Holiday Blues

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I got up and didn’t even want to go out of my house, but I managed to get myself ready and off to spend part of the day with my family. It wasn’t a good day for me. Lots of feelings of loss and sadness. And this morning, the same. Maybe a […]

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My Brain on Over-drive

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Fuck. It kind of crept up on me this year as I wasn’t really paying attention. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, yet it will be somewhat good to spend a bit of time with my biological family. They all mean well and I do love them dearly – most of them. […]

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Brain Lock

In-valid. Of no value. No longer valid. When she said that word to me it struck me. Why would any woman refer to herself as feeling “in-valid”? I thought about this for a while here today. I find it a disturbingly interesting reference to her feeling about herself. I need to know more; I want […]

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On a personal note…

“We’ve become less tolerant of alternative viewpoints as media has become more polarised,” Ms Skewes said. “The more narrow it gets, the worse off we are as a democracy.” The GOP and Trump are up in arms because they got caught in the act and exposed. They’re trying to defend the defenseless, saying he can’t […]

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How Did We Get Here…?

Friday. At 9am I began watching the congressional hearings about Trump and his actions and direction of others to act on his behalf, in Ukraine. Today they quesitoned Masha Yovanovich, the former ambassador to Ukraine. Trump was watching and he hates strong women so much that he couldn’t help but tweet disparaging and intimidating words […]

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Impeachment is Inevitable

A third-grader can tell you that lying is wrong, that bullying is wrong, and that you have to follow the rules, or there will be consequences. Yet, #45 and his cronies are working hard AF to convince American citizens that this unethical, immoral and criminal behavior/actions is “perfectly fine” for #45 to do because HE […]

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Shattering America

Trump has shattered all of the “norms” that we were previously accustomed to in politics in America. Everything we are witnessing being done by #45, Pence, Guilliani, Sonneland, Einsman, Ellis, Trump’s sons, Kushner..oh and PUTIN, is all historic because it’s the first time we have EVER witnessed this level of open, flagrant display of bad […]

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