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Texas…Day One

I’m currently in Houston visiting my girl. It’s nice to be away from Maine and the cooler weather. Although it’s spring there, it’s still wicked cold! It’s pretty nice for me here, warmer temps, nice breeze, sunshine and lots of blooming wildflowers painting the landscape. Plus, she’s here and that counts the most for me!

I flew in early today. The flight was pretty unremarkable as I slept the whole damned way! Houston is HUGE. Far larger of a city than I am even close to being near! It may be the largest city I’ve ever been too…although LA is pretty damned big too! Houston has sprawl, as my girl tells me, it seems to go on forever in all directions. I am NOT used to a place this large or sprawling. She’ll definitely be doing all of the driving around these crazy highways! I’ll take the sightseer’s seat next to her and just try to look cool! 🙂

I’ll be here until Sunday night. I hadn’t been to Texas in quite some time and the last time I was mostly out in the Austin area. A friend from my days in Austin caught wind that I was here and he happens to also live in Houston right now, so we are going to have coffee or something before I leave. I’m not really going to be here all that long and my main focus this trip is to spend time with her and the kiddo. We haven’t seen each other in 3 months…which is double the time we are used to being apart. The long-distance dance is a delicate one, and not for the weak of heart.

So I am off to enjoy a few days of bliss in Texas. I’ll try to post every day while I’m here.

Peace! ~MB


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