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So, my dog Nola is a barker.  She barks at cars passing the house.  She barks at other dogs and just can’t seem to get along with other dogs very well.  She will bark in their faces and then scream like a little girl when they challenge her.  It’s kind of amusing, and embarrassing.  I can’t take Nola into places like Lowe’s or Home Depot because when she sees another dog she goes off like a fucking bark monster.  It’s really starting to bother me lately.  I think that it bothers me because Lulu is the kind of dog that gets along with everybody and anybody and doesn’t bark at other dogs unless she is coerced into it by her sister, Nola.  I can take Lu anywhere and she’s the hit of the party, charming, cute and loveable.  Miss Congeniality.  So, I am desperate to figure out how to cuerb Nola’s barking, how to get her so that she will listen to me and “leave it” alone when I command it.  “Leave it” is her command to stop whatever she is doing and focus on me.  She’s about 90% good at it.  She comes when called, will generally stop and respond to my commands…except when she’s barking out the fucking house or car window.  Then she’s out of control; consumed by the need to bark er brain off at whatever it is that she’s reacting to — generally another dog or a kid on a bicycle.  God forbid she see a baby stroller…those are extra barkable evidently.

I have had people tell me to ignore it, and I have tried to do that.  Doesn’t work.  Still she barks.  I try taking her everywhere with me, exposing her to other dogs, people, kids, and stuff.  She is 90% good, then she just loses it and the barking starts.  It is annoying to me, and embarrassing too.

Nola is not a “treat” responsive dog.  She could care less about getting a “treat” or a bone for doing something good.  The only thing she seems to respond to (don’t hate now!) is the rolled up newspaper that I use to scold her with.  I do NOT hit her with it, I smack the table or the wall to make a loud noise with it and threaten her.  Generally she’ll stop when I break out the dreaded newspaper roll.  I haven’t had it out ina long time, but I am thinking of making one right now because today was an extra  barky day.  I make one by rolling up a section of newspaper and duct taping it tight, giving me a little stick sort of thing that I can make loud noise with if needed.

So, I love this dog beyond words.  I would never do anything to hurt her, but I feel like I am doing something wrong around this barking issue.  What do I do?  Does anyone out there have any “dog whisperer” suggestions for us?  I have considered a bark collar, but the dog is 9 years old….is it too late for that sort of device?  If it’s not then I will definitely try it.  I am desperate.  This issue has been left unattended to for far too long.  I do welcome any suggestions or ideas that you, my wonderful readers, may have for me!  Please comment below or send me an email!  (Yes, I am finally keeping up with my email account once again….I check it every couple of days.)

Went to a barbeque at my parents’ home today.  They made pulled pork and it was terrific.  Not many people were there. It ended up just being my sister, my parents, me and Linda and a neighborhood friend.  We stayed about an hour and a half and had some delicious bbq food and chatted for a while.  The pool was far too cold for swimming, and Nola was barking at the other dogs – aggravating my sister particularly with her barking.  So we called it early and headed home.

I got back home around 2:30 and decided to plant some seeds in the veggie garden.  I got giant pumpkins planted (2 hills of them) and a hill of carving pumpkins.  I put in some Mediterranean Cucumbers and then I started a tray of flower seeds.  Snapdragons, Shasta daisies, and a couple of others I can’t remember the names of right now.  I also got 4 – 2cf. bags of black mulch spread in the main part of the flower garden out front – it looks awesome!  I need another 5 bags to finish the other half of that garden and to put some in the little gardens on either side of my front entrance steps.   Then there is the large space in front of my house where I removed 3 gigantic rhododendrums (sp?) that had gone insane.  I need to either put in some more smaller shrubs or make a garden in that space too.  Seems like outdoor work is never done…there’s always something to do out there.

It’s time for me to crash.  I spent some time chatting with a good friend on FB messenger tonight, I really enjoy our chats.  It’s hard for me to reach out to people, and I have needed to do it more lately.  This person feels safe and I trust her.  We chatted a lot about the Giant Orange Asshole…wondering what he will do to embarrass us this week!?

I’m off to bed.  Peace.  ~MB




8 thoughts on “Woof!!!

  1. Lesboi says:

    No advice for you here. My dog is a nervous barker and no matter what I do I can’t figure out how to keep her from doing it and my last dog sounds a lot like Nola. But, I feel your pain. Hopefully some wise dog whisperer will come around and give us the magic cure.

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  2. SwedishSquadleader says:

    Your dog is scared. She tries to make other dogs keep the distance. That’s the barking. You can train her by bring some snacks or favorite toy out for a walk. Distract her when she sees other dogs. But before the barking starts. Then you can go closer and closer to other dogs. Eventually she’ll understand that they don’t want to kill her. And the bonus is her new self confidence. 🙂

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    • I can totally see that she is scared of other dogs, because she is first aggressive towards them then when they respond she yelps and cries and runs into my arms for protection. I take her to family parties where there are generally LOTS of other dogs, especially larger ones like labs and shepards, and at first she’s a barking mess, but slowly she’ll get more quiet and just keep her distance from them. Funny that my tiny 3 1/2 lb Lulu isn’t the least bit bothered by other dogs….go figure! Thanks for the input! I will try the treat/toy thing…although it has to be like REAL meat or she won’t care about it! lol

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      • SwedishSquadleader says:

        What breed is she? Smaller dogs tend to be more nervous around other dogs and if she might be unwilling to train.
        Real meat, huh? My retired German Shepard does anything for some playtime. 🙂

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      • She’s a small cross breed, dashound and Chihuahua, weighs about 20# and is in good shape. She’s 9 this coming June. I made the mistake of not socializing her very well with other dogs when she was growing up. She’s fine with cats, but dogs that are larger than her scare the piss out of the poor dog. Then the barking starts, she tries to act all aggressive and when they respond or approach her she runs away (to me usually) and cries like a baby. I take her everywhere with me, I just wish she could get over this fear – or whatever it is – of other dogs! She’s very well behaved in all other aspects.

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  3. boi-princess says:

    with Memphis ( giant doofy rottweiler) when he barked he scared the jinkers out of everyone I found that treats only encouraged him, he thought he was doing good by barking and being the “man ” of the house protector (overly) … if you smacked him he would eat you so no smacking, I wound up teaching him to not bark with a spray bottle of water, everytime he barked needlessly at people on the street I would spray him, I would give him a short quick spray right at his nose and get some in his nose holes, he didn’t like that and learned to be quiet whenever I reached for the water bottle, after a few years even a bottle of root beer would silence him, perhaps something like this will work with your pupster?

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