I think I have started to write here like 5 times now.  I have so much going on in my head that it’s just not coming out right on the screen.

I finally went and had x-rays and a thorough exam and consultation with my new dentist today.  Looks like he can save ALL of my teeth; they just need some repairs, fillings, and a good deep cleaning/scaling.  The whole treatment plan is going to take quite a while, starting Tuesday with the first filling of one of my upper back teeth.  One by one he’s going to fix all of them, I won’t have to have any pulled thankfully.  I’m really looking forward to having them all done and not being self conscious about my smile anymore.

I’m working on setting some new goals in my life.  Getting my teeth repaired and back to good condition is one of my goals.  And today’s visit was the beginning of me reaching that goal.  I am ashamed to say it’s totally my fault for not taking care of my teeth properly,  not seeing the dentist regularly or having cleanings regularly for the last 6-7 years.  So now I am having to play catch up and get them all fixed.  Lesson:  take care of your teeth and your general oral health.  Your smile is one of the first things people notice and your general health can be affected by the health of your teeth and gums.  Once I get these all fixed I will be diligent about getting cleanings every year and seeing the dentist every 6 months.  I’m not going to be wearing false teeth if I can help it!

I had a ton more on my mind…but just don’t want to get into it right now.

Peace.  ~MB




Author: MainelyButch

I am a pretty relaxed, proud, Butch and a native Mainer who enjoys reading, writing, blogging, vlogging and social interaction. I live in southern Maine, near the coast with my 2 small dogs and I hail from a very large, loving family that is historically rooted here. I write about my life, my experiences, living successfully with HIV, my YouTube experiences, and just about anything that piques my interest. This blog may contain profanity and sexual situations, and is not intended for younger audiences. Read at your own risk. At 54 I see life as just beginning a new chapter, and have decide this is the time that I need to write the stories that got me to this point. I believe we live our lives in chapters, changing, evolving and moving continuously with the times. I love to laugh, have discussions, debates and even the occasional nonsense conversation! I generally enjoy people, but not drama, hatred, ignorance or those who choose to feel they are somehow elite or superior to another simply due to their mere existence. I try to be very conscious of the health of the world around me - environmentally, socially, economically, and ethically. The people who are dear to me know me as having a tough exterior, filled with marshmallow and crunchy peanut butter. I continually strive to be the best I can be, especially to address life head on...always.

2 thoughts on “Smile!”

  1. I thinks you have a great smile already, can’t wait to see it when you get what you want, done, should have a bit of fun with your dentist stuffs… make a video of you talking to your dogs with a frozen mouth, or even better if the dentist gasses you n gives you that wicked anesthesia, have a friend record you talking about unicorns n stuff *smirks*

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