Today was a really tough day. For the first time in a really long time I had cravings, really bad cravings. Actually scared myself I thought I was going to use, the idea was in my head, but I fought it hard.

Good news is I did not use. I talked it out with a friend, then with another friend, and I work through it.

Yeah… It was a really tough day.

Peace. ~MB



  1. Yayyyy… awesome possums!! You did it!!! you beat it yesterday, no small task!!, you were tempted and never gave in, you beat the cravings!! that is so awesomes, very proud of you xoxo… and now you know for sure that you are indeed strong enough to beat those cravings, they are scary and it can come down to 1 minute at a time, but you did it, you overpowered those cravings, you stood up to the addiction and gave it a loud FU …you are a lot stronger than you think and you will beat its ugly ass. you have the proof… you didn’t use. xoxo

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