General Blips

Fall has Arrived

I brought in my hibiscus this afternoon then ended up watching the weather and brought in all my other plants…it’s going to go low tonight. Frost expected so it’s all downhill from here…snow soon. I’m just not ready. It’s the end of the growing season. Another year gone by.

I fired up the furnace today. Yep, finally cold enough to need it mornings and evenings at least right now. Lulu doesn’t recognize the noise of it firing up yet, so she keeps going into a tizzy! It’s comical – then annoying AF. I just took her down the hall and stood in front of the burner closet with her in hope that she will associate the noise with the closet instead of the driveway!

I do like Fall though. Deerfield Fair was great. And the mountain foliage is coming in super colorful right now. We do need rain though. Apples are ripe, orchards are busy right now. Mom’s been making pies and the bonfires are awesome. Boots, hoodies and flannel shirts time of year, can’t beat it. Tomorrow I will cut back my own outside gardens and put away the Summer stuff til next Spring. With a little luck snow will hold off til after Thanksgiving this year.

The last week was one of appointments and meetings. Getting tuned up and having a few things checked. Haven’t been up to writing much. Been catching up on the news evenings, which is totally out of control, while chatting with friends by text. It’s amazing to me that someone, I have no clue who it would BE, hasn’t gone in and arrested the entire White House staff and Trump too! Shocking how he is now running rampant over the justice system and the Constitution. And the GOP sits by silently. We call that “Silence equals Death” in some circles….they’re going to pay dearly for their silence on these matters of national security and interest. The impeachment parties will be EPIC!!!

I’m concocting a list for the weekend. I got paint for my bedroom and my office today and plan to tackle that after the outdoor work is done. I’m looking forward to remodeling both rooms. They’ll be pretty nice when finished!

So that’s my Friday update. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!