Catching up.

I’ve been meaning to take the time to drop a few lines here for my readers to catch up on the latest here in Butchville. I’ve been feeling behind – like many – with the time change and our weather has been less than conducive to staying in an upbeat mood.

My country is falling apart. My government’s come unhinged has being led by a moronic asshole, accompanied by a true anti-gay vice-asshole. It’s becoming really dangerous to be here and live is an openly gay person, especially for those of us who are masculine of Center, Butch or Trans. It feels really scary to live in such a hostile world. Our government is busy erasing us, and teaching hate against us. Personally I’m not really sure what will happen futuristically, but I really don’t think it’s going to be good at all. It may be time for many of us to leave this country. Maybe.

I had a really great time with the woman that came to visit me back at the beginning of March. She’s really awesome and someone that I could get very used to having around. But life is always complicated. I’m not sure when I’ll see her again but I really am hoping it will happen. I feel a really deep connection with her and I’d like to pursue that, but I’m not sure what is possible, so I’m trying not to become too invested. And that’s pretty hard sometimes. I do like her an awful lot.

Remember when I talked about going after the unattainable? I may have managed to do that again. Fuck. I seem to always go after women or become interested in women who are either not good for me or are unavailable for some reason. Bad habit I guess. Or maybe it’s Karma’s way of insuring I stay permanently single. Who knows.

Everything else is going fine. I’m still working, still in recovery and still just doing what makes me happy most of the time. Life is good, in general.

3 thoughts on “Catching up.

  1. I have been drinking but not irresponsibly ( I hope) I have been reading and watching you for a while. You have a lot to say that is painfully true. I only wish the best outcome for you. Let love and truth be your guild.

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