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It’s a Wrap!

I’m starting day One of no cable tv or internet at the house.  This ought to be a real eye opening experience.  I have not been without these services ever.  I do have my phone, which has all I need on it already – which is how I am composing this blog at the moment.  Anyone who knows me well KNOWS that I despise typing on my phone.  But for now it will have to suffice.  It’s the end of the month and money gets real tight for me around this time, thus the lack of tv unyil I get the bill paid up next week.  It’s no biggie really, I tend to fly close to the edge financially, everything gets caught up eventually.  At least I am close to done with buying Heating oil for the season!  That always puts a hard strain on the budget. I’ll buy a tank full in July when the prices bottom out, then I’ll be ready to start next winter.

I had a pretty good day today.  Worked a 7.5 hour shift – which flew by because we were slammed all day.  It was an interesting day at the store.  I hear a lot of wild stuff sometimes from people there…and today was particularly heavy on the racist talk.  I had to bite my tongue several times to keep from telling someone off.  I hate being put in that situation, where someone says something blatantly sexist or racist and I either can’t say anything because I am working, or I don’t know WHAT to say.  

Those truck drivers talk about women like we are their doormats.  It’s just sickening.  One that I hear the most frequently is th is:  me: “would you like a bag?”  Male customer: “haha, no I have one at home!” Or “Nope I divorced my old bag”.  Sick, huh?  I just don’t find it funny, and I never laugh my reaction is to just shake my head and stare at them like they are idiots.   To argue with them is fruitless.  I’ve been called about every name you can think of at some point in th we e, and I’ve been in a couple of heated arguments.  It just ends up stressing me out.  My new approach to being misgendered and called “sir” is now to smile and deliberately reciprocate by saying, “sure, m’am”…this annoys the fuck out of the assholes.  I love seeing them squirm.

Other than that stuff the day was pretty good overall.  I was thanked for putting in extra hours lately to help out both stores, and that made me feel good to be appreciated.  So, I left work smiling today, showing off my nice teeth! Hahaha.

Tomorrow is Friday yeeehaaa!!!  As usual I’ll be doing my group meeting after work then doing errands in town.  I love my Fridays!   I am going to work on Saturday so I won’t be going out tomorrow niģht.  But maybe Saturday night I will find something fun to do.  It’s supposed to be a,nice weekend, so perhaps I’ll go down to the decks and see what’s going on. There are some nice waterfront clubs and restaurants down thère.  And it’s a super good place to take cool pictures.  I haven’t treated myself to a good evening out in a long time and I need to get out and exercise my socializing muscles!  It’s definitely time for me to start stepping out more.

Have a great night!   Peace.   -MB


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