Life can get a bit mundane sometimes; we hit spots where we are just barely treading water to keep ourselves from drowning in a dark pit.

So I was journalling…kind of in a new style, bullet journaling, and I noted that I wanted to get 3 blogs done this weekend.  That seems a little heavy for just 2 days, but we’ll see how inspired I get as I read and watch the events going on in our world; and deal with the events going on in MY world!

My girl asked “how do you make major decisions?” so I have been contemplating her question and making some notes.  She wants me to do a video this weekend, so I will work on that too.

The Boston Red Sox secured their 100th win of the season….unreal!

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I had a list in my book to get done today…needless to say I didn’t complete it, but I did get the most important thing done!  I got my plants enclosed and out of eyesight.

That is two, almost mature, plants.  One is much larger.  I affectionately call her “Hilda”.  Anyway, I added more structure to this today, so it’s much more secure now; all reinforced.  The final pic is in my phone at the moment and hasn’t uploaded to the laptop, but you get the idea I am sure.

I’ve gotten a couple of nice letters and requests for some advice via email.  I’m honored that someone thinks my opinions matter!  I am always open for correspondence with my readers of course.  And if I can help out I’m happy to do so.  But remember, my advice is only based upon my own personal life experiences and my values, so you may not always get what you think.

I got some nice local bud yesterday that is called Lemon Aid.  Nice mellow buzz with some energy components.  Smooth smoke.  I use a small water bong with ice water which always tones things nicely.

2018-09-14 16.31.46

Picture 11

I have to say, weed is the only thing that is helping with my pain levels nowadays.  I can’t take Advil (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol (Acetaminophen) because of kidney and liver conditions I have, so the alternative was marijuana.  I’m a firm believer in the medicinal properties of this wonderful herbal.  I do use CBD oil when I have it.  I also use THC butter that I have, both Indica and Sativa blends.  I haven’t tried vaping THC oil, or dabs yet, but I am going to find some later this week to try out next weekend.

I hope your weekend is nice and relaxing.

Peace.  ~MB


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