Some days…

Ever have one of those days where feel like you just can’t do anything right….well I am having one of those kinds of nights. Sometimes I think in my head things then they just come out of my mouth without me thinking. There are certain people that I think I can do that will, Being […]

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Catching Up with Myself

 I have got to be some kind of stupid fucker. I have had to boot my former “best friend’ out of my house. She had been living with me for several months after she fell on hard times and had to have her knee replaced. I thought i was helping her, but turns out she […]

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A Great Visit!

A cure for HIV is coming!!!! Check out the incredible break through that has happened in Omaha Nebraska here I am so stoked by this news! Most of you know i have been living with HIV infection for over 25 yrs…and although my virus is under control and undetectable it would be a dream for […]

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