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Prepare Yourself…Stupidity is Gonna Make US Sick

Should the US Federal Government get any deeper in the weeds of ignorance we shall all perish. The appointment of inexperienced, uneducated and ignorant head of the CDC – Alex Azar, a pharmaceutical lobbyist, with NO kind of experience for the position at all – should prove that you need leadership with experience and expertise in situations such as the pending coronavirus19 pandemic reaching the population of America.

All of the talk constantly on every news cast about the virus reaching deeper into the US population is getting people worried. Tonight they – the CDC – recommended that we each have 2 weeks of food and supplies, medications, etc. on hand in our homes just “in-case” we become infected or they declare a mass quarantine. That should panic some people.

North Korea executed the 1st person who tested positive for the corona19 virus. That’s how Kim Jong Un handles everything, he just kills the problem. Sickening. Let’s hope the virus doesn’t expand into No. Korea on any kind of major scale, he’ll be digging mass graves.

Dictatorship, give out as little or no information to the public. Keep assuring public things will be fine. Act in the exclusive interest of the leader, cowing to the leader’s needs first and foremost. Do nothing to shame or disagree with leader. The leader is right no matter what, even if facts say different.

The same insanely crazy crap is going on right here in America, sans execution thus far. Trump telling us last night that this is no big deal, it will be fine. They lying about a vaccine…sick man he is. This is no time to spread misinformation. People’s lives are literally at risk! His avoidance of this issue, because it has monetary implications, is going to make it that much worse.

If the Corona19 breaks out in the main population of this country we are not prepared. There are only about 1 million hospital beds available in all the hospitals combined across the country. Look at China, they had to BUILD 3 hospitals – which they did in 4 days each! – just to handle incoming cases. Then you have all the other more routine medical needs such as broken bones, accidents, disease, etc. of which some will require inpatient care. Yup, this could very well become Trump’s undoing. From his speech on Wednesday night you could tell he knew very little about the virus or handling an outbreak in our country. He has fired most of the incredible scientists that used to work at the CDC. He eliminated the part of the CDC that studied viruses and developed vaccines. He has weakened our ability to respond to any epidemic in the USA.

I could go on about this, but I think the point is clear: protect yourself and be prepared for the worse while hoping for the best. Avoid air travel and avoid leaving the country for the time being. You don’t want to be quarantined abroad…not good!

The ripple effects of this epidemic are going to be far worse than anything most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. Stocks are down 11%, and it’s only Friday MORNING, before the bell even. This means the average 401K worth $112,800. has lost $12,000. this week alone…that sucks for those without a lot of time to recover. Those in more stable funds should be ok, it’s those with a lot of their portfolios in riskier stocks that will suffer most. Call your financial manager if you’re concerned about your accounts, they know alot more about this than most of us.

Here are some basics about the coronavirus19:

  • High transmission
  • Easily transmitted
  • Can live on surfaces
  • Passed by air or touch
  • Low death rate
  • 80% have very mild symptoms
  • Symptoms include fever and cough with shortness of breath enough to go to the hospital
  • Antibiotic soap, wipes and liquids have NOT been proven to eradicate this organism
  • Public advised by CDC to be prepared with 2 weeks food and medical supplies in the home

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It’s All Just Life…

Feb. 24, 2020

Every day the Trump administration gets a little worse, now he’s purging good people that “someone” claims are not Trump supporters….you must be dead loyal to Trump to work in the federal government of America now. That is blatant discrimination. And it’s a serious danger to the institutions of America, homeland security and global peace.

I get up every morning and lately I’ve avoided opening any social media because the news feeds are so bad. The chaos is real. The threat is serious. I am fucking scared – everyone who cares about their freedom should be petrified.

It’s been affecting me physically. I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve increased my anti-depressants even, and I see the doctor again tomorrow. I don’t want to be one of those who start ignoring what is happening to our country. WE all need to wake up and care more.

Saturday I am door knocking for Sara Giddeon’s run for Susan Collins’ senate seat. Right now she’s ahead of Collins, who isn’t well liked since the Kavanaugh vote. Each of us just needs to commit to doing something, however small, making a call to a senator, representative or writing to the local papers, doing online posts, canvasing for your local Democratic candidates, attending functions intended to unify our party.

This is seriously important folks. We’ve got roughly 250 days to pull our Democratic party together and send the blue wave across the country, ending at the White House. None of us will find it to be “perfect” but we have to learn to sacrafice and cooperate for the sake of our country and for democracy to live on. Vote Blue no matter who!!!

This coronavirus is frightening the world. It’s crazy how everything – even manufacturing plants – is shut down in China. The air pollution dropped by almost 30% since the start of this virus just because people aren’t driving or using equipment that pollutes their air. Of course things like Samsung phones and Apple’s iphones are NOT being made. This is bound to trickle down and affect every one of us. It nailed the stock market by over 1000 points today! Whoa! And seeing that Trump decimated the CDC and scientists that worked for our government, we are screwed.

Feb. 26, 2020

Fresh cut today

quit smoking today. Been a whole day thus far (woopee) without a smoke. That’s saying something actually. I have to quit because of the situation with my throat. The ENT scoped me last week, not good, going to rescope in 30 days, provided I quit smoking. He’ll most likely biopsy at that time and see if I need surgery. Hopefully not. I also have a pulmonary function test on Friday, ugh. I’m not looking forward to that. This trying to get healthier kick is going to be a bitch. But my weight is down to 130# and I can’t afford to lose any more. They tested everything else and everything looks good. My T’s are 690 and VL undetectable once again.

Took the dogs to the Town Farm forrest today for a little hike. Those are the trails that I played in as a youngster on the old Town Farm land that abutted my parents’ old property. The land is 440 acres of awesome forrest, filled with wildlife. It was 50 degrees and beautiful today. The last 3-5 days have been awesome. And we’re only 21 days from Spring!!! The dogs loved it. Nola is aging quickly and seeing a little less every day, but still enjoys a good walk in the woods!

Frankie, the cat that moved in to my house is doing great. She’s made herself right at home and now believes she is queen of this household. Bossing the dogs around and all. I never was able to find anyone who claimed her, so I let her stay. She’s a pretty tiger, about 15 lbs, pretty large actually. She just hangs around inside, doesn’t want to go back outside, nope, no way. She’s made it perfectly clear that she has CHOSEN to live in MY house and is NOT leaving, hahahaha. So now I have a litter box and cat feeding area in the back room so I guess she’s here for good.

Oh Frankie….

A great friend of mine, and fellow wildlife lover, sent me an awesome Coolife wilderness camera! I am in the process of testing it now to make sure I have it set up right. It’s so awesome! And she sent me a set of rechargable batteries and charger along with the camera. Once I have it down on how to properly operate it (it’s fairly complicated) I am going to set it up to watch the coyotes during their puppy season. There’s a pack right behind my house that I can film.

Hope you all have a very happy Hump Day!

Peace ~ MB

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Democracy Under Siege

Every day I think I have seen it “all” with the demolition of our federal government and the rise of authoritarian rule in America. Then either Trump, Barr or the GOP Senate does something even lower and more illegal, more against the “rules” we’ve always operated by, and more evil to the people of the USA – particularly those already busting ass to make it work any way they can. It’s like they are enjoying tearing our country apart; relishing the cries of the citizens and ignoring ALL that is clearly turning us away from democracy. It’s terrifying. And it SHOULD terrify EVERY American citizen and all of those living in America legally or illegally. EVERY ONE of US need to be fighting back, it’s time to rise up in defense of American life, liberty and our vague pursuit of happiness.

The American dream has now become a nightmare and Trump & Crew are happily pushing the boundaries, breaking down the laws, and taking authoritarian control of what used to be the Federal Government in the USA,

I don’t know where to start to even think about how to fight this; what my part needs to be and where to begin to exert any influence I am able to exert. We need hard leadership, we need to come together as citizens and show our power – and we DO have power. We actually have far more power than they do, they are just scaring all of those who are unaware of the actual powers that citizens in a democracy have and can use to end sieges such as this. They were carefully and copiously fitted into the US Constitution and the Federalist papers explain things very articulately.

I think that the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination need to have a BIG meeting of the minds. They need to regroup, come together as a solidly unified fighting force to beat the Republican assault on Democracy, ignorance toward our laws, and illigitimate stances on vital issues of national security. We must eliminate their lock step advance toward full autocracy NOW; form an inpenetrable wall and bring all of us supporters together as one unified body that will return integrity, respect and LAW and ORDER to the USA. I do not believe that any one of those running – and 3 of them are spectacular – can do this alone. Unifying the Democratic party into one solid grouping is vital to beating the GOP’s drive and eliminating the threat of a fascist take over of the American government.

Many groups have formed since 2016’s horrible election and it’s disasterous results, to fight the threats to all of our prided insititions, such as the Congress, National Security, Ecology, Pollution, Corporate greed and rampant corruption being played out by the Republican party in every way, shape and form they can think of to destroy us, to weaken our will and to keep us from revolting, speaking out and rebuffing their plans. It is hard to know at this point whether this is a internally coordinated sabotage effort or if this is being fueled by foreign influence, such as Russia and Putin or China, No.Korea, Syria and the Saudi Arabian murderous regime.

The continued effort on our parts, as American Citizens alarmed and affected by this whole mess, to form legitimate groups and fight back is essential. We must build on these groups, work together and stay united against the GOP rise to fascism and autocracy. I am imagining a central entity will arise from our efforts that will assist in aligning us all for the proper, non-violent fight ahead of us all.

As Rachel Maddow said on her Wednesday evening show, “What do we do NOW?”

My suggestions are:

  1. Remain calm, but vigilant, aware and educated on every move they make.
  2. Join you local chapters of “Resist” “MoveOn” ACLU, and make sure you are registered to VOTE!
  3. Pick an institution or two that are under attack by the GOP and co. and get behind them, write letters to your Senators, Congressmen, local officials and anyone in any position of authority or power associated with that institution. Example: We must inundate Pelosi with demands for the impeachment of Bill Barr, current AG, and Mitch McConnell. Call for their censure, investigations into their activities that are favoring King 45, etc.
  4. Call your Senator daily. Switchboard number is :
  5. Go to local and regional protests. The GOP administration is calling for elimination or limits on protesting in 18 states thus far! This is a direct attack on our 1st Ammendment rights.
  6. Write Op Ed pieces for your local news sources, online or print. Submit them! Contact good reporters at those organizations, ask them to write on various stories that are related to the destruction of our vital institutions in America, such as the courts, the DOJ, judges, election protection, women’s choice rights, etc. Get behind your journalists
  7. Support and protect our nation’s journalists everywhere. They are being retaliated against and directly attacked, many fear for their lives and the safety of their families because the GOP Administration is super hostile toward journalists – especially those who report the TRUTH and not the “fake news” or made up “facts” that come out of our White House – YES OUR White House – not theirs!
  8. Attend as many local gatherings concerning the most vital of issues.
  9. Join Facebook groups – local, regional and national, to stay on top of what is happening.
  10. Create your OWN local groups, hold house meetings, church meetings or find free space to meet and discuss what’s happening and what we all can do. Review current words from the WH and news reports, organize local protests, or organize trips to Washington DC for larger protest events.
  11. Before reposting news articles remember to fact check through Snopes.com for truth and accuracy. Try NOT to repost or fall for any untrue, FAKE news reports.
  12. Don’t repost ANY video of #45 telling LIES to the camera and thus the American people, this just promotes his FAKE NEWS and ignorance, hatred and hostility.
  13. Don’t argue with his supporters, in person or online, they just don’t listen and will not change.
  14. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Make time to disconnect weekly and just be in quiet space to regroup, maybe take a nature walk, or go to the beach, a museum or art exhibit. Just get away.
  15. Remember, we are ALL going to fight this evil TOGETHER. You are NOT alone in your angst and concern for all that is happening to America.

I would like to get feedback and input from everyone. Tell me what’s going on in your neck of the woods, what are you doing to stay aware and prepared? What concerns you MOST? Are you registered to VOTE? Please like this post if you ARE registered!!!

Much Kindness to ALL… ~ MB

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Jan. 31, 2020…Historical Horror Day

I, like many, am still struggling to find the words to describe this day’s events in our country’s history. I can’t wrap my logical mind around the FACT that Trump committed a CRIME in office and the GOP is saying it’s okay, not bad enough to punish. It’s like they are saying “We like his hatred so much and the money we create with it, that we don’t care that he disregards our Constitution.” And while McConnell crown him King, the GOP will be holding his train, I can picture it in my imagination, sadly.

And while this is going on in America, England is Brexiting today. It’s not a good day for good people in the world. It’s sad and disgusting. And now we have to live with the results of what we allowed to happen in our governments. I don’t even know what to do or how to completely think about all that I watched transpire in the hallowed halls of our Senate today.

I cannot wait to read John Bolton’s book “In the room where it happened” It’s going to tell us the whole nasty story of the conspiracy hatched by Trump to gain an edge over his possible opponent,

Tonight the former Ukrainian Ambassador, Marie Yovonovich, resigned. I can only imagine how devastated and let down by her own government that she has protected for 30 years basically said the crimes she witnessed don’t matter. And him terrorizing her during her testimony doesn’t matter either. I would resign tonight too if I were her.

I did a Youtube on this topic, and a couple others tonight as well. I was just so livid after they took the vote on allowing witnesses and documents and the GOP got their way. No. This will surely embolden #45 to do something even more outrageous because he CAN, they just made it so. There is NO oversight of the executive powers. There is nothing bad enough that he could do that the GOP would hold him accountable for, nothing. Democracy is under a hostile attack. This could be the end of it in the USA.

Other crap that is on my mind….

The cost of housing here in Maine jumped up 24% – Yes, TWENTY FOUR percent – in the last year! Part of that jump is the influx of people moving here for the new marijuana laws and access. Unfortunately, right now we are also the oldest population wise state in the USA, we need younger residents and workers here. But it’s crazy expensive now to rent. A typical 1 bedroom apartment is around $1500. a month now…that insanity. AND it’s a seller’s market at the moment…

If you didn’t see the incredible pictures of the surface of the sun taken from the telescope in Hawaii you all should check them out. It’s pretty incredible, look here. The telescope is a new one located at the top of a volcano…the shots are stunning.

Winter cannot end soon enough for me. We have basically 48 days til Spring. I’ve been checking out new garden designs, one for herb gardening that is a spiral that’s really cool. I’m debating veggies this year, maybe more herbs and productive plants. I have 6 clones coming in March, a couple different strains this time…should be a fun summer grow.

I’m battling insomnia tonight something fierce. I screwed up and stopped taking my manganise tablets for 2 days and wow am I some joint sore tonight. I took a couple a while ago, but I think I missed the window of opportunity in preventing the pain. Gotta keep moving, even though you stiffen up. If I stop I swear I won’t be able to restart again. Since I am wide awake I decided to cook down some tincture into concentrate so I can make another batch of gummy delights tomorrow. I figure since I am stranded for the weekend because my car is in the shop I might as well do something productive. Going to make red this time, cherry. Should be a smokin batch, this concentrate is strong.

Ok, the gummy I ate before I cooked that down is kicking in and I need to get at least a couple hours sleep so I can think tomorrow. Need to do some calculating and thinking on things. Hope everyone survived the day without drowning themselves in a bottle over the vote…fuck.

Peace ~ MB