Loonies on the Internet

I evidently attract some very crazy people.  I certainly have my healthy share of “stalkers” who like to follow me around the internet or who like to research me on it.  God only knows why their own lives are not satisfying enough for them that they need to try to interfere with mine, or at least ogle it as they hide behind a computer screen.

I never call people out by name in my blogs…although the thought is very tempting right this second, I am going to stick to that for now.  I had a loony woman trying to blow my phone up earlier tonight with rubbish, claiming she knew all kinds of stuff that was being said about me on the internet.  Let me just say right here:  I don’t fucking care.

People will talk, they will get weird and say shit that is either convoluted or completely untrue.  It’s the internet for hell’s sake, you can’t believe most of what you read anyways! Plus, people are just mean when they have the screen to protect them.  So, my philosophy is that I don’t let their mean spirited bullshit affect my life.  I am doing just fine without reading or listening to the opinions of others – and that’s all they are someone’s stupid opinions.  IF what she says is even TRUE.  Hell, she probably made up shit just to try to fuck with me anyway.

Her problem?  I don’t want to pursue a romantic relationship with her.  Yup, she’s decided that she needs to stalk me and blow up my phone with nonsense because I am not interested in dating her.  She’s in the closet – DEEPLY – and I can’t deal with that as part of my life.  She’s middle aged and still closeted and very much afraid of being outed.  Do I look like the type who can play an in-the-closet mate?  No fucking way.  I tried to explain it nicely, tried to just quietly go my own way but noooo tonight she wanted to fight about it and wanted to stalk me and blow my phone up.  I was forced to block her from texting my phone, block her from accessing my Facebook and messenger accounts and if I can block her from this blog I will figure it out and do that too.

Plain and simple:  If you don’t like me, if you have nothing positive to add to my life then stay the fuck out of my way.  Don’t contact me and don’t fucking stalk me around like a frigging imbecile.  That is really immature and downright creepy.

Look, honestly, I don’t wish anyone any ill will.  I have had my share of bad splits with women when things didn’t turn out as they expected.  I’ve had to cut people completely out of my life because they turned toxic.  I don’t hold any grudges against any of them, they can just go their own ways and let me go on my own way.  And if they have anything to say to me then they can email me.  You got a beef with me, email me.  My email is public and I check it at least weekly.  And I am sure you have my email address.

Have a nice day.

Peace.  ~MB


5 thoughts on “Loonies on the Internet

  1. I think your stalker is a Cluster-B, Reaction-Formative, repressed gender variant Transphobe.
    These people are invariably sinister, and if they aren’t dangerous directly physically, they deploy other measures such as trying to steal your identity, or getting their friends to slander or discredit you, or trying to get an agency falsely to do something to you.


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