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Making it Work…My LDR Experience

I’m heavily involved with a woman in a very long-distance relationship. I am madly in love with my woman and i believe the feeling is mutual for her as well. We met about 18 months ago online and hit it off very quickly. Neither of us were looking for any sort of “relationship” like the one that has taken us both by major surprise! I am super happy being with her; being around her and just having her in my life in whatever ways I can manage to make that happen.

She works especially hard at keeping us in tight contact and in visiting me as much as she possibly can manage. She also has an almost 4 yr old daughter who requires major amounts of her time and energy. It’s been really terrific how she has allowed me to fit into her busy life; welcoming me into her heart and her home.

At the beginning of this month I took a flight down to Texas to spend 5 days with her and the little one, in their space and learning about how their lives go and what they like to do.I have to say that it was the most relaxing and awesome 5 days for me. She treats me so incredibly good. I don’t know what good deed I did that brought this major good karma to me in the form of her and her love for me, but whatever it was I hope I keep doing it! I truly do not want this to ever end. Ever.

I could see myself completely in a full-time daily relationship with this woman very, very easily and I believe I would absolutely love every minute of it – like I love every minute I spend with her. The electricity between us in high-voltage for sure. She is definitely my Kryptonite.

The most difficult thing for me is the distance and the communication at times. I miss the things that can only be had in a closer vicinity relationship, like daily kisses, dinner together and discussing our days, sleeping next to the one I love the most in this world and waking up next to her in the morning. These are the things you give up when you agree to a long-distance relationship. What makes them easier for me is that when we ARE together everything is so very important; every moment, every second counts twice as much. I find that I cannot fill my vision with enough of her and her smile, her eyes and those sexy lips so I am often staring at her alot when we are together. I value our time in the presence of one another more than anything. And it’s very hard when we again have to go our separate ways and back to the lives we live daily without each other’s physical presence and touch.

I have said in the past that I wouldn’t do another LDR, but I was swept off my path by the entry of this incredible woman into my life. We started by just innocently talking online, by email and then by messenger. One thing lead to another and we began Skyping – which is a terrific way to get to know someone from a distance in my opinion. I found myself very drawn to her; moreso every time we spoke and every time I saw her beautiful face on my computer screen or her name come up in my messenger on my phone. I got excited to hear from her, even the smallest things I wanted to know about her and wanted to talk to her about. I love that she is super smart and very dedicated to her daughter, her job and her life in Texas. I love that she has somehow found ways to make time to fit me into that picture as well. She means the whole world to me.

I don’t usually connect with women who contact me online looking to date or hook up. It’s a sketchy thing to me. I don’t trust people and I am a miser with my time and energy. When she contacted me I didn’t realize it would result in major feelngs and changes in my life. I didn’t realize it would lead to a deep and growing love and passion beyond expectations, but it did and I am extremely happy that it has worked out this way.

We’ve been doing this long-distance thing now for about 16 months…We have managed to see one another every 6-8 weeks since the beginning. We did just extended that and went almost 3 months without any face-to-face time and it was EVILLY HARD!!! We decided we didn’t like that at all and are going to try to stick closer to the six to eight week schedule that worked better for us. I just hope we can keep it working on that schedule somehow.

I know I give up a lot by choosing long-distance love. Some days I want someone who is right here with me, who wakes up with me and has morning coffee and sleepy chat. It’s harder just being alone all the time. No one to depend on, no one to share with, no one to notice things and no one to understand the days. I’ve contemplated a more poly arrangement, but I don’t believe a substitute in my bed would really workout very well. Plus, finding a woman who would be amendable to that type of arrangement would be a tad more difficult. No, I know who has my heart and who I want in my bed. Enough said.

We each choose to be exactly where we are at this moment simply by doing the things we have done and continue to do. That is our reality.


13 thoughts on “Making it Work…My LDR Experience

  1. YAAAAAAY!!! … ** waves arms in the air like Kermit and runs around in circles** πŸ˜€ … congratulations!

    … Mrs Widds and I met online, through one of the early ‘oughts’ 2004) lesbian dating sites! … I lived in Australia at the time and she was here in Canada. Yes indeed, Skype is a LDR’s best friend. πŸ™‚
    Both being poor as church meeces, we didn’t have any meet-up dates, and it wasn’t until I sold the house I’d bought with an ex, that I had enough money for such an adventure. I’d long been thinking that my time in OZ was finishing, and it was time to move on, and fortunately Canada had always been on my wish-list. We decided that it was time to see if our relationship could work with us both in the same country.
    So, I finished all unfinished business, packed two suitcases, and jumped on a plane. We met at the airport, she brought a red rose, and we’ve been together ever since! πŸ˜€
    I now have a few more possessions than can fir into two suitcases though! πŸ˜€

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  2. awesomes :)… don’t you dare do poly, you have an awesome lady and an awesome relationship, don’t mess it up… I think she is your forever love, what you have been looking for all your life… I am so very happy for you, lord knows you deserve all the love and happiness you can possibly fit into your life, many blessing to you both xo

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    • Thanks Hun…I know what you are saying and I agree…I don’t WANT anyone else in my bed…and it would pain me if she chose to be with anyone else as well. You know me…I am loyal as a dog! πŸ™‚ Much love to ya!!! ~Ang

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  3. Maine to Texas is really a long distance! I am amazed that you are making it work. I know you love Maine. Does she love Texas or does she need to stay there for her little girl? Hope you can find lots of time to be in the same place soon.


    • I do love Maine and so does she…but she has her life very organized in TX for her little girl’s care (best RETT treatment in the country is there in Houston) and she owns her practice, the building and her home there…its would be a major thing for her to move right now. That could be a future thought, but we aren’t rushing anything. I do like TX too, but I have parents here in their late 70’s and it would be difficult on them if I left now…again, we’ll see what happens down the road. For now we have a really good arrangement and we are very consious of dealing well with the inconveniences of the long-distance! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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      • Yeah, I know what you mean. My girl is FAR from Narcissistic…I hope I didn’t give you the impression that that is one of her characteristics..b/c it definitely is NOT. She’s a very kind, caring, smart and hard-working woman who has a lot on her plate, it’s amzing that she has found incredible ways to include me in her life. I’v never had anyone put so much effort into creating a great relationship wiht me, who respects me and treats me as great as she does. I only hope I am returning that love, respect and specialness that she gives to me daily, in ways that are as meaningful to her. I’m 57…I’ve been around the block a time or five, and I have seen enough over my time on the marble to know a good things when they happen to me. Thanks for your concernt though! Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

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  4. Congratulations on your love! I’m in an LDR myself and July 1, 2019 is our anniversary! I just wrote a blog post about my emotions about being in an LDR, and I wonder if you would agree with me about the hope that I try to convey in my words.


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