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photo by Morgan Gwenwald “What an experience making “the femme tapes”! Our mutual hysteria at finding someone else who recognised that hunger, that desperate need, the desire to be “fucked senseless” and to know that we have, would and do put up with some incredible shit to get it.” Madeline…

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It’s All in the Cards

Leaning in the doorway, having my morning wake-up smoke, I watched as Nola scrounges around the front yard; first checking the chipmunk’s front door – which is a hole in a stump in my front yard…I call it the chipmunk “fairy hole” – as she goes into a full on “rodent rage.” Rodent Rage is […]

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Catching up.

I’ve been meaning to take the time to drop a few lines here for my readers to catch up on the latest here in Butchville. I’ve been feeling behind – like many – with the time change and our weather has been less than conducive to staying in an upbeat mood. My country is falling […]

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