Catching Up

It’s winter in Maine and cold as fuck. I woke up to 7 degree temps this morning and 1 degree yesteray morning, pretty damned cold! And yes, there’s snow on the ground. We had a storm last Sunday and are expecting more this weekend. I have to say it hasn’t been bad though, knock on wood! Not a heavy snowfall winter thus far. I hope it stays that way.

I’ve been battling bronchitis since Christmas. Sucks. But I am on my second round of steriods, this time a blast script…fast and furious. Should take care of it. Lost my voice until yesterday. It’s finally coming back. I did see my doctor yesterday again too. I hate that I deal with this every winter.

I’ve got two other blog posts that I am working on. One is a fairly controversial subject and the other is about the current political debacle in DC…which just drives me insane. I cannot wait until it’s over. It’s not looking good for law and justice. The Republicans have become the Trumpians and they are lost to the evil of his influence. I wish the guy would disappear out over the ocean somewhere. He’s a lunatic and is wrecking our country and our reputation world wide. That’s all I can say about that today.

I’ve been doing okay. Stupid winter depression, but I just increased meds to deal with it and I’m hanging in there. As long as I stay busy I’m not bothered with it as much. Too much down time and I get inside my head to far. So I am working on that aspect. Staying busy, getting lots done and keeping things in perspective. Thanks to some good friends for their encouragement and support!

I got my spare room back into shape and hope to get it rented out once again as soon as possible. Going to run new ads with new photos today. I just got a new bed for in there, a twin this time so that it’s roomier. Facebook marketplace is a great find! The bed is brand new with a new mattress for only $30! I got lucky. Things are always a bit easier when the room is occupied and I have that weekly payment coming in. Winter is always a struggle, between heating oil, increased electric bills and dealing with snow removal I have my hands full!

Looking for a new job and it is making me crazy. Everything is “apply online” which I don’t care for much but am doing. I have a couple of new applications going in today. It’s an odd time of year here for work, kind of between seasons for us as a tourist state. So the pickings are slim. I’m going to apply at Barnes & Noble, that would be a fun place to work I bet! I’m only looking for 20 or so hours a week and I am doing some online stuff as well. Just making it work, that’s all.

My birthday was the 10th. I didn’t do anything that day. My parents were in Los Cabos Mexico on vacation and siblings were off doing their own things. I just hung out. My mom gave me an awesome bracelet though that I just love. I love leather and silver, always.

Ok, off to get a MUCH needed haircut! I’ve got my barber on the barter system, gummies for haircuts…works great!

Let’s hope the Senate comes to it’s senses and realizes this is their chance to get rid of Trumpy!

Peace. ~MB

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. When I went outside yesterday I came back in immediately for hat and gloves. How did I miss the polar vortex’s arrival? Glad you are hanging in there. Is this the year Susan Collins is up for reelection? Any good opponents if she is?


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