “false or fake” information and share that widely among ourselves through whatever means works – emails, social media like Facebook, instagram, Youtube, Google and any others out there.

We must take care of ourselves -it’s been thrown completely upon us to do so – and be aware of all of those around us, specifically reaching out to those at the highest risk and making sure they understand how to keep themselves as safe as possible, what to do if they feel sick, and also help each other as much as we can with whatever we need. Things are going to get tight. It’s not going to be a family picnic by any means.

This is serious and important and we must be fully aware and properly informed about our personal and family risk factors. Then we each have to make decisions of how to prepare ourselves and our families in the case that one or more in our individual households or living quarters become sick. There really is no other option now.

Our government dropped the proverbial ball, Trump fired the entire department that used to keep us aware and protected from these kinds of things, like SARS and Ebola in the past, and we are now screwed into handling this the best way we can, which will be by unifying, coming together to help each other through this and to take care of those who do get sick as best we are able to do with what little information or support we may have or get from others in China, S. Korea and Italy about how to stop the spread, protect ourselves and others, treat patients that are sick, take care of those who need help getting through this themselves and continue to SCREAM at the president and our government for eliminating the office that was specifically supposed to be protecting us to begin with!

Trump said tonight on live TV that he “takes no responsibility” for eliminating this group of dedicated people who were protecting us. He even called the question about why he did it “a sick question” and you could see him visibly cringe that it had been brought up in the news conference. He now claims that he didn’t even know about it, that someone else did it. He is a LIAR. He said we didn’t “need” that group and eliminated it to get more money for his stupid border wall and to line his family’s pockets. His ignorance and GREED stink like a dead skunk.

Just remember, if anyone in YOUR family becomes sick or dies due to Corvid19 you can thank Donald J. Trump, God of Republicans and personally acclaimed perfect purveyor of hate, knower of ALL – or so he also claims. HE is directly responsible for the disasterous delay and non-existant reliable response to this nasty pandemic – which he was informed and KNEW about way back at the beginning of January 2020….but he said it was a democratic hoax to hurt his bid for reelection – all he really cares about is money, power and how things make him “look” to other world leaders. He believes he is some kind of king and can do no wrong in the eyes of the rich, famous, dictators and autocratic leaders we all know of and are not fans of due to their barbaric treatment of their own people. He’s emulating them. Right down to perhaps allowing many die for his egotistical stance.

In the end my biggest unanswered question is WHY do Republicans continue to protect this man, who is obviously NOT concerned about this virus except that the “numbers” are hurting “his stockmarket” and he takes NO responsibility and has NO PLAN and NO ANSWERS for why we have no test kits, where the test kits are, who is making them, who will get them, and WHEN they will REALLY BE AVAILABLE to ALL providers that NEED them – hospitals, doctors, community partners, etc.

Republicans need to get real with themselves and their constituents and FIRE Trump, ignore his idiotic statements, bad information and lies, and find a new leader that can restore some of the dignity to their party – and our country. Oh wait…only a Democrat will be able to do that, the GOP has no need for dignity and ethics anymore. Those are characteristics of Democrats and Independents in America now. Good luck GOPers…keep believing the lies, we can write your epitaphs accordingly.

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Check in on your neighbors. Perhaps even create a neighborhood care plan so that everyone is checked on during this trying time, especially those who live alone and are in the higher risk groups for infection with this icky virus. It could bring you new friends even!

My next blog will be HOW to have some fun while being vigilant and caring during this health crisis.

In the meantime, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and stay the fuck home if you are even a little sick!!! Do it for you. Do it for your elderly Granpa or Nana. Just be smart.

Wishing you ALL good health!!!


Butch Stuff, Personal Thoughts

March Arrives

“Ten years from now make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t just settle for it.”

I’ve been struggling like a bitch with the quitting smoking thing, I made it 4 days and caved in. I got more of the 21mg patches and am going to start again tomorrow morning, putting a patch on immediately when I wake up. I HAVE to do this. I know all the reasons, it’s just the determination to just do it that I am lacking. I’m going to try to phyche myself into it tonight with hypnosis meditations and internal pep talks. Yup, this MUST happen.

Watching the news scares the fuck out of me lately. Ever since the GOP acquitted Trump it’s been a free-for-all in DC. He’s doing everything and anything he wants with our government and our DOJ, and our country. It’s sickening and it should alarm EVERY person living in America and many abroad as well. He’s going to make a play to take over, watch. He will try to turn this country into an autocracy, naming himself supreme leader for life. He’s half way there already.

We are about to pay for his ignorance and bravado with this corvid19 crap. He fired the top scientists in our government shortly after he was elected, then the rest quit in protest. He closed entire labratories. And he’s gutted the CDC and put an idiot in charge of HHS. Anthony Fauci is the only good thing going for us there. Hopefully people will read between the Trumpisms and understand that this is serious and could kill many people, mostly the elderly and immune compromised in this country. Heh, the older population are mostly Trumpers, he’s going to lose some of his base! He has NO plan for this, he’s leading us with lies. We will pay. The only hope we have to curb this spread of this is to be smart ourselves, listen, take action as needed and be aware.

The Democratic run off here is pretty wild. What I am seeing is the Democratic party splitting into two camps. The younger, more progressive Sanders supporters. And the middle-aged, more conservative Biden people. It’s confusing. Somehow we need to blend the two groups, cooperate and compromise to remove Trump from office. We can do it, but only if we come together and unite under one party, the Democratic party. The GOP is about to be fully exposed as completely corrupt, lying bastards when this epidemic takes a good footing in the USA. That will be so interesting to watch them all fumble words on TV.

Elizabeth Warren dropping out of this race was super disappointing to me. My heart sank and a little piece of the hopeful vision I have for the future of America died right then and there. We came so close. This article puts it into excellent words in the first 2 paragraphs. Personally I cannot describe how it felt to see another woman get so close to leading this country and falter due to patriarchal rule.

Last night I caught a really great documentary about Boudica, a Celtic leader and super warrior. It’s a tale of men abusing women, the Roman soliers beat her and then take her two daughters away and raped them. In retaliation Boudica and her entire Celtic tribe attacked the advancing Romans and a great battle ensued. It is a super cool story, check it out on line. I get seriously engrossed in those stories of Amazon warriors, Celtic Vikings and any woman leader, even Nephritis! They are all great examples of strong, fierce woman warriors in our history on this planet. If I ever get into cosplay it would definitely be as a Viking!

I’ve been getting really stuck on the documentary channels lately. Science channel, History channel, etc. It’s so intriguing some of what they investigate or excavate. From Nazi bunkers to the deepest caves on Greenland that you could ever imagine – I never KNEW there were things like THAT on this planet! And Greenland has tons and tons of these caverns and caves that are unbelievable. I’ve watched shows on Sir Frances Drake, Butch Cassidy, Robin Hood, Hitler, Mousellini, and others. So interesting and entertaining too. It’s also far better for my brain then news channels.

It was a gorgeous weekend here. We are having a super early Spring this year, I know it’s due to global warming and climate change, but in a way it’s nice…for now, but not in the long run. Bulbs are starting to peek through the ground and all of the seasonal birds are returning. I’ve started Spring cleaning outdoors, raking and pruning. Preparing my garden early is really going to make them nice! I have clones coming from Ft. Kent in a couple of weeks to get hardened up and ready to go up back. Planning on a great summer!

Have I mentioned the cat that moved itself into my house? I call her Frankie, after Frankie and Grace. She’s a beautiful tiger cat, short haired and a pretty big cat. She was straying around the neighborhood for a few weeks with various other people feeding her. I fed her once and then when I opened my back door she ran inside and refuses to leave. It’s been about a month now. She’s quite at home.

Happy National Women’s Day. It’s also Women’s History month. Remember, 100 years ago women didn’t have the right to vote. We do. Vote.

Peace ~ MB

Butch Stuff

“I don’t have an answer for that…”

Great reply to a hard or difficult question.

So…this may come across pretty comically, but I am stoned and watching “90 Day Fiance, Before the 90 days”… this just may be the most entertaining, people watching, voyeruism type show around. It’s hilarious, sometimes relatable, and just absurd in some spots. It’s couples, including a lesbian couple, of various types, mixes, etc WATCHING the 2 people doing the “90 Day Fiance” filming and they are CUTTING UP over the shit that goes on…women – and men – trying to get Americans to marry them pretty much just for citizenship and an entry into our country – obviously something each one of them CANNOT do or get on their own merits. Sorta silly, senseless, stupid, with a hint of doom coming…of course they’re all being set up by these foreigners who they ALL met ONLINE through Instagram’s Direct Messager…oh, yeah and one guy “can’t factime or send a video because his camera on his phone is broke.”

He’s supposed to be employed as the manager of a high-end restaurant in Manchester, England….yeah….he can’t afford a fucking replacement phone???? If my phone broke I would do whatever I had to to get it replaced as soon as I could. It’s my link to life outside the 4 walls of my home. My immediate link to my family, to professional associates, to friends and acquaintances. Every appointment, note and a lot of the “need-to-know” kind of info is in the phone I carry on my person, or in the cloud linked to my phone – hell, I actually have a backup cloud for my cloud! With as much security as I could determine was worth the cost, cuz we all know nothing is impenetrable. Ever.

Anyway, the best part of this show is the commentary and alternative narration being hilariously presented by the couples – all sitting in their respective beds – who are watching these idiots hook up with these greencard gurus from abroad. Hey, maybe this has other episodes with the same type of hook up with people in the same country, but this episode is focused – it seems to be anyway – on foreigners cohercing Americans, by conviincing them they love them, oft times sight-unseen….yeah..

I have this rule myself…oh I have a LOT of fucking and fucked up type RULES that govern me…at times anyway. Like when it’s fucking convenient, you know…I’m sure. So, if I am interested in a woman I will ask her to video chat (whatever platform). If she refuses the first time I will back off and approach it again at another time later on if I am still interested by then. Then, if she will absolutely NOT video chat, just to say hello maybe over a coffee or ice tea, whatever the reason I come up with at the time, then no deal. I will not pursue anything any longer. Women who do that are not real, are telling you lies and setting you up – for something, but setting you up for sure!

Here’s a rather funny story from my own life’s adventure files as a prime example of why video meetings are vitally important in getting to know someone via the internet and modern technology. I think you’ll all find this funny as fuck……So….I made the mistake ONE time of disregarding this video chat rule and accepted a phone call instead. It represents the ONLY time I have ever in my life BOLTED from a woman’s house, making an excuse to go to my truck to get something, threw the key in the ignition and got the fuck out of there right quick. Nope, the photo must have been her but oh…maybe 45 years earlier, or maybe it was her younger sister. Whatever it wasn’t who I was looking at, which was someone that had seriously misrepresented themselves to me (LIES) so I didn’t really feel that bad leaving her in the dust like I did. I wouldn’t have touched her with my worst enemy’s hands! Fuck no. Not my type told me she was femme, but the person I met was more Butch than ME – and that’s kinda saying something if you know me at all.

The moral of the story is simple. Video chat, converse and learn about each other and before diving too deep. Safer or sorrier, not sure which nowadays.

I wouldn’t accept avoiding behavior, I actually recognize it really, really quickly in people. It’s been my demise in some things in my past and anyone who practices that kind of behavior with me always turns out to be toxic as fuck. Hiding shit or distorting stuff only works for so long in my opinion.

I can’t cope with that avoiding kind of behavior, and I tend to be able to recognize it really, really quickly in people. Sly, sneaky, evasive, like not answering direct questions, etc…it’s a turn off and not well worn by most good women. When the mask falls for them it’s never pretty. Makes me pretty relieved that all that shit is behind me in this life….freedom from any pressure what-so-ever in that department.

Watching this show is funny, but it DOES make you think and it’s made me recall several conversations I’ve had with various kinds of different women online, and yeah, I’ve met a couple of these foreign Jezzabelle’s for sure. They’re fun to fuck with, bait them on a bit and then disrobe them in one fell swoop, then watch how fast they deactivate accounts or block you to death…Ohhhh…… Don’t get me telling tales….hahahaha….damn, I got some fucking funny shit stored up in my noggin. Actually I have found that the older you get the more hilarious your inner child becomes, I swear. I even see this in my friends lots lately and I know that mine is very lively these last couple of weeks. Could be the phase of the moon, Mercury in retrograde, deadmen on ghost ships, or the smell of Spring in the ocean air around here…whatever…or maybe it’s just good old fashioned Med changes doing wonders. Gotta love that modern medicine chest.

Our hike today was awesome. I’m going to drop some pics here and on my Facebook for those who follow me there. It’s easier to upload there than to get them into the WP platform with a Chromebook with stuff stored out in clouds now it makes it more difficult to drag and drop, or grab from a local file like I used to on my regular laptop in the past.

The day was quite beautiful. Sunshine from sunup to sundown. Blue skies, fluffy clouds and the promise of Spring soon This is the mildest winter we just went through. Actually, I have never seen a winter this warm or with less snow. It’s both a blessing and a curse as we all know. Of course we all love a mild winter for obvious reasons of expense – more oil for heat, more $$ shelled out to plow owners, the inconvenience of being snowed in, having to spend the day reading or relaxing in whatever way gets you there. ({yeah, like THAT is inconvenient…not with right company it’s not))…But we all know WHY our winters are warming, our polar ice caps are disappearing and world leaders tell us it’s a hoax perpetuated by the left-leaning, kind, caring and concerned Democrats. They are so scared of losing a thin dime they’ll lie to God at this point.

Tuesday, 3-3-2020

I slept so hard last night, being a little stoned helped tremendously. The last few nights I’ve had to use either melatonin or a piece of a special gummy to get myself to sleep. I deal with insomnia quite frequently and yeah it sucks sometimes and then other times I use the awake time to write or do tasks I didn’t get done during the day. It all works out in the scheme of things.

Yesterday was Super Tuesday. Looks like Biden may be our nominee. He and Bernie are pretty much neck-to-neck in this race. Whichever one it ends up being we all need to come together and rally behind our candidate so we have success in November 2020! AND whoever it ends up being, they must choose a woman as their running mate, no question about that. Women have been so essential in all of the pushback on the current administration and leaders in the fights to return security, sensibility and integrity to our federal governmental institutions. From Marie Yoyanovich to Elizabeth Warren and AOC, women have endured horrendous treatment – often as an afterthought, 2nd class citizen or a nuisance to Trump and his crew, so yes, the ticket needs a woman and I for one will push for that to happen.

Ok, it’s friggin Thursday and I want blog about another subject…so closing this out, having issues with uploading pics right now, I’ll add them later. Maybe drag them from Instagram? I’m so confused….

Peace~ MB