the Butch-Fem symbol

TERRIFIC piece my PersistantlyFem…she and I were part of the former online world and culture, and it may be quieter today, but we still are HERE.

persistently fem

symbolin the late 90s and early 2000s, a large butch-fem community flourished online. the cyber age was embraced by butches and fems all around the world, who congregated in busy chatrooms and listservers, finding connection and companionship. this online community led to a new kind of “bar culture” that became part of our history as we know it today.  it was online that new concepts around our identities were discussed, new terminology coined to describe our experiences, and broader understanding around gender diversity amongst us was able to be widely shared.

butches and fems who were socially active in their local scenes were able to strengthen country-wide and even international connections and friendships.  for butches and fems who were isolated, this new virtual world gave them the opportunity to find others of like-mind and participate in the culture they were otherwise denied.

from this community, the butch-fem symbol was created…

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