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Is this really 2017?

I feel like we are heading in a backwards direction.  One would think that in 2017 we would have stopped arguing and fighting against stupid shit.  But no…

It’s the weirdest thing to sit and watch everything unfold with Trump.  To watch him lie and awkwardly spin things is just something I NEVER thought would come from a US President.  To have the White House tell you that you should believe the lies because he is the leader, and what he says must be true – even when it’s proven to be an outright lie.  His supporters are buying it like idiots, even as they witness reality unfolding in real-time.

We have an illegitimate president who is now being investigated for his ties to Russia.  Russia?!  The big bad Bear.  I served in the US Army, stationed in Germany, during the “Cold War” and Russia was our biggest threat to world security.  Unless I have missed something in the past 35 years, they still ARE the biggest threat!  And to think that they influenced our election in any way is just plain scary.  They are some ruthless and smart fuckers; their reach is astounding and Americans cannot ever let their guard down or underestimate the Russians.

Two months into his presidency Trump’s administration is failing badly.  They want you to think they are oblivious and they are succeeding, but with a popularity rating of 37% after 2 months, he’s losing ground fast.  The investigation into the Russian meddling into our election and his Twitter lies about wire tapping have driven him down this week.  His Trumpcare bill goes for a vote on Thursday, and today he went to the hill to threaten his Republican constituents that if they did not vote it in that he would go after them in the next election, that basically they were under orders to pass this bill no matter what.  This bill will decimate our health care system, and millions will suffer the fate of no coverage.  Even Republicans can’t stomach that, at least the ones with a conscience.  Even the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says that this plan is not a good one.  What more do we need?  Major changes to this bill must be made before it goes any further.  If he wants to change Obamacare then do it so that it’s better not worse.

I just wonder how these politicians can sit up there on Capitol Hill and not see what we as Americans are seeing; not hearing what we are hearing.  It just blows me away. What do they know that we do not know?  This government has gotten so secretive in the last 60 days, it’s scary as fuck.  I don’t trust a one of then anymore.  None are working in favor of the people, all are just covering their own asses – and it’s fucking obvious!!!  So, I ask, HOW DO we stop this madness?

I am going to try to put my LINK to my online paper here.  The Relevant Times publishes daily on Paper.Li and is full of information concerning the LGBT community and politics in the US.  It’s kind of an experiment for me right now; something I am hoping will be fun and informative to my followers. Let me know what you think.  I do not hand pick the articles, I trust my sources and have selected those I believe bring us the most up to date stuff.  Let me know what else I could include in the paper, or if you have a trusted source you think I could draw content over to it from.  Most of my current content is coming over from Twitter at this time, and this will expand once I am more secure in the publication.





2 thoughts on “Is this really 2017?

  1. Roberta Timbelake Jordan says:

    As these old eyes sees it, nothing in our country is going to change as long as the people are divided. We must think as one mind, one body to make headway and get things resolved. This is what the GOP and our adversaries have counted on, chaos, distraction so we don’t see what they are really doing.
    Today the stock exchange took a plummet. Not a good sign. I don’t know what it is going to take for people to wake up and see what is going on. I keep hearing “”give the man time to do his job”, how long? If the proverbial shit hits the fan, what will this man do? Scary thought. Has this been his agenda all along, to be head of some world crisis that only he can solve.
    Right now I feel someone has stolen the keys to the asylum and let all the patients loose and they have converged on the Capitol. You are totally right. We have woke up in another time, like fifty + years ago. Let’s hope its just a nightmare.

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  2. not just a country boi says:

    Hey, just spent 2 hours reading your newspaper, thank you for putting up a link, good to read what I think is accurate info about the crap happening over in the US, heart-breaking my friend, just heart- breaking, I finally understand that old slogan, United we stand, Divided we fall. I mean I understood it, just never thought I’d live to see what happens when a nation does become divided, and the US yet, I am at a loss for words.
    I am in an LGBTQ group on FB, and 3x now people have posted photos, after being beaten up badly all 3 posts… women, Lesbians getting the crap kicked out of them by groups of men…. for being lesbians no other reason, I am absolutely terrified for you and all others, the level of hate truly terrifies me 😦

    be safe please
    lesli ( country boi)

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