I hate giving up!

I gave it everything I had to keep us together, yet in the end I feel like I got nothing in return for those efforts. I tried communication of all sorts and I was met with silence and solid brick walls. Anyone going through that type of hostility is going to eventually give up. So I guess I’m giving up.

I still love this woman very much and I hope that she finds the happiness that she is seeking in life. I hope she finds someone that will treat her great and who will love her like I do. There’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for her. And I only wanted a chance to fix this and continue what was a great relationship not so very long ago. I really don’t understand.

We all handle trauma in different ways.. Perhaps this is her way. Pushing good people out of your life is never a good idea in my opinion. And while I may have made mistakes, my love for her never wavered once and I always tried my best to be good for her and to enhance her life and her every day. I am a good Butch.

I finally had to give up because I felt so much hostility being aimed at me and I didn’t know how to get by that without some help from the other side, and she couldn’t give me that or wouldn’t. She couldn’t tell me what she wanted or what she needed. Now I feel duped. No closure.