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Way back memories..

…turned on the tv tonight and saw k.d. lang was on Maine Public…the Ingenue re-do concert from San Antonio, along with an interview with her…

Here’s the video trailer

And this is her and Melissa Etheridge in 1994…now THIS is the stuff I remember; going to these concerts, raising holy hell…fuck yeah. Of course, when they did this duet I was only 32…damn, to look that young again…My hair was about the same as k.d.’s back then too.  80’s and 90’s memories are pretty intense, and lots of fun for the most part.

This time of year brings up lots of old memories. I see various commercials that remind me of things gone by; of people and the historical events of my past. Some nostalgic moments and some that I’d rather not have in the old memory banks, yet there they linger.

My favorite childhood Christmas memory is from the year my parents gave me and my sister, Deb, a fully set up aquarium with fish and all the fixing! They got it and set it up under the kitchen sink to get it ready for fish, then they got the fish and kept it running under there without us two ever finding out before Christmas morning when they surprised us with the beautiful fish tank. It was like 1967 and we lived in an upstairs apartment of a duplex in Poughkeepsie New York, not far from Vassar Brothers Hospital, where my siblings, the twins, were born in June of ’68.

Memories make up the history of who we were; where we came from and what we experienced in life that led us to be who we are today. Good and bad, they all intertwine to compose each of us as individuals.

What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory?

Peace ~ MB


7 thoughts on “Way back memories..

  1. Ms. Dixie Wrecked says:

    I was 11 or 12 years old, my mom set up a scavenger hunt type thing. One clue led me to another clue, and so on, and it ended with my first pair of Dr. Martens. We didn’t have a lot of money so it was a big deal. I wore those boots until the soles wore out.

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  2. Not christmas ones, because it’s never really had that much appeal for me, right from kidhood onwards … but Winter Solstices. 😀 … celebrated with whole bunches of like-minded woman, mostly dykes, on the land, with rituals that had meaning for us, and dancing and the making of music, and bonfires each night, and food to nourish the body and spirit, and probably quite a bit of sex, too 😀 … five days of bliss … we also did the same for Summer Solstice and Spring and Autumn Equinox. 😀 … like the song says, ‘Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end, we’d sing and dance, for ever and a day.’ 😀

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  3. Lawrences7987 says:

    Waking up Christmas Morning to my very first Karaoke Machine. It was 1989 and they weren’t really popular yet. I was 10 years old and so excited. My Dad sang Johnny Cash with me all day.

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  4. There is just something about K.D Lang that I have never been fond of. However Melissa Etheridge performing one of my favorite songs – and as I had just seen her in concert earlier this year, I can say she still has that thing that can make anyone stop and say wow. Just wow. Seeing the video of her and K.D Lang has left me remembering when Melissa did the appearance on Ellen’s show and gave Susan the Toaster oven. That is still funny.


  5. My very favorite memory is when my 2 1/2 year old daughter opened a doll from my mother. She hurled it over her shoulder saying “I wanted a present and this isn’t it!” It took me many years to have that courage.

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