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Butch Beat Down

This is an accounting of a beating I took in southern Oklahoma back in the days when I was in the US Army… Violence against LGBT people has always been around and I’m sure we’ll see more of it before it gets better.

The nunchucks silvertips flashed just before I felt the impact across my upper back and shoulders. The darkness was only abbreviated by the moon and the nearby street light. I was in the driveway of my little rented cottage and it was 2 am. I had just left the local gay bar on my motorcycle.

My singular attacker was a muscular man in a light-colored tank top welded the nunchucks with skilled precision. Call Amy faget and warning me that he would kill me if I ever looked at his woman again Evidently at the stop sign just up from my cottage I had glanced over at the woman riding in his passenger seat – innocently and with no intent at all. but the pink triangle decal on the back of my bike sissy bar in my masculine presentation – tattoos and all, which were fairly uncommon on women back in the early 80s when this happened, gave me away. Signaling to him that I was a lesbian and this made me some sort of threat to his masculinity.

I remember four impacts of the nunchucks.the first across my upper body and the 4th winning across the back of my knees, rendering me a crumpled pile on the ground. I could taste a metallic taste of blood in my mouth. All the while this maniac screaming at me vile and disgusting slurs with every blow.

The next vague memory I have wasn’t him kicking me in the head and laughing at me as he got into his car and sped off. Then the world got quiet, very quiet. I was alone, on the ground, beaten and bleeding.

That was my first encounter with serious violence for being lesbian and being Butch. Basically for just existing in his hetrosexual world. I was 21. I never forgot it, not a minute of it. It’s seared into my memory banks quite deeply. It causes me now to be extra cautious.I do things like sit in restaurants in back with my back to the wall so I can see everything coming at me. Stuff like that.

I did end up going to the hospital the next day. I had two broken ribs and some serious bruises that they photographed. You can see the clear outline of the nunchucks across my chest and across my back. Deep purple bruises that even hurt to the touch. But I live through it, which is more than I can say for some people who are attacked in this fashion.

I just wanted to share that story I had it in my drafts and wanted to finish it and get it posted. Violence against LGBT people is no joke.some of us are more prone to it than others due to the way we look or sound. So be careful out there people, be very careful. Protect yourselves.

Peace. — MB


3 thoughts on “Butch Beat Down

  1. Greetings Mainely (or do you prefer Ang),
    I don’t have a precise place to start in my writing here, yet feel compelled to try.
    First the obvious. That sucks rocks (that’s putting it mildly) that you or anyone has to experience such violence for something, that is to say our orientation, that has nothing whatsoever to do with other folks we have no direct association with (if that makes sense).
    Many Butches, particularly the older generation, have endured and survived violence against themselves just for they being themselves. And it is awful, particularly in a society that asserts freedom of self as one of its founding principles
    Also, I thank you, Mainely, for taking the time, writing and sharing that memory. I think it is actually important that folks, particularly the younger generation, know that LGBTQ+ are an at-risk population. That violence like this can still happen, regardless of the progress made within the legal system(s) and culture overall. There are monsters in our population and, unfortunately, we do need to be aware of those types of humans that intend to inflict harm upon us.
    Experiences like what you went through obviously leave scars far beyond the physical. Memories that can haunt for a lifetime and affect how we live day to day.
    I wish I had some magickal way to erase the memories and effects of those awful times for you. But I have no such gift.
    I offer to you, for whatever it is or not worth, my compassion and respect to you, Mainely.
    Bless your good heart!
    “Cap’n” Toni with my Coco, Maya and Carly Pups and All the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus…


  2. I didn’t really “like” this post, but I was very moved by it. A sister of a friend was murdered in a bar by the jealous boy friend of her girl friend. Cold blooded murder. Many years ago now, but the pain never goes away.


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