Monday, Mondays — Women and Words

A blog from Women and Words that really struck a chord with me!  I despise Mondays myself, and this writer hit it right on the head with her reasoning as to why we don’t care for Mondays.  Enjoy this!  I know I did!  ~ Peace  ~MB

My writing contains the angst, frustration, and anger of my everyday life—maybe not the exact circumstances, but the emotions that result from them. My writing also reflects my hopes and dreams for the future and my fantasies of what I wish my life was like. That’s probably true of most writers, at least to some extent.

I’m writing this on a Monday. As everyone knows, Monday is the red-headed stepchild of the weekdays. It is maligned, cursed, kicked around, and when it’s over, people cheer at its departure. And I partake regularly of this abuse.Some Mondays feel like any other day of the week. Some Mondays feel like Mondays (you know […]

via Monday, Mondays — Women and Words

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