Sorting, Upgrading and Music

It’s been a weekend of sorting things out.  Mostly material things, clothing, furniture, “stuff” and then I threw in a few emotions to sort through as well.

I got my bedroom completely reorganized.  I managed to make it roomier by just repositioning the bed against a wall – hell I don’t use both sides anyways!  And rarely do I have company that would need to access the other side.  If I do they can climb in via my side.  Lulu and Nola have diligently been supervising the whole expedition.  Nola gets very nervous that I am preparing to move whenever she sees a storage tote or box appear, when the furniture or rugs get moved, and when all my clothes are tossed on the bed.  She’s not keen on moving, and neither and I , so we are NOT planning to move again – at least not in her lifetime!  Lu was more curious about WTF I was doing in there!

I sorted through clothing again, coming up with another 2 trash bags of clothes to donate.  I have yet to sort through the closet…the 2 bags came solely from the 2 large dressers in there and did include some sheet sets and old curtains I never hung.  Yes, I was ruthless.  I do not need all of those clothes; nor do I want them taking up valuable draw space.  I’m simple, I wear mosly cotton clothing.  Jeans, t-shirts, long sleeved t’s and sweatshirts for the most part.  I do have a good selection of flannel shirts, button downs, and suits in my closet as well.  I keep my foot wear selection to a minimum as well.  A couple pairs of work boots, my Merell slips on’s, a pair of sneakers, slippers, and some dress shoes in both black and brown.  I have gotten pretty set in my ways – seems to happen as the years go by and you age in life.  I like things plain and simple.  That includes in my friendships and relationships.

In the process of sorting things out and making things better around here I decided to upgrade my television channel selection enabling me to now have like 200+ channels of pure bullshit.  And I also upgraded the internet to a 100mb download speed.  Great thing is that this is only going to cost me an additional $20 a month!  I can handle that, and during football season I have to have upgraded cable to get most of the games.  Home games for the Patriots are broadcast on the regular channel 8, WMUR / ABC but out of town games and other games of other teams aren’t accessible unless you have NECN the sports channel.  Plus I now have StreamTV, which means I can live stream my TV channels to my devices, such as my laptop, tablet, Moto phone and to Linda’s devices too.  I’m in the middle of setting up all of the device connections now.  And I’m trying to figure out exactly WHAT channels I have in the line up.  I like the StreamTV app because it saves whatever channels you watch in your list, that way you can go directly to the channels you like.

The weekend is over, I worked today (Monday) for my obligatory 6 hours.  I am really starting to resent that job.  Today got interesting.  We had a Kenworth tractor with trailer that we found had been parked in the upper truck lot for over 3 weeks…soo…of course all the worst went through our minds.  Where was the driver?  Is he IN the truck?  Is he NOT alive?  Oh crap!  We finally called the cops and had them come and check it out, get into the truck and make sure we weren’t hosting any dead bodies. Yes, this does happen on occasion, a trucker will OD or die in his truck parked in a trucking lot and be discovered after a few days…not a pretty sight – or smell.  I’m happy to say that this Kenworth was empty and I managed to track down the owner in Arizona and told him he has 7 days to move it or I’m having it hauled off to impound.  He assured me he’d pick it up by the 14th.

My northern friend has been laying down some very very sweet guitar riffs for me.  I love the collection that I am building of her music.  She’s super talented and makes her living playing.  I think that’s soo cool.  I’ve been seriously enjoying our interactions and our conversations about various stuff. Today we discovered that we are both die-hard Prince fans; both love his music and his overall presentation.  The world misses Prince.  I miss him, and what he could be still bringing to our world of music.

So are some of your favorite artists?  What’s your theme song?  What song brings back memories to you?  I’d love to see some links to songs, as well as just your comments about what music appeals to you.

Peace!  ~MB



4 thoughts on “Sorting, Upgrading and Music

  1. Hi Mainely Butch. I commented on one of your YouTube videos today to say that I agree with you about what women want! Since you brought up music I just want to mention a lesbian singer-songwriter I’m in love with: Irish Mythen. She’s a butch so you won’t swoon over her the way I do, but some of her songs have a little lesbian-flavor to them that you might relate to. Here is the song “She Finds Me” where she sings about a woman she loves and wishes to make her a wife.

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      1. Just to clarify, I wrote a YouTube comment, not a blog post regarding “what women want.” However I did write a blog post responding to another video of yours yesterday “What I love about being a lesbian.” ☺


  2. I would never have guessed that you had that many clothes n stuff, you seem to be kinda minimalistic, more I don’t know the word.. umm an everything has a place and everything in its place kinda person n kinda strict on that … (thats a good thing)

    I am suffering channel envy right now gee thanks… 200 channels, I get 30 and only AMC & TCM movie channels, the rest just suck except for Teletoon’s n Y-tv &, of course, that stupid TSN I like sports but, just gimme Hockey n football…not NFL… tho I will cheer for green bay and only cuz the name amuses me *laffs* …. here packer is something else entirely n it has nuthin to do with football!!

    some fav music huh, Suzi Quattro, Janice Joplin, Bobbee Magee n Mercedez Benze are my fav songs, Wicked Lester (Kiss, everyone knows them as KISS) Tina Turner, April Wine, Trooper, Street Heart, Carol Pope and her band Rough Trade… you tube Carol Pope Highschool Confidential, Toronto (the band) Foghat, Bad Company, Clapton, Frampton, Terry Jacks.Cher, Abba, Deep purple, Zepplin, Marly, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Eagles, Prince, Saxon, Crue* GnR, Maiden, Ac/Dc Krokus, Dio, and a zillion more lol I love music, except when I am driving, cuz the world disappears n is replaced by colors, endless rainbows of colors everything is just shapes and colors, it’s amazing… there is a word (not CRAZY) for that I just dunno what it is

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