New WP Editor?

I have installed the WordPress app on my phone now and am trying a quick post with the newfangled editor they are touting.

I’m having a rough day today. Tired and irritated with my roomie, who split for Buffalo last Wednesday without explanation and without forking over the week’s rent. I was not even sure that he would be coming back. Finally today he texted me with lame excuses and says he’ll be back Sunday night. Evidently he still has a job…although I don’t know how or for how long they will put up with his shit show. I find him to be very immature for a 37 yr old man. He doesn’t take responsibility for much. He’s one of those kinds of people who do the bare minimum to get by or get the job done. He’s not very considerate of others; often even sort of looking down on people who he somehow thinks that he is better than. THAT is irritating. Why are people like that? I don’t get it. Anyway, he’s a temporary roomie, basically stays in his room and sleeps all the time or wakes up and drinks until he passes out again. He doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell, except for work at his bridge job. Even they must be not pleased with his performance as of late, hell he hasn’t been there but 1 day plus a couple of hours this week. And supposedly -according to him- he is indispensable to them….yeah right, like I buy that line of trash. He’s delusional and lazy as far as I can see. Anyway, he’s got a girl friend up on NY who has a couple of kids by another guy, and who he (roomie) supports . He won’t let her work because he’s afraid she won’t need him AND that she will meet another guy and run out on him . When he bolted out of here the other day he was balling and squeaking about her not taking his calls…so he HAD to drive the 8 hours and find out why…crazy. I was shocked that a grown man would act like that…get a grip dude! Hell, if she IS screwing around why waste your time driving up there? Dump her ass and move on. Find a mature relationship. I think that’s the problem. They are both very immature and have a pretty unhealthy relationship. Neither is good for the other and both drink FAR too much!

When his stinky ass get s back here I am thinking that we may need to sit down and talk. I need him to hear my frustrations and concerns. I want to keep some stability here, and his drinking and antics aren’t contributing in any kind of positive way. This it may be time for him to go back to hotel living so I can get a more reliable person in there.

Ugh…sorry about the rant, but I had to type this out to help me think it out.

He really isn’t an evil guy, he’s just got a bad drinking problem and it affects who he is and how he treats others and how he functions in life. Sadly. I have told him a dozen times the he needs to slow down. I had a bro-in-law who was found dead on the couch at 43 from alcohol. His liver just quit and he passed out drunk on the couch and never woke up. Three days he laid there until his father tried to wake him and discovered he was very much dead. That’s what I am afraid is in store for this 37 yr. old roomie of mine. That or he will kill himself – or others – in a drunk driving accident. …..and again I am rambling…this while scene is really weighing on my mind

Here are some shots I took in the veggie patch today…


Peace. -MB


3 thoughts on “New WP Editor?

  1. I like the WordPress app on my phone because it’s handy for checking notifications and responding to comments. When I write a post I prefer the old editor on a desktop computer. Too hard to type a lot on a phone.


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