Share Your World (SYW)

I follow another blog called “Cee’s Photography” on WP and she also has a website at this LINK.  They’re tied together tightly so what you see one is generally on both sites.  Anyway, she does a weekly “challenge: on her page, and I am participating this week.  Here are the questions and my answers. Do […]

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And the week starts…

I have a couple of things to talk about here today.  It’s Monday, August 27, 2018 and with just 4 more days of August ahead of us I am beginning to look toward September; the arrival of cooler temperatures to Maine, fall festivals and agricultural fairs, the leaves beginning to turn colors and yes, the […]

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the Butch-Fem symbol

Originally posted on persistently fem:
in the late 90s and early 2000s, a large butch-fem community flourished online. the cyber age was embraced by butches and fems all around the world, who congregated in busy chatrooms and listservers, finding connection and companionship. this online community led to a new kind of “bar culture” that became…

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The Aftermath

Summer of 2018 will go down in my memory banks as one of the BEST ever, I am sure!  And the best part so far has been the extended visit of my girlfriend and her daughter.  They spent about 24 days with me…and it was so awesome that I can’t even find the words to […]

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Pretty boy — The Flannel Files

I just had to share this wonderful post….I can SO relate to the sentiment expresse here.  We get the haircuts and wear the awesome clothes, it’s so nice to be see by our partners for the Butch that we are.  Rock on Middle Aged Butch…your Flannel Files are GREAT!!! I finally got my hair cut […]

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