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Sinful Sunday…”Soft”

I follow a few bloggers on WordPress who participate in the “Sinful Sunday”challenges. I’ve been reading and checking their pics for a good while now but haven’t had the gumption to jump in…well here goes!

I randomly shot this pic after a very hot tussle with my girl.

We recently had matching tattoos done, hers above, on her hip. Mine on my left inside forearm. Really like them, the guy did a sweet job! Good thing, it was her first tat! I was proud of her for handling it very well.

I’ve been more of a lurker on the “Sinful Sunday” blogs, so I thought it was time for me to start trying to post more. You can see more of the Sinful Sunday contributions from various bloggers by clicking on the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday…”Soft”

  1. Krystal Minx says:

    Hi MB, Congratulations on your first Sinful Sunday participation 🙂 I hope you find it fulfilling and continue ❤
    Your photo is a beautiful peek into your intimate life, so thank you very much for sharing!

    I read your profile to learn more about you and couldn't believe how much of your description of yourself sounded just like me…when I got to "marshmallow and crunchy peanut butter" I had to laugh out loud…absolutely love it!!
    My husband got his very first tattoo when we got matching ones together and it was a very emotional gesture for me, I'm betting you felt the same about your girl.

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    • Yes, I certainly did! It was a very special thing for us to get the tats…and it was her first as well, my 7th…but never one like this one, or for this reason. Nice to e-meet you! Do you use FB? Friend me if so! Would love to laugh and hear more! Take care! ~MB

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  2. Woohoo for first time Sinful Sunday snaps 🙂 It took me ages to join in even though I’d been lurking and perusing other folks images for a good while! Now I’m addicted and I’m so pleased, it’s so much fun. I hope this is the first of many images you share for Sinful Sunday x

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