Share Your World…SYW

Cee’s share your world challenge

I’m participating occasionally in Cee’s blogging challenges, this week it’s “Share Your World”  The questions are her’s, I am going to attempt to answer them with the most honesty and intelligence I can muster at that moment!

  1.  I inherit $50K from Uncle XX, what do I do with it?
    1. Pay off bills
    2. Buy a new truck
    3. It’s then gone….but I’m less stressed, right?

   2.   What sound do I love?  I love the sound of birds in the morning, the happy chirping; hungry screeches, and shrill twitters.  It’s an awakening sound, it wakes me up and makes me LOOK at the world outside.  I also love the sound of hard rain, especially accompanied by a mega thunderstorm overhead, on the roof.  Tin roofs are the best, but low shingles work well too.  The sheer violence with which the rain aggresses the rooftop just does it for me.

3.   What’s my middle name?  Why?  It’s Sue, it really has no specificity to it.

4.   What did I appreciate, or what made me smile in this past week.  This is a fully loaded question!  I had a super great last 5 days, 4 of them spent with my girl who was visiting from the mid-west.  We spent a good amount of time admiring the beach, lighthouses, waterfront, and the scenery of southern Maine…as well as doing some mutual admiration. 🙂

We did some shopping in cool shops and ate fun deep fried food, Moe’s subs, and CAKE!!!  Yeah, it was fan-fuckin-tastic.  I appreciate the fact that she came in on the coattails of a Nor’Easter and managed to get out of town just in the nick of time before the next one arrived!  And she weathered the snowy climate and my quirks just fine!

Yeah, that made me smile…really big.

Peace.  ~MB


2 thoughts on “Share Your World…SYW

  1. I would also pay off bills! I love the sound of my jazz students playing a note that means they’re following the chord changes. My middle name means warrior. Speaking of smiling, I appreciate that my mom took care of me when I had to go to the oral surgeon this week 🙂

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