Late Night Ramble…

I wish I could mow the lawn at night. I’m awake and my mind is buzzing…literally and figuratively! Ha! My pain level is elevated today due to the onset of the colder weather. Went from 80 last Saturday to 58 today…makes the old bones ache a bit! Especially my right shoulder and lower back today. I may have to go get some traction on it on Monday.

The political melee going on right now is also bouncing around inside my noggin. It’s just horrifying to watch Trump and Co. run rampant over the laws and norms of America’s Democracy experiment. He’s kicked down all the guardrails and is storming like a highly energized, crazy 3 year old. It’s scary as fuck in far to many ways to list. One thing I – and I bet most others – that is going to affect all of us is that this is going to throw the USA into uncharted, dark times. Things are going to get crazy and it’s not going to be one-bit pleasant for anyone living in this country. Everything will be chaotic. The economy will take a hit across the board from manufacturing to professional services. Violence will definitely increase and spread like wildfire.

Already Iran has taken advantage of us looking the other way by launching a large scale hack attack on a 2020 campaign and has attempted (not sure if successfully yet) to obtain 3700 email accounts access for journalists, politicians, campaigners and other related individuals. Our cyber “security” in the USA is pretty much non-existent. We are an easy target for malicious foreign actors – especially right now and that will only increase as the 2020 election approaches. Those who voted for #45 should remember that you voted in a guy who loves a corrupted election and will do it blatantly, right under our noses, laughing all the way to the bank – or some account in the Cayman Islands!

Yes, it’ bothers the fuck out of me that I am literally watching our Constitution and the laws of America smashed like so much trash every damned day. It’s going to take decades to undo this debacle and restore trust in America – and for America abroad. Our former allies do not trust us anymore and are watching our current leadership crisis with wonder and fear. And the world’s autocrats, like Putin, are loving watching America squirm under his direction. His puppet is doing it’s job. Just what he wanted. Guilliani said it tonight when asked what the point of this was, “disrupt the world” he said, serious as anything. Be afraid people, be very afraid. No one is going to be immune to what’s about to happen across this country, so buckle up buttercup, as the saying goes.

Lies, deception, corruption and secrecy all coming from the president and his henchmen. Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Guilliani and their people are doing the bidding of ONE man, not the business of the country. They’re using OUR tax money to fly around the world trying to make up dirt on Joe Biden – who is close as you get to honest and scandal-less – all for the purpose of political gain for the most corrupt, disrespectful and malicious man who is occupying the Oval Office.

Ok, I think maybe I will lay back in my bed and see if I can fall asleep for a couple of hours. It’s almost 4am and I want to get a fairly early start – I’d like to be outside and working on the fall clean up of my yard and gardens by 9am at the latest! Can’t fire off the lawnmower until 8am anyways!

Got myself a little buzz and feeling okay tonight. I just hope I can get the stuff in my head done this weekend!