A Great Visit!

A cure for HIV is coming!!!! Check out the incredible break through that has happened in Omaha Nebraska here

I am so stoked by this news! Most of you know i have been living with HIV infection for over 25 yrs…and although my virus is under control and undetectable it would be a dream for me to take a couple of shots and be done with the pills every day forever! I knows that being a long-term survivor I am very fortunate.

It’s July 4th – Independence Day – and my girl and her 4 yr. old daughter flew up from Houston to spend the 4th with me and fly back Saturday night. I picked them up at Logan last night at 11:40pm and we have had an absolutely awesome time! Today we spent the day, a perfect 85 degree sunny summer day, at my Mom’s in-ground pool having a pool party! I invited a few friends and my cousins and we had a great time cooking out and swimming. The kids love swimming and the water was perfect today! This has got to be the best 4th of July I have personally had in many, many years. I just love having my girl here and I really lover her daughter too. The kid is amazing. I’ve mentioned before that she has Rett syndrome and has some special needs, but she’s very smart and super interactive and ubber cute! Her laugh is so great and she’s such a happy child. It’s pretty rough on my girl some days, Rett isn’t very forgiving, but if they can get Trofinivide to market – thru the FDA – it could improve things greatly. We have hope and I have a good amount of optimism that it will happen soon – just not soon enough!

What is happening for the July 4th celebration in our country’s capital is a real disgrace. Trump has turned the birthday of our country into a purely political rally for his supporters and constituents. It’s sick and I hate it. Public displays of military might are NOT something that America has EVER been known to do. That stuff is done by dictators in militarily run countries like China and North Korea, NOT America. And the money being spent to do this public display of military might could very well have been used elsewhere within the country to do FAR MORE GOOD than a rally thrown by Trump to celebrate himself. I am angry at this administration and frightened by what they have unleashed on America and the world stage. The way that they promote and encourage racism and hate is so blatant and so very wrong in my eyes. I fear for the direction that we are headed as a society. I fear the division and the hate going in both directions. It’s palpable and it’s real. And to use a word I was reminded of recently, we are seeing the real “underbelly” of American society and it’s not a pretty sight at all – from so many angles.

Pride month just ended. Yesterday, July 3rd, I took down my pride flag and put up the stars and stripes. I may hate my government at the moment, but I love my country and I would fight to save freedom and liberty here any day necessary. I have my freedom of speech and I speak out when I see wrong being done. I am in contact with my Senators and representatives on many of the issues facing us right now — especially the border prison camp crisis. THAT really pisses me off. As we celebrate our liberty and freedoms there are tens of thousands of asylum seekers and immigrants who are just fighting to stay alive inside of these prison type camps that our border patrol has set up to “house” them in…I use the word “house” almost sarcastically here. Packing them into standing room only areas, weeks without soap, water, showers, basic needs and hot food. I am really livid about this and am supporting those helping with this situation as much as I can.

Next month I will be going down to Texas for 11 days and have a house sitter taking care of my place and the dogs – she’s actually my best bud and the dogs LOVE her to death, so it will be all good. If they aren’t with me she’s the next best thing in their world.

Then in September we are going out to Santa Rosa for the Butch-femme gathering that DayWalker is organizing out there. If you’re interested here’s the link to the Facebook page that you need to join to become part of the group and get the info on the conference. Day has really gone to extremes putting together a great event with entertainment, informational breakout sessions and a much anticipated Butch-femme gala dance party!

My girls ended up staying until Monday due to weather at the airport and the holiday rush they couldn’t get out on the right flight, so re-booked for Monday afternoon! Yes, made my weekend even better!

Hope you all had a terrific 4th…I KNOW I DID!

Peace! ~MB

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