Being Held Hostage

I am spending the night on my buddy’s couch, Lu and Nola are snuggled up with me.

There was a huge incident at my house tonight with a guy that I was letting stay in my old office room on a couch in there. I heard a loud crash and ran down the hall to the room and he was sprawled out on the floor…he was so drunk he just fell over – all 350 lbs of his drunken ass.

I have asked him repeatedly not to drink in my house because he has done this falling thing before. This time I got really angry and we had words. He thinks nothing of it that he’s so drunk he can’t stand up. I hate drunk people and he KNOWS IT.

I can’t live with this kind of shit. It turned into him threatening me and a huge yelling mess. I asked him to leave and he refused. Then I had my friend Adam try to get him out of the house. But he threatened him too and tried to engage him in a physical altercation. It got real nasty.

I didn’t call the cops because I am currently under bail conditions from a deferred disposition on a charge from 2016. There isn’t supposed to be any alcohol in my house, and I can be charged if I am caught with it. Now, I do NOT drink. I quit drinking back in 1992 and I hate alcohol. I hate the taste, the smell and the actions coffee drunk people. I don’t even hang out with people who drink!!!

I am not sure what will happen in the next 12 hours. I am not sure if he will leave, or die in the house, or drive drunk, or if he will be there to attack me if I try to go back home in the morning.

I am really scared. I haven’t felt like this for a long time. He is a large man and fueled by booze he is just plain dangerous. I fear for my safety and my dog’s safety too. He was talking outloud to himself so that u could hear and saying something about kicking the dogs…it’s really fucked up.

I really want to go to the police station and talk to an officer and explain the situation. But I don’t want to be putting myself in any legal trouble…I just want this awful man OUT of my house and GONE from my life. He has caused me a lot of anxiety and grief the last few weeks and now I can’t get him to leave. He has plenty of money, so that’s not the issue. He’s just being an asshole at this point.

So, I am at my friend’s house right now and of course I can’t sleep. The dogs are sound asleep though, which is good. They were quite scared too with all the yelling and me crying tonight. Yeah, I got so frustrated that I cried and couldn’t stop.

I will never trust another man again. It’s too risky. I am not the tough Butch kd who could hold her own in a fight anymore. I’m too old for that shit now. And men are just so fucking violent. His words alone were so scathing and horrible that I am probably going to deal with some emotional trauma now.

It will take me a while to feel safe again in my own house. I hate this whole thing.

It will be something to see when he sobers up and thinks about what he has done. I don’t know what his “sober” reaction will be. He’s generally been a nice guy, he just is a dead beat alcoholic who is seriously dealing with wet-brain and a slew of health issues from his years of drugs, alcohol, jail, and prison. His past is definitely catching up with him.

And ya know, karma is a bitch. She’ll definitely get him for this at some point. It’s too bad what some people throw them lives away for. All this shit for a stupid fucking shot of rum. Sad.

So I guess I will call a friend I have at the local PD and see what I can legally have done to remove him from my property. I don’t know what else to do. I will post again tomorrow to let you all know what happens.

Sucks that this is my pay-back for trying to help out someone in need. You can bet it won’t happen again!!!

Peace. ~MB


5 thoughts on “Being Held Hostage

  1. How about going to the police station and show them this recent blog without having to explain your situation again? I’m sure they’ll have compassion. They are supposed to look after the public. They’ll know you’re trying hard not to go back to your old ways and improve your life.


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