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Ahhh..March and Patreon

I’ve been trying to find better venues for publishing some of my blogging work.  Not really the day to day blogs, but more the topic blogs that I do, as well as the political opinion blogs.  I just jointed Patreon, which is a site to promote my work.  I am still in the early stages of working on the Patreon page, my web page and trying to tie the three – WordPress, Patreon and – together neatly.  I would like it to be fairly easy to navigate and would like to make it all work together.

I have been having a real struggle sleeping lately.   I’m thinking that it’s a combination of being stressed out over Trumpy things, a bit of late winter depression and fighting my addictions all kind of piled up on top of one another.  I finally got fed up with feeling so out of sorts and went to see my doctor yesterday.  I am going to see a clinician at Groups, an addiction recovery center here, and hope to get into their long term recovery program.  My intake appointment is on Wednesday, wish me luck.  I have been clean for some time, but I fight like a bitch to stay clean every damned day.  The more help I have with staying the course the better I think.  It’s a life-long fight and one I intend to win.

Trump almost looked vaguely presidential during his most recent address to Congress. I was amazed that he wrote – or at least someone wrote – a speech that didn’t have any bragging about his election win, no dissing the media, and no crying about his inauguration turn out.  He kept things on track and it was the best I have seen him do yet.  I am imagining that behind the scenes there it’s really chaotic when he has his little tiffs and meltdowns with the press.  I bet that someone close to him had to write that speech and then absolutely convince him to behave himself.  The one part that I didn’t like was him using the widow of the Navy Seal that was killed recently in a Trump ordered raid.  Trump didn’t heed the advice of his advisors for that raid, he ordered it and then it turned out badly while he wasn’t even in the situation room to monitor what was happening,  Pathetic that he would try to use this Seal’s widow to garner some sympathy and to try to get some praise for himself for “going after the bad guys”.  There needs to be an investigation into that raid just like there was in Benghazzi, because upper level mistakes were surely made that cost us dearly.

And now Sessions has recused himself from this investigation into the Russian connection to Trump’s campaign.  And he admits now that he LIED to Congress….ooooo….Republicans HATE when you LIE to Congress.  I’m sure that his own party is not looking favorably upon him being chosen as Attorney General now.  I believe there will be a special prosecutor brought in and a full investigation will ensue.  So far we have 3 people, all lying and all about the Russia/Trump tie up.  This isn’t good.  Almost like it’s 1973 again….hard to believe that this is real life in America right now….Are we having fun yet?  haha

Off to my regular job now. It’s a fine day in Maine, the sun just came up and the sky is very pretty.  I can hear all the birds singing – even with the windows closed!  Which reminds me the feeders need filling this morning as I do my chores before work.  Yes, it will be a sunny clear day here and hopefully will just get warmer by the day, as I am sick and tired of winter! I’m anxious to get back outside and rake and garden, do things that are good for the soul once again.

Take care dear readers.  Remember be kind.  Peace.  ~MB




4 thoughts on “Ahhh..March and Patreon

  1. not just a country boi says:

    I don’t know much of the crap trump pulls, as I have been banned from news sites and stations etc., so I troll my friend’s blogs for bits n pieces of political news and pretty much any news other than weather, she can’t stop me from conversing with my friends mwahahaha …. but more importantly than news, is …. checking in on you and others when I can to make sure you are doing alright, despite my insanity i do care about people, and you are one of them that i have come to greatly respect and care about ( in a friend non-weird way!! ) I know how you struggle to stay clean, for what it is worth you do have many people who care, and each day that you manage to not slide back makes everyone proud of you, above all you should be proud of yourself, another day down and you didn’t slip. Really glad to read/hear that you have begun to seriously write, you’re very good at it, your very knowledgeable about a great many things and it shows in your writings 🙂

    you seem to be holding up well against the depressions, tho, you should sleep, i know i don’t have to tell you cuz you are a smart cookie and know this, but not sleeping feeds the depression which in turn fuels the addictions, I really don’t know how to deal with sleeping issues, chamomile tea or sleepy time tea with a shot of honey, not sugar might help, warm milk ? get a turkey and put yourself into a turkey coma? i really don’t know?

    take care friend, I hope things all work out and go well for you, try to stay positive 🙂


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      • not just a country boi says:

        I get a bit too passionate and vocal/opinionated when it comes to trump and trudeau LGBT issues etc lol after loosing 4 FB accounts , a blogger site and 2 Twitter accounts and very nearly getting into a physical confrontation with a yahoo ,my s/o made a rather convincing ” suggestion that I stop watching news or she will kick my ass . She is bigger stronger and has a fricken training room in her basement where her and her friends go and do that kick boxing stuff serious I have pics lol I have made the mistake of putting on the pads and becoming her practice dummy ya let’s just say it was at that moment I became her bitch and learned to say yes dear , lol when she makes a suggestion I have a choice I’m no prisoner, I can do as suggested and get hugs or I can go the other way and risk being snapped like a twig lol so I a hugger not a fighter and seriously don’t want my ass kicked , not cuz she can but because I have assholes for friends who would take evil pleasure informing the planet that I got my ass kicked by an older woman ( she is 55) lol so no news for me lol

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      • Ah, I completely understand my friend. We have to keep restraint on ourselves online sometimes. Even in writing! I do like my news and staying informed, but some days I have to turn it off and regroup my brain cells too! Don’t get your ass kicked!!! hahah. ~MB


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