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Thanks…I’m Doing Okay…

Hello…I wanted to put up a post to let all of my great followers know that I am doing alright. I know my last post I wrote immediately after the altercation with my friend who’s been staying here, and my letting her know it was time for her to get back to her own living space.

Again, I really don’t like confrontation, especially when it doesn’t go well or as planned. I’ve been pretty nerved up, stressed and depressed over it. I didn’t sleep at all that night, and I finally got a good nights sleep last night.

Today I spent alone mostly in my room. I needed to think and try to digest things. I did sleep quite a bit, only getting up to do some minor stuff, a quick errand and to watch the Kentucky Derby…which had a VERY bizarre outcome where the horse that won by crossing the finish line first was disqualified after doing so…

“Maximum Security led all the way home in Saturday’s 145th running of the Kentucky Derby (G1) over a sloppy track at Churchill Downs, but Country House was declared the winner after jockey Flavien Prat lodged an objection. ” Link is here for those interested…it was wild.

So, to reassure all of you that wrote me sweet, encouraging and understanding comments and support…I am doing okay, Thank you sooo much for the cyber love…you all ROCK!!!

Emotional pain and inner turmoil is something I am trying to learn to deal with in better ways. I know sleeping most of the day today wasn’t exactly ‘better” but I think my body and brain need the break from all obligations, conversation and I needed to kind of “re-boot” and figure out how to deal with things while this transition is taking place over the next few weeks.

She will be leaving by June 15th as I wanted, possibly sooner. We are both attempting to act as normal as we can right now and be civil to one another. That is making this a little easier. The dogs know that something is up and they have been acting out. Lulu literally made herself sick the night we had the altercation and Nola has been acting very sad and mopey. The both stayed very close to me today, snuggled right up next to me as I slept. They know when I am hurting and are very sweet with their concern for me.

I will get in to see my therapist this coming week. I think a couple of visits this week will be helpful. And I am trying to eat sensibly and drink plenty of water. The last thing I need right now is to get some sort of bug.

My Babe is coming on May 16th for a long weekend visit!!! I’m stoked for that! She’s going to be solo this visit as her daughter will stay with her Dad, who’s a pretty great guy. I got to see the two of them interacting when I visited and it’s pretty obvious that she’s pretty enamoured with him. They were watching Bohemian Raphsody, and then the recording of the first Live Aid. The kid REALLY loves rock music and watching people perform – it’s pretty cool that a 4 yr old has that kind of love for great music!

It’s time for me to sign off. I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Peace! ~MB


4 thoughts on “Thanks…I’m Doing Okay…

  1. i am glad you have the support of your pups, therapist, and your girl. You finally get to have her alone, something your friend is likely not thinking about. i had someone tell me how she was lonely for years, wanted me with her, how i could be such a help doing so many different things. Until we tried it out. Very quickly, she realized me doing All The Things every day made her feel old and small. She didn’t explain that well, so i thought everything was going okay until she started yelling at me. If i had thought someone was super happy to have me with them, wanted to share life with me, i would be totally surprised if they wanted me to leave. In my mind, if you are getting along and happy, why would you want that? She might be thinking the same way, and making a lot of wrong conclusions. Hopefully, after some time passes, you can talk together and she will understand what you want doesn’t have anything to do with not being happy with her or having her with spending time with you. That would seem pretty obvious, since you offered to rent her a room. Maybe she will explain her thoughts. i hope so. It’s not good with friends ending a friendship like this. 😦 Hang in there.

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