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It’s All Just Life…

Feb. 24, 2020

Every day the Trump administration gets a little worse, now he’s purging good people that “someone” claims are not Trump supporters….you must be dead loyal to Trump to work in the federal government of America now. That is blatant discrimination. And it’s a serious danger to the institutions of America, homeland security and global peace.

I get up every morning and lately I’ve avoided opening any social media because the news feeds are so bad. The chaos is real. The threat is serious. I am fucking scared – everyone who cares about their freedom should be petrified.

It’s been affecting me physically. I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve increased my anti-depressants even, and I see the doctor again tomorrow. I don’t want to be one of those who start ignoring what is happening to our country. WE all need to wake up and care more.

Saturday I am door knocking for Sara Giddeon’s run for Susan Collins’ senate seat. Right now she’s ahead of Collins, who isn’t well liked since the Kavanaugh vote. Each of us just needs to commit to doing something, however small, making a call to a senator, representative or writing to the local papers, doing online posts, canvasing for your local Democratic candidates, attending functions intended to unify our party.

This is seriously important folks. We’ve got roughly 250 days to pull our Democratic party together and send the blue wave across the country, ending at the White House. None of us will find it to be “perfect” but we have to learn to sacrafice and cooperate for the sake of our country and for democracy to live on. Vote Blue no matter who!!!

This coronavirus is frightening the world. It’s crazy how everything – even manufacturing plants – is shut down in China. The air pollution dropped by almost 30% since the start of this virus just because people aren’t driving or using equipment that pollutes their air. Of course things like Samsung phones and Apple’s iphones are NOT being made. This is bound to trickle down and affect every one of us. It nailed the stock market by over 1000 points today! Whoa! And seeing that Trump decimated the CDC and scientists that worked for our government, we are screwed.

Feb. 26, 2020

Fresh cut today

quit smoking today. Been a whole day thus far (woopee) without a smoke. That’s saying something actually. I have to quit because of the situation with my throat. The ENT scoped me last week, not good, going to rescope in 30 days, provided I quit smoking. He’ll most likely biopsy at that time and see if I need surgery. Hopefully not. I also have a pulmonary function test on Friday, ugh. I’m not looking forward to that. This trying to get healthier kick is going to be a bitch. But my weight is down to 130# and I can’t afford to lose any more. They tested everything else and everything looks good. My T’s are 690 and VL undetectable once again.

Took the dogs to the Town Farm forrest today for a little hike. Those are the trails that I played in as a youngster on the old Town Farm land that abutted my parents’ old property. The land is 440 acres of awesome forrest, filled with wildlife. It was 50 degrees and beautiful today. The last 3-5 days have been awesome. And we’re only 21 days from Spring!!! The dogs loved it. Nola is aging quickly and seeing a little less every day, but still enjoys a good walk in the woods!

Frankie, the cat that moved in to my house is doing great. She’s made herself right at home and now believes she is queen of this household. Bossing the dogs around and all. I never was able to find anyone who claimed her, so I let her stay. She’s a pretty tiger, about 15 lbs, pretty large actually. She just hangs around inside, doesn’t want to go back outside, nope, no way. She’s made it perfectly clear that she has CHOSEN to live in MY house and is NOT leaving, hahahaha. So now I have a litter box and cat feeding area in the back room so I guess she’s here for good.

Oh Frankie….

A great friend of mine, and fellow wildlife lover, sent me an awesome Coolife wilderness camera! I am in the process of testing it now to make sure I have it set up right. It’s so awesome! And she sent me a set of rechargable batteries and charger along with the camera. Once I have it down on how to properly operate it (it’s fairly complicated) I am going to set it up to watch the coyotes during their puppy season. There’s a pack right behind my house that I can film.

Hope you all have a very happy Hump Day!

Peace ~ MB


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