Just the Good Stuff…

I realize that sometimes I get focused on the tougher areas of life such as politics, struggles and the such.  Today I will talk about the GOOD stuff; those moments that make my heart sing and my brain explode in wonder.

My girlfriend is here for a month, and I am so stoked!  Somehow she managed to arrange to be away from her clinic for a month and packed her daughter up and came up to New England to be with me…THAT, my friends, is some serious love in my book!  Yep, she loves me! ❤

When I met Bones she and I started the conversation as just a friendly thing.  It somehow morphed fairly quickly into a mutual attraction – one neither of us sought or saw coming. We met just before Christmas last year.  So it’s been about 7 months now that we’ve been getting closer and closer, building on a long-distance relationship with some pretty good success!  This is her third trip to Maine to spend time with me.  And this time is for a nice long period of days!  I’m just so incredibly lucky!  She’s a really good, smart and beautiful woman and the light of my life.  I’m super glad that I met her and that the attraction blossomed into something really special for both of us.

I’ve actually learned a lot from this woman in the 7+ months we’ve been together.  I’ve learned patience, to not let my thoughts get carried away with me (because that just makes me look a fool and feel stupid), and I’ve learned to live more in the moment and less with banking on futures.  Bones got dealt a raw hand with her daughter having Rett syndrome, and in watching her with Miss D, her daughter, I’ve come to realize that you have to take things one step, or one moment at a time.

The beauty is that Miss D is a happy and sweet kid, and while she struggles with her condition – which manifests in her showing frustration at times – she is loving and you cannot resist loving her back.  Rett is a fucking awful condition, she has trouble with fine motor skills, such as hand coordination, swallowing and talking – she isn’t talking but is quite verbal with making sounds and expressing herself.  I – and her parents – are hopeful for a gene-based treatment that is coming in the future that will reverse this condition as well as many others like it.  Yay for modern science and medicine.

My own health is holding out pretty good.  I’ve recently learned that I have some things going on with my kidneys and my liver.  Nothing overly major at the moment, but things that need to be attended to and treated if possible.  After finding out about these issues I was a bit depressed and pissed off.  Then I moved into my “indestructible” phase (as my bestie calls it) where I decide I’m not letting this take me down either!  I’ll do all the necessary testing and do what I need to do to take care of myself.  And I’ll soldier on.

It’s summertime here in Maine and the weather has been great.  Albeit a bit humid but still pretty damned wonderful.  It’s been a great season for growing in my gardens. From flowers to veggies, everything is lush and beautiful.  I decided to grow a couple of my own marijuana plants this year.  I bought some female clones and planted them smack-dab in the middle of my veggie garden where they now are thriving and almost 4 feet tall and 4′ wide!  Some fat and happy plants.  I haven’t done anything special to them, just planted them in well-tilled, well-fertilized soil and make sure they have plenty of water and over 12 hours of sun daily.  The success with these 2 plants has made me consider doing an indoor grow this winter in my back room.  I’ll be looking into the proper equipment to do this in the near future.

My dogs, Nola and Lulu are doing spectacularly.  They love just hanging out with me or going for car rides.  Lulu went through a major shed out this year.  She shed out all of her undercoats, so she’s looking even tinier!  If that’s even possible!  I’m sure when it chills up here in September she’ll start growing it back.  I think the excessive heat and humidity had a lot to do with it, plus I just had her spayed so the hormones are different for her now.  They are happy, healthy and well-loved!  They do get a little jealous of Bones when she’s here, they’re not real keen on her touching me at first.  Nola made it known last night that she objected at first.  But she settled in.  And Lu is just so happy-go-lucky she doesn’t mind as long as she’s in the mix too!


The rain has set in.  Supposed to be rainy and blustery for the next 3 days.  I’m working tomorrow and off on Tuesday and Wednesday…and my girl is returning here on Wednesday…we had a great lobster and steamed clam dinner together here at my place last night…ohhh what a great, super, awesome, sexy night it was!


The week has begun.  I worked this morning and have the next 2 days off.  Getting ready for almost a month with my girl and her daughter here in Maine.  I’m so excited!

Hope you all have a great week.  Don’t forget – Be kind.

Peace.  ~MB

2 thoughts on “Just the Good Stuff…

  1. it is so good to read/hear you happy again, it shows in your words 🙂 I know the world is goin to hell in a handbasket my friend, but some friendly advice.. try not to over think it, the crap happening with idiot carrots and such,it will depress you and wear you down, you got a good lady and a little one to be mindful of now, when you get focused on something negative ( news) it can send you into a really dark place sometimes, please try not to let it do that, if not for your own well being and happiness, then for your lady and most certainly for the little miss … love peace and happiness conquers all my friend.. smile more, worry less, love harder, stress less, and above all enjoy life, you can’t change the world, but you can change the world around you 🙂

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