The Good Thing Harvey Washed Away

Originally posted on My Best Laid Plans:
There’s not much in the world I can truly say I hate. But I hate?Harvey.? We have been sitting here for more hours than I can begin to count being brutally lashed by his seemingly never ending fury. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t scary…terrifying…at…

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Current Reality.

I’m tired.  Tired of fighting all this hate in this country.  The last 7 months, since Trump took office, have really been very difficult.  I’m sure many feel that same weariness that I feel right now.  But I know it is so important to not give up just because we are weary.  I know I […]

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An Addict in Your In-Box…

So, you see a lot of articles and television stuff about the “opioid crisis” in America lately.  This is a real, serious epidemic here.  Let me rant on a bit here and give you some of the scoop from inside an opioid addict’s life and mind…bear with me, this may be a bit harsh to […]

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I Don’t Want to Miss This…

It’s the middle of the night…I reach for my phone…has she messaged me?  Did I miss it?  Damn, I never want to miss her messages, her texts, videos, pictures…I don’t want to miss a thing. I’ve been sort of walking on clouds…and eggshells simultaneously.  I’m falling very hard for her and I know I can’t […]

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Butch Appreciation Day

From a fellow blogger!  Awesome piece!!! I hope you have someone in your life who: Likes to run her hands over your slick-as-velvet head after you get your hair cut real short. Calls you “baby.” Tells you she gets turned on when you wear that ball cap backward. You know the one. Likes when your […]

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Sunday Reflection

As a good friend reminded me – and people on my Facebook page – The divisiveness, the hate and the rhetoric has been there a long time.  Trump is just the catalyst that brought it into the bright light of day and made it acceptable.          (thanks ButchDK) Last night I had […]

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Solemn Saturday

Today is Corey’s funeral service.  I woke up sad, with leaky eyes, and feeling really a little insecure.  It’s going to be a rough day.  I will finish this blog after the services later today. Corey died last week of a drug overdose. He had just gotten out of rehab for alcoholism and his heart […]

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Hate Boils Over in the USA

This is what is going on here in the “land of the Free” Our “president” is now actively and vocally defending white supremacist, white nationalists, neo-nazis, the KKK and the alt-right.  Yes, defending it.  He has gone on live TV, in front of the whole nation, and showed us – TOLD US – just who […]

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