Quick Update…

Hello!  Just a quickie here.  I had an appearance in district court today on my violating bail conditions.  The prosecutor was a real bitch to my attorney, wanted me to do 10 days and pay a $400 fine…my attorney tried to negotiate, but this prosecutor was a BITCH.  So, in the end it got continued and hopefully I will be able to settle both charges at one hearing in January.  In the meantime, I have to provide copies of my drug tests and documentation that I am getting proper counselling and do the right things.  I don’t think I will have any problem complying with those requirements.  I just want to put this all behind me, forever.  I’m glad it was continued.  Perhaps we can get another prosecutor to look at the case.   My attorney was steaming mad about this one.  They got into quite the heated argument.

After court I had my Groups meeting, which I needed.  It was good to get some support after that time in court.  It was a good meeting.  Talke about the coming holiday and how we would all deal with our family’s reactions to us being clean and sober.  I know it’s going to be one of those days when my family will be suspicious of me, wondering if I am really staying on the right side these days.  I’ll smile and deal with it.

Going to call it a day.  I’m very tired and need my bed!

Peace.  ~MB


3 thoughts on “Quick Update…

  1. I am glad it got carried over, would suck to be in the crowbar hotel during the holidays, I think the idea of putting you in jail for that violation is just insanely stupid a waste of your time and taxpayers money and solves nothing, the fine I can understand, but not the jail time jeez that is draconian


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