Life Just Got Very Real….

Whew.  I’m finally settled down enough to get a few words out on this blog.  My life has been one fucking crisis after another for the past 2 weeks.  First it was the drunken bum I had to take out the restraining order on last week and all my anxiety and angst over that whole […]

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…Continuation from Last Night

I didn’t get much more than an hour of sleep last night at my friend Linda’s house.  The dogs did sleep pretty good though, and that was nice to see them so relaxed there.  They cuddled up to me snugly and zoned right off into la-la land.  Lulu was particularly concerned with how upset I […]

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Being Held Hostage

I am spending the night on my buddy’s couch, Lu and Nola are snuggled up with me. There was a huge incident at my house tonight with a guy that I was letting stay in my old office room on a couch in there. I heard a loud crash and ran down the hall to […]

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America and Guns

I was writing a piece on “hate crimes” and then the Las Vegas massacre happened. I woke up at 1am, which is about 11pm Vegas time, and my television was on…I was in total shock. I remember screaming out “NOOOO!!!!” followed by a bunch of nonsensical stuff as I started to cry. I could not […]

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