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I’m pretty much a loner in life.  I live alone, deal with life by myself day by day and it’s okay.  I have a great woman in my life who visits me periodically, which is nice, but still I’m alone in the end as she returns to her people and regular life. This IS my regular life. It’s best this way. No one seems to be able to handle the whole of me. Just too much; too involved. Too scary.

I am a very deep thinker. I stay well versed in world events, issues that concern me and lots of other things I find interesting. Sometimes I am too affected by things. I am too sensitive. Yet, some say not sensitive enough in the right ways. Butch curse. When I show emotion it’s weakness or construed as negativity, and when I do not show it right it’s ignorance.

Some days the loneliness of just physically being alone in life gets to me. I feel it in my heart. No one to talk to except the computer or my dogs. No one to notice or understand my sadness or even my happiness. No one to tell me it’s going to be okay eventually.

I’m searching for a way to not feel this way. For a way to just accept things at face value and not want more. It’s hard though, to just cut yourself off and say that’s all there is, very hard. It’s human nature to gravitate toward what one wants. So, doing this goes against my very core nature. I must stop looking or waiting for something that is not there.

So what do I seek in the end? The company of someone who wants me as I am. I want tenderness when I’m down, not a suggestion that I am somehow in the wrong. Someone who cares as much about my feelings and what’s happening in my world as I would about theirs. I want to be there for someone, and have them there for me.

I have a lot of trouble expressing exactly what Is wrong when I am feeling down. Usually because I don’t want to be a bother or to bring negativity to anyone else, and sometimes just because I don’t have the words to put it into understandable context. So, I have found it easier and safer keep to myself. I’ve created this loneliness. I’m King of my own castle. And here I will stay. Alone.