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An Off Day…

I had a weird fucking day.  It was an “off” day of sorts; I didn’t feel like talking or interacting with anyone all damned day.  I got up this morning, went out to my kitchen and made coffee. Sat on the couch, lit a cigarette and pondered what I wanted to do with the day ahead of me.  Nothing.  Abso-fuckin-lutley NOTHING.  And I basically laid on the couch and did just that.  I slept quite a lot.  Watched mind-numbing television and did pretty much nothing all day.  I didn’t even bother to get dressed.  Stayed in my sweats and said fuck it.  Why?  I have no real answer to that.  I think I overwhelmed myself with some deep subject reading that I did last night and fried my brain cells contemplating it’s meaning.  The subject matter was a bit on the depressing side of deep as well, so perhaps it triggered my depression today.  Regardless of why, it just happened, and I am okay with it.  I didn’t hurt a thing by wasting the day.  And it was mine to waste.

Tonight I am feeling better; reflective of my day, but in a fine enough mood.  I watched the Grammy’s, which was really good.  My favorite scene was Hillary Clinton reading from the “Fire & Fury” book…that was EPIC!  I actually shouted so hard at the TV that I startled my dogs!  It made me laugh like hell.  I do hope that #45 was watching from his oversized baby crib in DC.

I also really liked the performance by U2 that was done on an outside stage within sight of the Statue of Liberty.  It was a super performance, and aimed at the immigration issues we are currently experiencing with our government here in the USA.  The entire show had political statements about the “Me Too” movement, immigration and equality.  Those are all very top topics here in America right now.

I’m really concerned about my country.  I have written extensively about my dislike for our current POTUS, but beyond him, I am just deeply worried about the direction that America seems to be headed in.  We really are in a type of downward spiral, and it begs the question “just how low will America go?” in my mind.

#45 is only one of the major problems.  Our Congress is another huge problem.  The morality of the men serving as our representatives seems to be rotting and it’s happening more and more every day.

I am watching as people just keep saying “this too will pass” and I know we are far too deep in this cesspool of rot for this to just “pass”.  People in the USA seem to think that the worst things just cannot happen here.  They are blinded.  It’s very scary to think about and to realize actually.   There is very bad trouble brewing on every level of our federal government, and what will happen in our near future is so up in the air.  I do not think it is good that the masses are being so complacent when we should be up in arms and screaming for justice.

I have many more thoughts on this, but I have to sleep because I am scheduled to work in 5 hours.  I will come back to this in the next day or two.

I also have other news and other topics I am anxious to write about.  So, I’ll make sure to work on my blog a lot this week.

Peace.  ~MB


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Women’s March 2018…Portsmouth NH

OMG…SO MUCH HAS GONE ON SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THIS YEAR! It’s far too much to write about all in one blog.  I’m searching for what to write about first.  And I do apologize to my regular readers for not being more “on the ball” with posts, but I’ve just not felt the “drive” to write; or when I DO feel it it’s either late at night and I need to sleep or I choose to do other things with the time.  I really need to set aside a specific block of time daily for just sitting down and writing.  Yes.  That is what I will do.  Beginning tomorrow.

Yesterday was January 20, 2018 and the Women’s March 2018!  And it was an almost indescribably AWESOME show of strength, solidarity and love!  I had been looking forward to the march for the whole year, and I again marched in Portsmouth, NH, same as last year!  This year I marched with my sister.  We also met up with my niece and her friends, and saw lots of other people that we knew.  Plus new friends were to be made too!  The day was perfect. Temperature was hovering around 45 degrees, and it was partly sunny.  We parked on the Maine side of the Piscataqua River Bridge, the Memorial Bridge and walked to Portsmouth, on the New Hampshire side.

As you can see from the pictures here it was a nice calm day on the river, I love the sleepy little lobster shack covered in bouys there, just waiting for it’s fishermen to return to fish!  This bridge was just built a couple of years ago, and has become quite the pride of the area.  It’s usually lit up at night with awesome fiber-optic lighting, which turns all kinds of colors.  It’s a draw bridge, which means the middle span of the bridge rises up in the air to allow river traffic to pass under it.  This is critical, as the Piscataqua River is a very vital economic port.  We have oil storage areas, cable and wire, gypsum wall board and scrap metal businesses along with lots of other smaller venues.  On our way home we got caught on the Portsmouth side with the span in the up position, see the below pictures…there was an Irving Oil tanker coming in with a load of heating oil for the seacoast area.  #2 Heating Oil is our main fuel for heat up here.

Pretty cool huh?  I thought so!  I am glad it was such a great day and that I could get these pictures to share on here and to have for my albums.

So, we marched….or rather we RALLIED!  Our gathering was a Rally not a March…we didn’t march anywhere, but gathered and rallied in the very center of the city, in front of the old North Church.  And it was electric!  The Seacoast Resistance came together wonderfully!  As did so many hundreds of other rallies and marches around the USA and around the world, denouncing the hate and bigotry, the sexism, racism and xenophobia of the Trump administration, and the effects it is having on us as citizens, and the world too!  Here are some pictures from the rally.  They are captioned, if you click on them it will give you a description.

As you can see, it was a great turn out, plus a really nice weather day and I had the best of company on my adventure!  #RESIST

So, while we were marching in protest and to show our numbers and strength, the federal government shut down as they bickered over a stupid wall between the US and Mexico, immigration, DACA and a short term spending plan….and they remain shut down as I am writing this.  This has been the least productive year of presidency in our country’s history.  Nothing, except for a tax cut for the uber rich, has gotten done.  No fiscal budget, no immigration reform, no infrastructure, no health insurance plan….nope, just a bunch of school yard type bickering and name calling and stupid tweets. I’m so ashamed of my government at the moment, but that will ALL change in November when the Blue Tsunami takes over America…Democratic Socialism is on the rise!

This is all the energy for writing that I have for tonight.  I am doing great, although I am sick with walking pneumonia at the moment – but on the mend and on meds!  Nola and Lulu are awesome as well, they will be happy for Spring to arrive in a few weeks so they can spend more time outside.

So, did you march or protest yesterday?  Tell me about your day!

Peace!  ~MB