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How Did We Get Here…?

Friday. At 9am I began watching the congressional hearings about Trump and his actions and direction of others to act on his behalf, in Ukraine. Today they quesitoned Masha Yovanovich, the former ambassador to Ukraine. Trump was watching and he hates strong women so much that he couldn’t help but tweet disparaging and intimidating words at her DURING her testimony. He is so threatened by strong women AND the TRUTH that he just can’t stay quiet in a moment when it was imperative to his defense that he do just that.

As George Kent, a top State Department official, put it in his own testimony on Wednesday, “You can’t promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing off corrupt people.”

Trump isn’t concerned with corruption in other countries, that’s bullshit he spews to keep reminding people that HE wants them to think that Biden was corrupt because his son took a job in Ukraine during his vice presidency. Let’s unpack that a little. The CIA and FBI have determined – through their own independent investigations – that there was nothing corrupt about Hunter Biden takeing the job in Ukraine. While it may have been poor judgement, it was NOT illegal in any way. VP Biden himself insisted that a corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine be fired and replaced with a good prosecutor to directly investigate the company his son was working for. That’s not corruption, that is good policy, anit-corruption policy.

Yet, Trump, of course, LOVED the corrupt prosecutor and claims Biden had him replaced to benefit his son, when that is quite the opposite of his intention. Trump was happy to KEEP corruption in the Ukraine government, contrary to what he claims to the public. It’s simple, corruption works for #45, and anti-corruption efforts – in any country – are adverse to his personal gains and goals. He himself has made that abundantly clear to America.

He and his family’s corruption is long standing and rampant across the globe. They have no ethics and refuse nothing – even corruption and illegal activities – in the name of making as much money as possible, amassing millions in hidden offshore bank accounts. Take this report from Newsweek about drug cartel money being laundered at Trump’s Panama hotels, directly managed by his children. This is just ONE example, I can show you reports on dozens of other questionable “deals” this crime family has made or is currently involved in around the world. The Russian Mafia and Putin are generally involved in some way in every one of these transactions, in an on-going basis.

As Sen. Angus King of Maine recently wrote in a Newsweek Op Ed, “We believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant and salute those whose conscience guides them toward ethical behavior. If we are to continue to benefit from their courage, we must reassert, here and now, that centuries-old American value that speaking truth to power is not a right; it is a duty.

AG Bill Barr is hiding. Trump is now trying to say the AG said this was all good back in April, the man is insane. His mind can twist a pretzel !~

Meanwhile, Russia is setting up bases closer and closer to the US. Look at this one in Turkey, formerly – like a month ago – a US Airbase…Putin is pleased as punch about the impeachment because it distracts from him strategically repositioning his military might around the world.

Stephen Miller’s 938 racist emails to Brietbart were revealed this last week. All of his ideas are based on whites being superior to non-whites, using the old, debunked science of eugenics and 100 yr old information to base this fake fact on. Miller is one of #45’s top aides, specializing his focus on our immigration system. He is a no-joke, die-hard white nationalist. His personal views and policies influenced by him directly are resulting in infants being taken from immigrants at birth, disappearing and possibly being adopted out to American families. This is only one of the atrocities committed by America due to a Miller designed immigration policy put in place by Sessions and Trump. Miller is a racist. Miller is a despicable waste of flesh and hair and needs to be removed from his post.

Trump has dismissed a request for the FBI to assist with a full investigation of Saudi Arabia in the slaughter of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. He says “..it’s already been heavily investigated.” Meanwhile, the Senate last week voted to block the Trump administration selling arms to Saudi Arabia, seven Republicans joining Democrats to pass the measure. Trump has pledged to use his presidential veto and push on with the sales. This is just another blatant example of his over-reach and abuse of power, corrupt dollars for Trump and sons. They are surely getting a back-channel payoff to have the US gov’t provide these weapons. We are funding the war on Yemen, where the Saudi complicit in the slaughtering civilians, men, women and children, daily. The USA is supplying the weapons and ammunition to continue this vicous attack and genocide

The Kurds are being wiped out. Genocide supported by the United States of America, per order of Pres. Trump. You’ll find a Reuters article here detailing the latest from Northern Syria. The attrocities being committed could have been 100% prevented, but Trump order our soldiers out and to turn their back’s on their former allies and friends in combat. Leave them to die.

Here in America we have a vastly out of control humanitarian crisis on our southern border with Mexico. Children are being taken from parents and never returned, adopted out to American families for profit. Medical care is not being provided even though these people are being kept in tight, cramped quarters suseptible to contagions and injuries. No vaccinations – even for children, inadequate medical treatment, if any, and a shortage of sanitary supplies of all kinds. These people are being kept like caged animals, at the direction of our mighty king Donald.

We have wildfires ravaging the west coast. He blames Californians for not “raking” their forests, when 67% of the forests in CA are federal lands, and 26% privately owned. The state owns a little, which is maintained nicely from what I have seen on my hikes in CA. I’m sure we could do better, but that’s NO reason to withhold funding for battling the wildfires and helping the victims of these outrageous climate change related disasters.

Under the Trump regime our farmers are going bankrupt at an average rate of 11 family farms per day – of course being sucked up immediately by BIG CORPORATIONS, many foreign owned. And the corporations are getting the “subsidies” provided by US taxpayers, per order of #45 and his gang of thugs. Food costs, if you hadn’t noticed lately, have risen over 30% in the last month -almost everywhere in the US. Gas is ridiculous, we get it right here in this country, WHY are we continuing to suffer the costs of the world oil markets? Makes no sense.

Jobs in old industries, those going by the wayside due to technology and human expansion sucvh as coal mining – bad stuff, pollutes in lots of ways, we don’t need it anymore because we have many other fuel avenues that are much cleaner, more efficient and less costly now.

We’re buying most of our steel from Russian factories now. Ha! It’s true. Along with most of our clothing, electronics, auto parts and home appliances.

Our national debt is approaching $2Trillion. Hello, Republicans, what happened???

Our infrasture is failing across the country. Rail systems out-dated, airports lacking, roads are treacherous in most places and bridges like to just fall the fuck down whenever they get tired.

China has us by the balls with cheap labor and illegal practices that enable them to produce products faster and cheaper – not very ethically, but Trump doesn’t give 2 shits abou that! He’s mad about the money we lose, IF it affects him. Because it’s not hurting him just yet he’s letting this one float. He’ll keep his tariffs and he’ll keep getting illegal patents for his daughter – again, illegally and against his oath of office and our US Constitution.

As long as you’re employed in a service related industry that requires your actual presence your job will be outsourced, sent over-seas via the internet, given to China by some idiot in the system for a quick buck. We have to get back to private ownership, make the big corporations pay their fair share, follow the environmental regulations set by decades of research by the world’s finest scientists, and we all got a little more conscious of buying locally and US made we could have an impact…but we ALL have to be involved in the outright effort.

ALL of this shit pisses me off; makes me angry as fuck. This is SO WRONG, the whole fucking gaggle of bullshit is just WAY out of WHACK. The political vibes around the world are getting louder. Wars are starting and the people are starting to stand up to abuse of power, government corruption, corporate greed and for democracy. Look at what’s happening today in Hong Kong. The police have amped up their viciousness. In Paris more tear gas, fighting and protests. Iran is up in arms with their government. Isreal is still dealing with Netanyahu’s corruption and link to Trump. It’s a fucking world wide MESS. And it’s directed by these thugs, mafia style, authoritarian leaders – including our OWN leader of the USA.

These castles need to be toppled. Sharpen your swords.

Stand Strong. ~ MB


3 thoughts on “How Did We Get Here…?

  1. The entire country seems to have been asleep at the wheel, lulled into complacency by electronic devices, cut off from their community, willing to let others do the heavy lifting. The chickens have come home to roost in a flock larger than the one in Hitchcock’s movie”The Birds.” Glad that one other human being is as outraged as I am. Hope that millions of others stir from slumber and vote.

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