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Jan. 31, 2020…Historical Horror Day

I, like many, am still struggling to find the words to describe this day’s events in our country’s history. I can’t wrap my logical mind around the FACT that Trump committed a CRIME in office and the GOP is saying it’s okay, not bad enough to punish. It’s like they are saying “We like his hatred so much and the money we create with it, that we don’t care that he disregards our Constitution.” And while McConnell crown him King, the GOP will be holding his train, I can picture it in my imagination, sadly.

And while this is going on in America, England is Brexiting today. It’s not a good day for good people in the world. It’s sad and disgusting. And now we have to live with the results of what we allowed to happen in our governments. I don’t even know what to do or how to completely think about all that I watched transpire in the hallowed halls of our Senate today.

I cannot wait to read John Bolton’s book “In the room where it happened” It’s going to tell us the whole nasty story of the conspiracy hatched by Trump to gain an edge over his possible opponent,

Tonight the former Ukrainian Ambassador, Marie Yovonovich, resigned. I can only imagine how devastated and let down by her own government that she has protected for 30 years basically said the crimes she witnessed don’t matter. And him terrorizing her during her testimony doesn’t matter either. I would resign tonight too if I were her.

I did a Youtube on this topic, and a couple others tonight as well. I was just so livid after they took the vote on allowing witnesses and documents and the GOP got their way. No. This will surely embolden #45 to do something even more outrageous because he CAN, they just made it so. There is NO oversight of the executive powers. There is nothing bad enough that he could do that the GOP would hold him accountable for, nothing. Democracy is under a hostile attack. This could be the end of it in the USA.

Other crap that is on my mind….

The cost of housing here in Maine jumped up 24% – Yes, TWENTY FOUR percent – in the last year! Part of that jump is the influx of people moving here for the new marijuana laws and access. Unfortunately, right now we are also the oldest population wise state in the USA, we need younger residents and workers here. But it’s crazy expensive now to rent. A typical 1 bedroom apartment is around $1500. a month now…that insanity. AND it’s a seller’s market at the moment…

If you didn’t see the incredible pictures of the surface of the sun taken from the telescope in Hawaii you all should check them out. It’s pretty incredible, look here. The telescope is a new one located at the top of a volcano…the shots are stunning.

Winter cannot end soon enough for me. We have basically 48 days til Spring. I’ve been checking out new garden designs, one for herb gardening that is a spiral that’s really cool. I’m debating veggies this year, maybe more herbs and productive plants. I have 6 clones coming in March, a couple different strains this time…should be a fun summer grow.

I’m battling insomnia tonight something fierce. I screwed up and stopped taking my manganise tablets for 2 days and wow am I some joint sore tonight. I took a couple a while ago, but I think I missed the window of opportunity in preventing the pain. Gotta keep moving, even though you stiffen up. If I stop I swear I won’t be able to restart again. Since I am wide awake I decided to cook down some tincture into concentrate so I can make another batch of gummy delights tomorrow. I figure since I am stranded for the weekend because my car is in the shop I might as well do something productive. Going to make red this time, cherry. Should be a smokin batch, this concentrate is strong.

Ok, the gummy I ate before I cooked that down is kicking in and I need to get at least a couple hours sleep so I can think tomorrow. Need to do some calculating and thinking on things. Hope everyone survived the day without drowning themselves in a bottle over the vote…fuck.

Peace ~ MB


4 thoughts on “Jan. 31, 2020…Historical Horror Day

  1. Trump was exceedingly clear when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of Times Square and nothing would happen. Today, he proved it. Yay for gummies and the vast quantity of alcohol we need. America will never recover. This is the end to match the repulsive beginnings of our country. We were built on evil and its our bed to lay in. The people who actually voted for this monster have not had a change of heart en masse. There is no reason to believe he won’t steal a second term. The rent there is damn near as high as the cheapest place you could find here. Crazy.

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  2. Sadly, I realized I would have been more surprised if the Republican Senators had done the right thing and voted to hear more evidence. I wonder what Moscow Mitch promised them in order to keep them all in line? #DitchMitch

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  3. Firstly, thank you for visiting “lady wot writes” and liking the post “a little bit butch.”

    Next: Trump. I keep telling my American friends that their system, which they call “democracy,” isn’t. Trump is there because of the system, not despite it. He won the system. Easy peasy. Even if a Democrat had won the system last time, the system would still be there, ticking over. The system can stand shifts either way, towards social liberalism or towards social conservatism, because basically they don’t affect big money. Trump didn’t commit crimes despite the system, he committed them because (he knew that) the system allows him to commit them – witness that the system has just voted to acquit him, quod erat demonstrandum. Trump has done the USA a great service, by showing them just how corrupt their system always was, by doing it in your face. However, the USA, convinced by its national myth, will try to remedy the situation by nothing more than voting in a Democrat next time, and the system will keep ticking over very nicely thank you. Meanwhile observers like me will still be asking, “When are you going to actually complete the Revolution? For Pete’s sake you started it over two hundred years ago!” But – hey! – it’s your call, America.

    Now: Brexit. Oh God – don’t get me started! The EU has always been a shoddy mess, and a club dedicated to sustaining big money, big capital, in Europe. It’s overweight, top heavy, and bureaucratic. I’ve bitched like hell about it since day one, 47 years ago. BUT… it’s the most successful cooperative organisation between nations EVER. And it guaranteed its citizens rights. The UK has torn that up, deprived 66 million people of those rights, and elected a government that is about to hand over our health system to America and effectively abolish the BBC which, with all ITS faults, is the last non-big-money-run media organisation in the country (and no, it’s not state-run).

    As Captain Boyle says, “Th’ whole worl’s in a terrible state o’ chassis!”

    Keep on doing what you’re doing.


    P.S. At my literary agent’s insistence, I’m just reading Leslie Feinberg’s ‘Stone Butch Blues’. You’d like my agent. He’s 69 and has just started a PhD. His research field is female masculinity in 20c lesbian pulp fiction. I might pass him details of your blog.

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