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Prepare Yourself…Stupidity is Gonna Make US Sick

Should the US Federal Government get any deeper in the weeds of ignorance we shall all perish. The appointment of inexperienced, uneducated and ignorant head of the CDC – Alex Azar, a pharmaceutical lobbyist, with NO kind of experience for the position at all – should prove that you need leadership with experience and expertise in situations such as the pending coronavirus19 pandemic reaching the population of America.

All of the talk constantly on every news cast about the virus reaching deeper into the US population is getting people worried. Tonight they – the CDC – recommended that we each have 2 weeks of food and supplies, medications, etc. on hand in our homes just “in-case” we become infected or they declare a mass quarantine. That should panic some people.

North Korea executed the 1st person who tested positive for the corona19 virus. That’s how Kim Jong Un handles everything, he just kills the problem. Sickening. Let’s hope the virus doesn’t expand into No. Korea on any kind of major scale, he’ll be digging mass graves.

Dictatorship, give out as little or no information to the public. Keep assuring public things will be fine. Act in the exclusive interest of the leader, cowing to the leader’s needs first and foremost. Do nothing to shame or disagree with leader. The leader is right no matter what, even if facts say different.

The same insanely crazy crap is going on right here in America, sans execution thus far. Trump telling us last night that this is no big deal, it will be fine. They lying about a vaccine…sick man he is. This is no time to spread misinformation. People’s lives are literally at risk! His avoidance of this issue, because it has monetary implications, is going to make it that much worse.

If the Corona19 breaks out in the main population of this country we are not prepared. There are only about 1 million hospital beds available in all the hospitals combined across the country. Look at China, they had to BUILD 3 hospitals – which they did in 4 days each! – just to handle incoming cases. Then you have all the other more routine medical needs such as broken bones, accidents, disease, etc. of which some will require inpatient care. Yup, this could very well become Trump’s undoing. From his speech on Wednesday night you could tell he knew very little about the virus or handling an outbreak in our country. He has fired most of the incredible scientists that used to work at the CDC. He eliminated the part of the CDC that studied viruses and developed vaccines. He has weakened our ability to respond to any epidemic in the USA.

I could go on about this, but I think the point is clear: protect yourself and be prepared for the worse while hoping for the best. Avoid air travel and avoid leaving the country for the time being. You don’t want to be quarantined abroad…not good!

The ripple effects of this epidemic are going to be far worse than anything most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. Stocks are down 11%, and it’s only Friday MORNING, before the bell even. This means the average 401K worth $112,800. has lost $12,000. this week alone…that sucks for those without a lot of time to recover. Those in more stable funds should be ok, it’s those with a lot of their portfolios in riskier stocks that will suffer most. Call your financial manager if you’re concerned about your accounts, they know alot more about this than most of us.

Here are some basics about the coronavirus19:

  • High transmission
  • Easily transmitted
  • Can live on surfaces
  • Passed by air or touch
  • Low death rate
  • 80% have very mild symptoms
  • Symptoms include fever and cough with shortness of breath enough to go to the hospital
  • Antibiotic soap, wipes and liquids have NOT been proven to eradicate this organism
  • Public advised by CDC to be prepared with 2 weeks food and medical supplies in the home


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